Mining Machines On Display

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On June 26, 2007 over 50 equipment users and more than 25 distributors from across the United States had an up close and personal look at Komatsu machines designed for quarry and mining applications, during Komatsu Mining Day.

The event was held at Komatsu’s new training center in Cartersville, Georgia. This facility has state-of-the-art classrooms, a large banquet area, modern workshops and over 12 acres of demonstration space. This show provided equipment users with an opportunity to speak with product managers and field test equipment at an event specifically focused on the mining and quarry industries.

Mining Day provided equipment users the opportunity to attend a smaller, more focused event for specific size-classes of equipment.

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HD785-7 Haul Truck

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Machines at Mining Day consisted of the 100-ton HD785-7 haul truck equipped with a Tier 2 certified Komatsu SAA12V140E-3 engine, common with this truck, the PC2000-8, WA800, WA900 and D475A-5E0 dozer. This monster has MacPherson strut type front suspension with a special A-frame between each wheel and the main frame. This increases the turning angle of the wheels equating to the tightest turning radius in its class at 33’ 2”. The large body has a wide target area for ease of loading and minimal spillage to provide more efficient hauling (heaped capacity of 78.5 yd³).

PC2000-8 Excavator

PC2000-8, PC600LC-8 and PC800LC-8 excavators were also present (the PC2000-8 is a newly released machine that replaces the PC1800) . The PC2000-8 demand is so high that factory production had to be increased 40%! This champ is able to 4-pass load 100-ton trucks in many applications. That is one cycle faster than the competition. It is the quietest machine in its class in the industry, only 64.5dbs inside the cab.

D475A-5E0 Dozer

The D475A-5E0 dozer which has 890 HP @ 2000 rpm, low operator and dynamic (outside) noise, and a low-drive, long-track, eight roller undercarriage to ensure outstanding dozing ability and stability, was a popular machine at Mining Day.
An operating weight of 238,960 lb combined with the powerful engine make the D475A-5E0 a superior crawler dozer in both ripping and dozing production. This machine uses Komatsu’s proven Lock Up Torque Converter to capture all the mechanical energy available and transfer it to the ground…less fuel used, more muscle delivered.


The WA900-3 wheel loader was designed with ample dumping clearance for dump truck matching with high-tensile steel Z-bar loader linkages for maximum rigidity and the most breakout force in its class. This digger has the widest tread in its class (11”) and a long wheelbase (17’11”) providing maximum stability.
The excellent operator environment, high productivity, reliability, and easy maintenance make this a very popular machine. Quarry applications are a growing market for the WA900-3 loaders. In an effort to offer a warranty package for these machines that better suits the quarry industry, Komatsu America Corp. is offering a Quarry Loader Extended Power Train Warranty Package. As quarries don’t typically log the hours that mines do, the new warranty package better reflects their utilization by extending the terms. Applicable to quarry applications only, this new extended warranty program is available for all WA900-3’s delivered into quarry applications in calendar 2007.