Bommarito Construction


Oct 18, 2013

“Komatsu excavators - productive, reliable and longlasting machines”

When Joe Bommarito started Bommarito Construction in 1997, his goal was to be the best utility contractor in St. Louis. Today, being the best is still the goal, but Bommarito Construction now offers clearing, grading and other earthwork/site work services, in addition to utility contracting.

“We’ll still bid just the utility side of a job if somebody wants us to, but we prefer to do all the earthwork and manage a site project ourselves,” said Bommarito. “Why? Better control. As a company, we approach every job with two things in mind: quality and speed. We try to do the job right and do it fast. That’s the reputation we want to have within the industry. The problem with being a sub that does just utility work is that you can get held up through no fault of your own. By doing more aspects of a job and managing it ourselves, we’re able to move at our own fast pace, which typically means early completion.”

And completing jobs early is important to Bommarito Construction clients.

“Our specialty is commercial developments,” explained Bommarito. “We don’t take on much residential or municipal work. We do retail stores, shopping centers, medical clinics and the like. That’s a niche that works well for us because our philosophy of completing jobs quickly meshes with business people who want to be able to open their doors as soon as possible. As a result, we get a large amount of repeat business, such as chain stores. “

Komatsu machines and Roland service

To help ensure a smooth, fast project, Bommarito Construction turns to Roland Machinery for Komatsu hydraulic excavators. The company has nine Komatsu track hoes ranging from a PC35 to a PC360, including two new PC360LC-10s.

“We’ve always found Komatsu excavators to be productive, reliable and longlasting machines, so we don’t buy any other brand,” said Bommarito. “We have operators who’ve worked for other companies that used other brands and they all like our Komatsus. They seem to be the fastest excavators out there for how we use them.

“In addition to our preference for Komatsu excavators, we’re also big fans of Roland Machinery,” he added. “We don’t have any mechanics. We turn to Roland for all of our service work, from repairs to routine maintenance. And not just for our Komatsu units but for other brands too. They service our entire mobile fleet. Roland takes great care of us and keeps us informed about potential machine issues that we may need to address. They are our shop.”

Bright future

Bommarito relies on his brother, Vice President Matt Bommarito and Estimator Andy Daub to help him manage the business, which has grown from about 10 people in the beginning to about 40 today. In its first years, Bommarito Construction did about $2.5 million worth of work annually. This year, the figure will be about $15 million.

“I’d like to see us get up to $20 million in the next year or two, then settle in at that level. And with the economy improving, I think that’s realistic. We’re not trying to become the biggest company around. We just want to do good work, do a nice business and keep our commercial customers happy. As long as we’re able to retain employees who share our values and work ethic and keep turning out projects on a timely basis, I’m optimistic about our ability to do that. I think we have a bright future.”