Code One Construction, LLC


Aug 1, 2007

Mesa site-work contractor is building a reputation

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It’s been said that two heads are better than one. Adding a third should yield even more success. That’s been the case for Code One Construction, LLC, which is
led by a team of three individuals who each take their ownership roles very seriously.

Based in Mesa, Code One Construction — the name derived from Arizona building codes — was born out of another company that Randy Cason, Pat Stratman and Denny Philips worked for before becoming entrepreneurs. Cason is Operations Manager and oversees field work, Stratman handles estimating and preconstruction duties, while Phillips takes care of day-to-day operations as a Project Manager.

“Arnie Pipkin, who owned the company we bought, was the catalyst for us starting Code One,” Cason acknowledged. “He was ready to get out and asked us if we wanted to buy his business. We changed the name and basically started over from scratch with each of us taking responsibility for a segment of Code One. We all have our own roles, but we’re all working for a common goal: to build a company that has a good reputation for customer service through quality work done on time and on budget.”

Reputation helps in growth

That reputation is already well-established. In the three years that Code One Construction has been doing business, it’s developed a long list of repeat customers who call on the company to provide full site packages that include everything from clearing and minor demolition to paving. Most of its work falls into the commercial building sector, with a small minority of municipal work.

“We have two divisions, grading and utilities,” explained Stratman. “We break out services as needed, but our goal is to have those two divisions working on the same project as much as possible. The aim is for us to offer our customers one contractor that can handle the bulk of their site work. It’s better for them because we can control the schedule, and they only have to deal with us.

“Our name is out there now,” he continued. “We run into people all the time who have heard of us and have good things to say. It’s nice to get positive feedback and know that our hard work and attention to detail are paying off.

” Its reputation for quality work has helped Code One Construction triple in size since the three owners took over. Code One employs nearly 35 people, having kept some of the staff from its predecessor, including General Superintendent Jeff Pfundheller. Its employees are split among six utility crews and one grading crew.

“We promote a family atmosphere, and we believe that’s helped us in recruiting quality employees, even in a tight labor market,” observed Philips. “Each employee is just as important to the success of the company as we are. They’re a big part of the reason why we’ve grown and developed into more of a full-service company, and we’re very proud of their efforts.”

Adding equipment to meet demands

Also playing a major role in Code One Construction’s ability to complete as many as 40 projects a year is reliable equipment, much of it Komatsu machinery purchased from Road Machinery LLC’s Phoenix branch with the help of Account Manager Roger Cox. Recent acquisitions include a PC220LC-7 excavator and three WB146-5 backhoe loaders.

“The WB146s replaced some WB140s that we were using,” pointed out Cason. “The WB146 upgrades are significant, especially the S-boom on the new machines. They have better visibility, plus they have great power for pushing material into the trench during backfilling. They also offer us a great deal of versatility because we equipped them so we can dig, backfill and compact. The operators really like running the WB146s, which is nice to hear and really validated our decision to go with them.”

For larger and deeper excavations, Code One turns to the 53,350-pound PC220. “We bought it because it allows us to do most of our projects without having to go to a larger-size machine,” reported Philips. “It has good reach, and even at deeper depths, it maintains its power. It also has good power for lifting pipe and tanks. Speed and fuel efficiency are good as well.”

Code One also rents equipment and buys its parts from Road Machinery as needed. “Roger and Road Machinery have done a fantastic job for us,” Stratman confirmed. “Even though we’re a young company, they’ve treated us as if we’ve been a customer of theirs for decades, and we appreciate that.”

Continue to get better

Cason, Stratman and Philips agree that Code One Construction will continue to grow, albeit at a slower pace.

“Much of our growth has been a result of the market exploding in this area,” Stratman said. “In some ways, we were forced to get bigger. Now, we’re looking at more of a controlled growth pattern. We want to really focus on our place in the market and how we can continue to get better at what we do.”