Rough Riders Manure


Mar 14, 2012

At 12 years old, Larry Garcia was driving trucks and performing maintenance on machinery in his stepfather and mother’s manure business. Nearly 40 years later, he’s still working for some of the same customers that Domingo and Lupe Pessina did business with when he was a kid.

“I literally grew up in the business; it’s all I’ve ever known,” said Garcia, Owner of Rough Riders Manure. “When I was younger I really didn’t understand the business end of it, but that changed when I took over after my stepdad passed away. What I learned from him and my mom was the value of hard work and dedication. That’s what I bring to every job I do.”

Garcia estimates that 95 percent of Rough Riders Manure’s business comes from repeat customers, such as feedlots and dairies. His services include cleaning pens, pits and ponds, stockpiling, hauling and spreading manure mainly throughout Texas and into Oklahoma and New Mexico.

With multiple jobs going at once, Garcia relies on six to seven employees in the field. His sister, Perla Luna, is Office Manager at Rough Riders Manure’s office in Hereford, Texas.

In addition to his staff, Garcia has a fleet of equipment, including a Komatsu WA380-6 wheel loader he purchased from Kirby-Smith Machinery with the help of Territory Manager Britt Stubblefield.

“The main reason I looked at Komatsu to begin with was I had trouble from a service standpoint with another dealer,” Garcia recalled. “So when I needed a new loader, I decided to look around. Britt and Kirby-Smith assured me they would stand behind the Komatsu. They proved it when I had an issue with the loader and they sent me one to use while the issue was fixed.

“I’m glad I looked because the Komatsu loader has been very good,” he added. “Handling manure is more than just scooping it up, stockpiling and loading it. The conditions vary, from wet and heavy to dry and dusty. The WA380 never misses a beat, no matter the situation. I’m very happy with the production and the smoothness of operation. It’s a good machine.”

Garcia said he expects longevity out of the loader because he sees a need for his services for a long time to come. “Like anything else, the market for manure fluctuates depending on the economy. But agriculture in this area means there’s always a lot of cattle, and that means a constant need for manure services to both clean it up and spread it for fertilizer.”