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Red Rock Industries


February 18, 2016

Reliability sets Komatsu apart

Red Rock Industries

Dom Del Monaco started his construction company, Red Rock Industries, in October 2001 – one month after 9/11. It may not have been the ideal time to start a new business, but he says it was right for him.

“I studied business management, architecture and construction management in college, then I worked as a foreman for my father’s construction company,” Del Monaco recalled. “When he decided to retire, I felt it was time for me to make a move and go out on my own. Was it the perfect time? Probably not, but it’s kind of like marriage or having children, if you try to wait for the perfect time, you might never do it. I just did it.”

One of Red Rock’s specialties is building car dealerships. Services include demolition, site development and building construction. From its home base in Plainview, New York, in Nassau County, Long Island, Red Rock Industries builds auto stores throughout the New York City metro area and Tri-State region. Del Monaco holds construction licenses in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

“One of the nation’s largest auto dealership entrepreneurs gave me my first break,” said Del Monaco. “We built a couple of dealerships for his company and developed a good reputation from that. Since then, we’ve built for almost every auto brand.

“Our calling card and goal on every job is to give the owner a fair price, do quality work and do it fast,” he added. “I also try to make everything easy for our customers. We’re full-service and hands-on. I personally work with them from beginning to end to ensure project success.”

Team Red Rock

To reinforce a sense of togetherness among his employees, Del Monaco refers to his crew as Team Red Rock.

“We put that name on our equipment, and we have Team Red Rock T-shirts,” he said. “It reinforces the team concept and keeps everybody working toward the same goal. I really can’t say enough about our people. They care about our jobs and it shows.”

While getting jobs done quickly is what Red Rock Industries is known for, Del Monaco says it’s not the most important thing to him – safety is. “Making sure everyone goes home to their families every night – that’s paramount. I hire an on-site safety manager to oversee each job. We’re able to work safely and quickly by being well-organized and having a neat and clean jobsite.”

Reliable Komatsu machines

Red Rock Industries

To do his demolition, earthwork and pipe work, Del Monaco and Red Rock turn largely to Komatsu equipment from Edward Ehrbar and Sales Rep Dan Stanton. The company has numerous excavators ranging from a PC35 to a PC390.

“We’re big into Komatsu excavators, and since we work in a lot of places where space is at a premium, we especially like the tight-tail-swing machines,” said Del Monaco. “We like to own our equipment, but we also rent to augment the fleet when necessary, depending on workload. We keep a late-model fleet, and since my company’s image is important to me, I try to keep the machines clean and looking sharp all the time.

“We’re very happy with the production and uptime we get from Komatsu machines,” he noted. “The reliability is what really sets them apart. We want equipment that works when we turn the key. That’s what we get with Komatsu products. We rarely have any problems. In a way, that sounds like kind of a backhanded compliment, but there’s nothing backhanded about it. ‘No problems’ is a big deal in this business. If you can avoid unscheduled downtime, your productivity improves, and that’s one of our keys to completing projects on time or early.”

In addition to Komatsu machines, Red Rock also gets NPK hammers from Ehrbar. “We’ve tried other hammers, but we haven’t been impressed,” said Del Monaco. “In our experience, NPK is the best hammer out there.”

Because of the quality of the equipment, Del Monaco says he rarely has to call on Ehrbar for service work. Nonetheless, he considers the dealership part of his team.

“Bottom line, I know I can count on Dan and Ehrbar. I’ve worked with them for 30 years. If I need something, they’ve always been there, and I have absolute confidence that they’re always going to be there for me. That’s worth a lot.”

Expansion ahead

Red Rock Industries has grown significantly since Del Monaco started it, and he intends to keep growing.

“I think we’re going to go national, or at least expand beyond our current territory,” said Del Monaco. “We’ll definitely go south, and I’ve had a few customers out west ask if we’d come and do their jobs.

“Regardless of where and when we expand, the Red Rock philosophy will remain the same,” he added. “It will be based on teamwork and going above and beyond for our customers. Rather than just giving customers what they pay for, my goal is to exceed their expectations. That’s what we try to do on every job. As a result, almost all of our work is for repeat customers or referrals from our regular customers. If we can maintain that level of customer retention, I’m optimistic about what lies ahead for Red Rock Industries.”