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Feb 5, 2007

How feedback from contractors helped improve these popular compact excavators

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In the 21st century, compact excavators are what skid steer loaders were in the late 20th century: highly maneuverable and versatile tools for the construction and landscape trades.

As is typically the case when a new piece of machinery is introduced into the market, contractors provide manufacturers with feedback that makes the machines more user friendly and productive. Komatsu relies heavily on customer feedback to engineer machines that meet the ever-expanding requirements of its customers. The Komatsu compact excavator line is no exception.

The market for compact excavators has grown more than 250 percent since 2002, and has exceeded the market for backhoe loaders. Part of the increase is due to economics, but a big part of the growth for these powerful products is the recognition by contractors that compact excavators are for real; they’re productive, flexible and can do jobs and go places that larger machines can’t.

A vast assortment of features

Komatsu compact excavators continue to advance by introducing features that contractors appreciate. To meet the wide range of customer requirements, Komatsu offers 10 models ranging from the 1,960-pound PC09 to the nearly 18,000-pound PC78MR. Features include:

• Pilot proportional joystick controls and load-sensing hydraulics that make operation smooth and effortless;

• Control-pattern changer that allows either backhoe or excavator operators to use the operating pattern they’re most comfortable with;

• Boom offset that permits machines to work in very tight spaces;

• Three track options that allow customers to choose what’s right for their business — standard rubber tracks, optional steel tracks for work in abrasive conditions, or optional Komatsu Road-Liner tracks that are ideal for work on pavement;

• A four-way, power-angle backfill blade option on PC35MR-2 and PC50MR-2 models that improves flexibility and backfilling productivity;

• A standard thumb-mounting bracket on the dipper arm (available in early 2007) that allows installation of a hydraulic thumb attachment without the need to weld on the arm;

• A significantly expanded range of attachments through a cooperation with Werk-Brau, a major manufacturer of excavator and backhoe attachments, will also be available in 2007.

With everything they have to offer, there’s another reason to check out the lineup of Komatsu compact excavators. Now is the time to take advantage of Komatsu’s zero-percent retail finance plans.