Savala Equipment Rentals


Nov 16, 2009

Wide range of Komatsu equipment fits customers needs

In 1947, George Savala became the first generation of the family to work the construction market. He founded Savala Construction with an eye on paving the streets and highways that surround the greater Los Angeles area. Over time, his son Leonard came aboard and changed the direction of the company, focusing more toward underground work.

As the company grew, so did its equipment numbers. Seeing that they had a large fleet, and not always needing every piece on its projects, the Savalas began renting machines out. In 1978, Leonard decided it was time to form a separate company thats sole mission was to provide equipment for rent. With that in mind, he incorporated Savala Equipment Rentals.

Today, Leonard stays involved with Savala Construction while his children run Savala Equipment Rentals from its locations in Irvine and Corona, which serve Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Ventura and San Diego counties. Sean Savala is President and his sister Erin Oskorus is CEO. Leonard Savala Jr. is the company’s Equipment Superintendent and sister Kelley Dyer works part time handling payroll. Kelley’s husband, Aaron, is Vice President of Savala Equipment Rentals, and Scott Damon is Vice President of Sales.

“We rent only heavy construction equipment,” said Sean. “We don’t rent smaller items like saws, jackhammers and ladders. Our equipment is rented either ‘operated’ (with an operator) or ‘bare’ (without an operator). It’s nearly an even split as to what our customers want. We have such excellent and experienced operators that clients often ask for specific guys.”

“Situations pop up all the time where customers have one of their machines break down or they need an additional piece on the jobsite,” said Erin. “In most cases, we’re able to get them what they need in a relatively short period of time. We’ll do all we can to meet their needs, and they recognize that by repeatedly using us. Savala Equipment Rentals’ top priority is customer service and equipment maintenance. When we make a commitment, we honor it.”

“That goes beyond just renting a piece of equipment,” added Sean. “We also back it up. If a customer has a problem with a machine, we’ll take care of it no matter what time of day or day of the week. If a customer’s working, we’re available. We have a great service team.”

Wide range of equipment

The fleet includes everything from small skid loaders to large excavators and wheel loaders. To go along with the equipment rentals, Savala Equipment Rentals has a large supply of attachments, such as breakers, compaction wheels, pulverizers and hydraulic thumbs.

“Adding to our list of equipment and attachments is both a reaction to what we see in the marketplace and recommendations from our customers,” said Erin. “We also rent based on their needs, whether it’s a one-day job or for several weeks or months. Our customers appreciate that flexibility.”

Savala Equipment Rentals has kept up-to-date with a fleet that meets national Tier 3 and stringent California emissions standards. Among its nearly 100 pieces are 20 Komatsu excavators and wheel loaders purchased from Road Machinery, LLC with the help of Terry Ransier. Its most recent acquisitions were PC228USLC and PC308USLC-3 tight-tail-swing excavators and a 71,000-plus-pound WA500-6 wheel loader.

“The PC228 is a huge hit with our customers because it has the power and stability of a large machine,” said Erin. “Our customers often have jobs where there is little room to work. The PC228 can get into tight areas or work in a traffic lane without the worry of the back end swinging around and hitting something.”

“At the other end of the spectrum, so to speak, we purchased the WA500-6 because its size fits our customers who need a bigger machine that’s versatile enough to load materials and move railroad tracks,” added Sean. “At the same time, it’s fuel-efficient and meets emission standards, so they get a combination that keeps their operating costs down.”

Additional pieces of Komatsu equipment offered by Savala Equipment Rentals include late-model WA380 and WA450 loaders as well as PC300 and PC400 excavators. The company handles maintenance with parts and filters from Road Machinery. “We call Road Machinery as needed for additional service work,” said Sean. “Terry and Road Machinery believe in quality customer service. They’ve always responded to our needs quickly.”

Always ready to serve

The recent economic conditions have slowed business, but Sean and Erin don’t expect that to last.

“We’ve been through downturns before, but we’ve put ourselves in a position to weather the storm,” said Sean. “Construction companies use rental as a way to augment their fleet during strong times and as a way to put off buying new equipment when things are slow. We’re ready to serve them no matter what the conditions are.”