Komatsu Hybrid HB215LC-1



  • Legislators are working to support the environment.
  • Recognition for early Hybrid use.
  • Better ranking with bids that include Hybrids.
  • Are you in a EPA non-attainment area?
  • Are there any grants available for your area?

Non-attainment Areas

Follow these simple steps to find out if you are in an non-attainment area:

  • Go to:
  • Select link “All Criteria Pollutants”
  • Select link #3 “Currently Designated Nonattainment Areas for All Criteria Pollutants”
  • Select state
  • Nonattainment areas listed by county in alphabetical order

Once you have identified a non-attainment area: Review county bids or Request for Proposals (RFP)/Request For Quotations (RFQ) for Hybrid option preference.

Are there any grants available for your area?



  • select “Find Grant Opportunities” from the red section on the left hand side.
  • This brings you to several search options. If you find a useful search option, use it. Otherwise click “Browse by Agency”
  • Select “Environmental Protection Agency”
    - Browse for diesel related grants.
    - Check back periodically for new additions.
    - US EPA Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) - is often renewed yearly and is available in the Nov-Jan time frame.