Komatsu 46AW Hydraulic Oil is formulated from high quality mineral oils, they contain performance oriented anti-wear, rust, and oxidation inhibitors, and they protect against corrosion and wear in presence of moisture.

Features and Benefits

  • Excels in piston, vane and gear pumps
  • Long life due to excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance
  • Superior rust and copper corrosion protection
  • Good water tolerance and emulsification characteristics
  • High level of anti-wear protection in wide range of climates
  • Reduced foaming


Komatsu HO-56 HE hydraulic fluid is premium high viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oil formulated for equipment that utilizes high performance pumps. It contains very effective anti-wear additives combined with shear stable polymers that meet or exceed industry vane, gear, and piston pump manufacturer’s’ specifications. This fluid is a highly dependable peak efficiency oil which meets the lubricant demands of precision industrial equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • Effective anti-wear performance minimizes wear in industrial pump applications prolonging equipment life
  • Multi-viscosity formulation for all season equipment operation
  • Viscosity Index >200 maximizes pump efficiency to lower fuel or power consumption
  • Careful selection of base stock coupled with optimum additives create maximum hydraulic component yield for long fluid life and equipment life savings
  • Exceeds all manufacturer’s warranty requirements for applications requiring a KES 07.841.1 high viscosity index multi-grade hydraulic fluid

Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil 46

Achieve peak machine performance while being environmentally friendly with Genuine Komatsu biodegradable hydraulic oil. With government agencies requiring the use of Biodegradable oils in machines for waterway jobs and other applications, we have engineered a Biodegradable synthetic hydraulic oil that meets the strict specifications of Komatsu hydraulic systems. Komatsu Genuine Biodegradable hydraulic oil meets the G4 specification. Komatsu Genuine Biodegradable hydraulic oil will allow the machine to run at normal drain intervals. Furthermore, Komatsu Genuine Biodegradable hydraulic oil allows the machine to run at normal pressures. Use of other market available Biodegradable hydraulic oils, requires that the drain intervals be drastically reduced, and that even the pressures be reduced on some machines. This is detrimental to productive operation in most machines, but especially to hydraulic excavators.