Komatsu Super Coolant

Super Coolant

Advanced Technology – Superior Protection

Komatsu Super Coolant is specially formulated to meet the high expectations and superior quality standards of Komatsu. It is enhanced with special additives for heavy-duty construction and mining machinery. It is a non-amine/non-nitrite type high-performance coolant that satisfies Komatsu Engineering Standards (KES).

Coolant selection has significant implications. The life of your engine and radiator heavily depends on which coolant you select. It is important to use Komatsu Super Coolant to provide long life protection from corrosion, cavitation, and other possible problems related to the cooling system.

Komatsu Super Coolant is designed with advanced technology which provides superior protection to all parts of the cooling system. It will not cause harm to any parts in the engine system such as hoses, seals, etc. It does NOT contain nitrites, silicates, or borates which are known to cause harm to various parts in the engine systems and can cause serious engine performance issues such as gelling and deposits.

Komatsu Super Coolant is completely amine-free, contains no nitrites or borates, making it much less damaging to plants and animals. Further, Komatsu has lowered the phosphate levels in its coolants, reducing its potential impact on ground water.

Komatsu Super Coolant does not require a corrosion resistor, allowing a cost savings by eliminating it from the system. Komatsu Super Coolant extends your coolant change interval (see owner’s manual for details). Using Komatsu Super Coolant, there are fewer cooling systems problems and maintenance issues, resulting in less down time.