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Gateway Pipeline


July 26, 2017

“Komatsu has been a staple in our fleet for a long time”

Gateway Pipeline

This year, Gateway Pipeline marks two decades since Jimmy and Selena McGuire founded their company in El Reno, Okla. Reaching this milestone took dedication, a vision for growth and diversification that today make it one of a few companies offering full-circle energy services.

“Gateway Pipeline was started to do pipeline construction for oil and gas companies,” explained Brady Miller, Director of Field Operations and part Owner of the company. “Jimmy had a solid background in the industry. He believed that experience, along with a good work ethic, would make the firm successful.”

Jimmy’s vision paid off handsomely. Today, the company now headquartered in Shawnee, Okla., employs nearly 200 people during peak construction times and provides an extensive list of services for customers in the oil and gas, energy, public utility and telecommunications markets. In addition to Shawnee, Gateway Pipeline has Oklahoma locations in Oklahoma City and Edmond, as well as offices in Midland, Fort Worth and San Antonio, Texas.

Along with Miller, key individuals in the business include Director of Human Resources and Risk Management Kristin Paule, Director of Finance Shane McGuire, Director of Business Development and Marketing Gary Paule and General Manager Bob Ault. Miller, Kristin Paule and McGuire are Jimmy and Selena’s children.

“Our forte is still oil and gas pipeline construction, which includes laying and maintaining 2-inch to 36-inch steel and poly pipe; hydrotesting; installing facilities such as compressor and pump stations, tank farms and gas-processing plants; as well as rehabilitating and replacing existing lines,” said Miller. “Throughout the years, we’ve worked to become a one-stop shop for pipeline customers.”

Wide-ranging portfolio

Gateway Pipeline can meet nearly any customer need thanks to a diversified résumé through several subsidiaries, such as Gateway Directional Drilling, South River Environmental and Energy Safety Solutions. Each performs jobs in its niche, and the companies often work together on projects.

“Diversity has played a key role in our expansion and development,” reported Miller. “We added horizontal directional drilling (HDD) about eight years ago with the purchase of drilling rigs and other equipment. Open-cut trenching is still the largest percentage of our work, but with directional drilling we can install pipe up to 24 inches under roads and waterways. It has proven to be a good move.”

Other diversification has come through the addition of hydro-excavation services that use high-pressure water to soften and remove soil for smaller trenching work as well as digging holes for utility poles and daylighting for jobs such as exposing existing utilities. Gateway Pipeline often locates utilities through subsurface-utility engineering.

Additionally, the company provides surveying services for as-builts, lease and access roads, rivers and shorelines, boundaries, line locating, topography and more; drafting and mapping for archeological, cross-section and other types of plats; in addition to drawings and grading plans.

“Offering a comprehensive list of services is a real advantage, and it’s helped us better weather the ups and downs of the markets,” explained Miller. “It also drew us many repeat customers because they appreciate having one company that can meet nearly any need. Expanding into other areas, such as electric, wind and telecommunications, further expanded our customer base.”

Miles and miles of projects

Gateway Pipeline works throughout Oklahoma, occasionally traveling into New Mexico, southern Kansas and the Texas Panhandle. In the past, crews have worked on projects in Arkansas and as far away as southern Texas.

“In the last couple of years there has been plenty of work in our own backyard, so we have not needed to travel far,” reported Miller. “Typically, we have three to five jobs going at any one time.”

The company recently completed several projects in the Oklahoma oil and gas play known as STACK, which stands for Sooner Trend (oil field) Anadarko (basin) mainly in Canadian and Kingfisher counties. Gateway Pipeline also finished more than 250 miles of right-of-way acquisition and routing as well as open-trench construction and HDD for one job in the STACK. Additional projects there have included the installation of five miles of 12-inch line and six miles of right-of-way clearing.

Gateway Pipeline also completed 45 miles of preliminary routing, staking, construction and as-built work for a New Mexico gathering system; and laid 12 miles of 12-inch-diameter pipeline on the Cimarron River South Steel Pipeline. Other notable projects included surveying and staking 60 miles of waterline for the Cimarron River Water System.

Komatsu proves reliable, productive

Gateway Pipeline

For its excavation work, Gateway Pipeline relies almost exclusively on Komatsu equipment. The company utilizes more than 30 machines, including excavators ranging in size from tight-tail-swing PC55MRs to new Tier 4 PC210LCi models.

“Komatsu has been a staple in our fleet for a long time,” stated Miller. “The first Komatsus we used proved dependable and productive, so we continue to add pieces to our fleet, both through purchase and rental. Excavators are our mainline machines, and because our projects take us across varying terrain and conditions, we need a wide range of sizes. Hydraulic power is very good in the Komatsu excavators. We encounter rock quite often, so we have some machines equipped with hammers, and they cut right through it.”

Gateway clears, grades and backfills with Komatsu D61 and D65 dozers, and lays pipe with side booms. “The dozers perform well in all types of soil,” noted Miller. “Like the excavators, they have first-rate power, so they push a sizeable load. They are good fine-grading machines, too. We do further fine grading with Komatsu GD655 motor graders. The side booms are rugged and durable.”

The company tracks its Komatsu equipment with KOMTRAX, Komatsu’s telematics system. Kirby-Smith Machinery does the same on Gateway’s Tier 4 machines and performs complimentary, scheduled services for the first 2,000 hours or three years under Komatsu CARE.

“We specifically look at idle time and production with KOMTRAX,” Miller noted. “It has helped us significantly reduce the former and increase the latter. Kirby-Smith showed us how to use it to our advantage, and we appreciate that as well as everything they and our Territory Manager Dean Traylor have done for us through the years. Their service is outstanding and a big factor in why we continue to purchase Komatsu, in addition to other products, such as ALLU padding buckets, NPK hammers and Atlas Copco compressors.”

Area stays hot

Although there has been a marked slowdown in the oil and gas industry during the past couple of years, Gateway Pipeline has been more fortunate than some companies.

“This area remained, and remains, pretty hot,” Miller pointed out. “The industry is cyclical, and from time-to-time new construction and maintenance alternate being up or down. Right now, we are doing a much greater percentage of construction.

“Fortunately, we have positioned Gateway to handle whatever the markets bring,” he continued. “Our experience, knowledge and diversity give us an advantage. We believe that plays well now and for the future, which we see as very bright.”