Reman Story

Reman Story

Our Reman Commitment

Komatsu is committed to reducing the owning and operating (O&O) costs of your Komatsu machine by delivering high-quality and competitively priced remanufactured products.

To meet this commitment, we use salvage engineering technology to create “like-new” remanufactured components at a fraction of the cost of the equivalent new component. Komatsu is committed to being your trusted partner, earning your loyalty by providing high-quality, low-cost, remanufactured components that minimize your downtime and extend the life of your Komatsu machine.

True Factory Remanufacturing

Engineering Excellence: Behind every Komatsu remanufactured product is a global team of Komatsu remanufacturing, design, and salvage engineers dedicated to building high quality, high performance remanufactured components. With the support of Komatsu’s global design and manufacturing organization, we can ensure that every remanufactured product is built to Komatsu’s unique global engineering specifications and will provide like-new performance for your Komatsu machine.

Quality and Reliability: Using the Komatsu original equipment specifications, assembly processes and test procedures means that Komatsu can provide a remanufactured product that you can trust to match the performance and quality of an equivalent new part.

Competitive Pricing: By re-using and salvaging components, saving natural resources and reducing waste, Komatsu is able to provide a remanufactured product with all the Komatsu design features and benefits at a fraction of the cost of an equivalent new part. The competitive pricing of Komatsu remanufactured products ensures the cost-competitive operation of your Komatsu machine.