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Which type of Komatsu machines are currently supported for grade control systems?

Currently Komatsu supports dozers, track excavators, and motor graders. Our team is constantly investigating new and innovative ways to bring productive solutions to our customers.

Which Komatsu machine models have Topcon grade control enhanced factory provisions?

Currently the D65-17, D61-23, D51-22 dozers have Topcon enhanced provisions including integrated wiring harnesses and EPC valve. These provisions allow for an installation time of 1 hour and require no welding or extra hydraulics added to the machine.

How quick is the payback on a grade control system?

Please reference our ROI calculator for estimated only ROI projections. Generally payback happens within the first year of or better in some cases.

How do I find out more detailed information on Intelligent Machine Control?

Contact your local Komatsu Distributor

What manufactures of grade control does Komatsu machines currently work with?

Currently Komatsu works with two major grade control suppliers Topcon and Trimble.

Who will handle parts, service and support?

Your local Komatsu distributor will proudly support your grade control needs with the same expectations and unmatched support you expect for all Komatsu products.

How long will it take my operators to be use the system efficiently?

Typically after a 2-4 hour initial training session an operator is very comfortable in the basic use of the system. The grade control systems interfaces are designed for use by a typical machine operator. A simple user interface allows for most operators to understand operation very quickly. Over time more advanced features of the systems can be introduced.

How many grade control machines can work from a single base station?

There is no limit to the amount of machines from a single base station. It is similar to AM radio station broadcasting; there is no limit to amount of AM radios picking up the radio station broadcast.

Is the use of GPS satellite signals free of charge?

Currently the use of the GPS system is free of charge to all users. The United States Department of Defense operates and maintains the GPS satellite system for military and civilian use. There is no current or planned fee for the use of GPS satellite system.

What is the radio working range from a base station?

Depending on the radio type of the base station the range will vary. If using a 915 SS radio type at the base station the user can generally expect a range of ½ mile to 1.5 mile range depending on conditions. If using a UHF radio type at the base station the user can generally expect a range of 1 mile up to 4 miles depending on conditions.

How do I get my paper plans into a 3D format for grade control use?

There are multiple vendors who will provide 3D data modeling services. A simple internet search can assist in finding these vendors. Alternatively with additional training a user could use a machine control manufactures software products to convert or create the 3D models.

What is the vertical accuracy of a grade control system?

Typically a grade control system will maintain a vertical accuracy between .06-.10 of foot. Results may vary depending on individual site conditions and equipment.