Wheel Loader


Jun 15, 2007

Like most equipment users, you’re probably looking for a way to lower your fuel costs while maintaining or improving productivity. Komatsu’s new WA430-6 wheel loader delivers on both counts.

The WA430-6 replaces the WA400-5 in Komatsu’s wheel loader lineup. Like Komatsu’s other Dash-6 models (WA380, WA450, WA480, WA500 and WA600), the WA430-6 is powered by an ecot3, Tier 3-compliant engine.

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“We’ve seen significant production and fuel-efficiency increases with the WA430-6 compared to its predecessor,” said Rob Warden, Komatsu Wheel Loaders Product Manager. “For example, this machine can use up to 15 percent less fuel to do the same amount of work. Like the other Dash-6 models, it has a large-capacity torque converter, so the user will have a lot of power going up a hill and greater rimpull going into a pile. It also has 21 percent more breakout force than the WA400-5.”

The WA430-6 comes standard with a variable-displacement piston pump that works in combination with Komatsu’s Closedcenter Load Sensing System (CLSS) to deliver only the necessary amount of flow needed for hydraulic function. The design prevents wasted hydraulic flow, which in turn provides better fuel economy.

Pick the best mode

Fuel efficiency and power are enhanced through several operation modes, including the “E” (Economy) mode for general loading. An automatic transmission with an “Auto Low” mode is used for low-engine-speed operations, and a “P” (Power) mode gives the WA430-6 maximum digging power. An “Eco” indicator informs the operator when the machine is maximizing fuel efficiency.

Tracking utilization and machine condition is easy with the KOMTRAX equipment monitoring system that comes standard on the WA430-6. The system allows users to monitor machine location, meter reading and error codes, as well as a host of other information.

“The WA400-5 was a great machine, so we took its basics and made it better with the WA430-6,” explained Warden. “We believe this machine, like our other Dash-6 models, is an industry leader that will improve performance in a wide range of applications.”