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Fraase Excavating


March 24, 2016

“Komatsu machines are outstanding”

Fraase Excavating

Fraases have been providing earthwork and land development services in central Illinois for almost 60 years. Lloyd Fraase started his bulldozer work with a neighbor after his service in the Army Corps in 1958. In the early 1970s, his neighbor retired and Lloyd continued as Fraase Bulldozing. Lloyd’s son John, who had worked with his dad since 1984, took over in 1996 and incorporated the business as Fraase Excavating Inc.

Today, the company provides multiple services for agricultural, residential and commercial clients throughout Illinois. Fraase Excavating specializes in land improvement projects such as conservation work, clearing, grading, demolition, site prep, drainage, dredging, erosion control, aggregate placement and more.

“We work with farmers, homeowners and government agencies such as the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Department of Natural Resources and local townships,” said John, who is President of the company. “Engineering and designing lakes, ponds and agriculture-related projects are specialties of ours. We also consult on all types of land improvement needs related to the landowners’ specific requirements. When it comes to earthwork – we can do it. We enjoy visiting with clients about any project they might have.”

Fraase Excavating

Communication is a top priority for Fraase Excavating. John spends valuable time with each customer to develop a clear idea of what their vision is. He then surveys the topography, the soil and the watershed to design plans. Taking that into account, John talks to the customer again about what is possible and the best way to proceed. When the final plan is approved, he goes to work. Communication continues during the project to ensure that everyone remains on the same page.

“The final product must be functional and maintenance-friendly,” said John. “Beyond that, aesthetics are important to me and to my customers, so we make projects blend in with their surroundings. I want customers to be happy with their projects, so we try to exceed their expectations. Our business is based on our years of dedicated and fluid work experience.”

Fraase Excavating is a family business. John’s mother, Joyce, keeps the books; Lloyd continues to operate equipment and provide expertise; and John’s nephew Jake Tester operates equipment and handles other daily duties. Brian Rector and Allan Klein are also operators for the company.

“We handle large and small projects,“ said John. “We pride ourselves on quality work and completing the job on time. Our motto is ‘enhancing the Earth through conservation.’ Our priority is to care for Mother Earth by limiting soil loss, protecting the environment and transforming the land to leave it better than we found it.”

Komatsu and Roland

Fraase Excavating has continued to grow over the years and has expanded its equipment fleet, which consists largely of Komatsu machines. The company has three Komatsu excavators (PC210, PC220 and PC290), four Komatsu dozers (D39, D61PX-23, D65EX and D65PX) and a Komatsu WB156PS backhoe.

“We think Komatsu machines are outstanding,” said John. “The best thing about our Komatsu pieces is their reliability. With regular maintenance, we have very few, if any, problems with them. I like the fact that our Komatsus are well-built and last a long time.

Fraase Excavating

“We also rent equipment from Roland,” he added. “Our Sales Rep, Chris Ingram, bends over backward to get us what we need, when we need it. I appreciate his honesty and communication – we get a fair price right from the start. When we need service, Roland has excellent technicians. We primarily deal with Craig Stephens, but all of Roland’s service technicians are highly qualified and make repairs quickly to keep our machines performing.”

Constant changes

John is always on the look-out for new opportunities to help make his clients’ visions come to life. The scope of work is constantly changing. Through progress, he identifies ways to protect and enhance the landscapes while adhering to the environmental rules and regulations. The goal is to provide an exceptional product for his customers.

John says he values the relationships with his customers and their families. “There is a special bond created as the projects generate a natural connection between the owners and the land, thus offering them a sense of enjoyment that they share with their loved ones for many years.”

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