Komatsu grease receives some of the highest industry ratings for load-carrying ability and adherence to components in the most severe conditions.

Komatsu Hyper Grease G2-TE is the ultimate lubricant for performance challenging on and off highway environments. Komatsu Hyper Grease G2-TE’s unique multifunctional solid lubricant additive builds tack and adhesion when exposed to water saturated environments. Not only does Komatsu Hyper Grease G2-TE resist softening and washing out, it grows in tack and adhesion with continued exposure.

In high temperature environments, film strength is increased between metal surfaces, and the affinity for metal surfaces is enhanced. This produces a slippery physical barrier of protection. Komatsu Hyper Grease G2-TE’s enhanced load carrying ability is coupled with dramatic oxidative characteristics and high temperature structural stability for exceptional performance in heavily loaded bearings. Its environmental impact is reduced by not including Antimony, Barium, Lead, or Chlorinated Compounds.

Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced extreme pressure and anti-wear performance
  • Bearing life greatly improved
  • Extended equipment life
  • Unique multifunctional, non-staining solid film lubricant
  • Better adhesion with improved mobility
  • Increased tack in the presence of water
  • Optimal off-highway and industrial performance for equipment durability
  • Excellent shear stability and very stable at high temperatures
  • Dependable performance under varying conditions for reduced maintenance costs