Factory Reman Process


Disassembly, Cleaning, and Inspection

All Komatsu core components are fully disassembled and thoroughly cleaned to strict Komatsu cleanliness standards. Components are then inspected against strict Komatsu engineering specifications, undergo magnetic particle or dye penetrant inspection, and are measured according to Komatsu re-usability specifications using Komatsu factory approved and calibrated measuring devices.


Remanufacturing - Renew, Restore, and Upgrade

Once inspected, components undergo a complete remanufacturing and salvage process which can include robot-controlled precision welding, metal spraying, laser claddying, electro-plating, grinding, machining, polishing, precision sleeving, and boring. Individual parts are upgraded to include critical design and performance improvements.

Component Assembly

Assembly is performed at modular workstations by teams of dedicated technicians who are trained experts for each type of Reman component. Utilizing specialized tooling and assembly fixtures designed by Komatsu factory engineers the teams are able to assemble, test, install, align, and adjust each specific component to match original factory production methods and specifications.

Testing, Adjustment, and Calibration

The completed components are then installed on Komatsu factory specification test stands or dynamometers. Model specific settings and adjustments are made to the components, which then undergo performance tests to unique Komatsu factory specifications; tests designed to replicate the various operating conditions encountered by your Komatsu machine.