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Consolidated Materials


March 05, 2015

Productive and reliable Komatsu equipment

Consolidated Materials

Consolidated Materials is a relatively new player in the material-supply business, but it’s building that business based on tried-and-true values. The company began in 2011, when it bought an existing limestone quarry in Kirkland, Ill., southeast of Rockford. It added to its aggregate supply capabilities in 2013 by purchasing a sand and gravel operation near Marengo, Ill., in 2013.

“We’re trying to build Consolidated Materials through strong relationships based on being a reliable and costeffective producer,” said Vice President of Operations Tom Kelecius. “Our goal is to provide value for the contractors, concrete producers and asphalt producers we work with. We focus primarily on the northwest suburbs because that’s where our pits are, but we’ve taken specialty limestone products to downtown Chicago and beyond.”

Consolidated Materials works with a wide range of customers.

“Our philosophy is that no customer is too large or too small,” Kelecius added. “We’ll work with concrete producers that will take 100,000 tons a year, as well as a guy with a pickup who’s doing a small house project. Our calling cards are top quality and outstanding service. We know how important it is to get trucks in and out of a quarry quickly, which is why, at Consolidated, we try to routinely get drivers out in 15 minutes or less.”

Consolidated Materials currently employs eight people. The company has crushers at both quarries to produce spec material. Grant Lee oversees quality control from a lab at Kirkland to ensure that the products are IDOT-certified for quality and gradation.

Productive Komatsu equipment

To produce aggregate, Consolidated Materials has four Komatsu WA500 wheel loaders and a Komatsu PC300 excavator in its quarry operations. The company uses wheel loaders to feed the crushers and load trucks, while it uses the excavator for stripping overburden.

“Two of our Komatsu wheel loaders came to us in the quarry acquisitions, and we were impressed with them,” said Kelecius. “We bought our newest wheel loader and the excavator from Roland Machinery and Sales Rep John Ross. They’ve been excellent machines for us – productive and reliable. We’ve had no issues whatsoever. Our operators like Komatsus because they are comfortable. We like that they’re very fuel-efficient.

“Dealer support is important to us. John and Roland have been excellent to work with. We haven’t had to call on them for service very often, because the equipment has been so reliable, but they have a branch in Marengo, which is very close by, so that’s a plus for us.”

Consolidated Materials

Growth plans

Since taking over the quarries, Consolidated Materials has increased both production and sales.

“Reconstruction of the eastbound Interstate 90 toll road from Rockford to the northwest suburbs kept us very busy during the last couple of years,” said Kelecius. “We supplied much of the stone for the project, and a lot of our sand went into the concrete paving mixes. They still have tollway work from Elgin to O’Hare, so we hope to get our share of that project. We also want to increase our business with local contractors.”

Moving forward, Kelecius says Consolidated Materials is still upgrading both quarries and intends to upgrade its equipment as well.

“Our intention is to continue to grow, so if an opportunity that would benefit our company as a whole presents itself, we will certainly consider it. The bottom line for us is meeting our customers’ needs in the most cost-effective manner possible. If we continue to do that, we’re confident about what lies ahead.”