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April 21, 2016

“I can’t imagine going back to a machine without intelligent Machine Control”

Millions of tourists visit central Florida’s theme parks each year, but chances are many don’t give a second thought to what happens after those parks have closed their doors. Robcor Contracting Vice President Rob Forman knows exactly what happens. The company is currently demolishing and recycling the former Splendid China theme park to make room for the highly anticipated Margaritaville Resort.

Forman, a state-certified general contractor specializing in site development and aggregate recycling for the last 20 years, started the company with his wife, and Robcor President, Corrie. She is also a state-certified building contractor and handles the residential and commercial structural construction.

Aggregate crushing and recycling is Forman’s passion, and the company recently made the decision to focus its efforts in that area. That move has paid off for the Sebring, Florida-based company, as Forman estimates that 85 percent of the company’s revenue comes from aggregate recycling. Robcor recycles materials into usable product on construction projects for demolition companies, site-development contractors, solid waste facilities and government municipalities.

“By recycling, we are providing valuable materials for our clients,” he added. “It keeps concrete out of landfills and saves money by eliminating some of the trucking costs.”

Robcor uses Komatsu PC290 excavators with JRB power latch couplers and a Genesis CP70 densifier from Linder Industrial Machinery on its recycling projects.

“The PC290 excavators are a great fit for us,” he said. “They are flawless machines, and the couplers allow us to switch attachments easily and efficiently.”

The company’s new direction has been successful, and Robcor has been able to remain the small company the Formans envisioned, while still meeting the needs of its clients.

“Being a small, family-run business is important to us,” said Forman. “We strive to be as efficient as possible, which allows us to do some larger projects that you wouldn’t expect from a company our size.”

iMC machines save time, money

Being efficient has allowed Robcor Contracting to expand its services. In spring of 2015, it began work on a massive 600-acre site-development project located just miles from Walt Disney World that calls for the construction of vacation townhomes and condos, a golf course, a driving range and a waterpark. Robcor is performing mass grading/earthwork for the project, which will take three to five years to complete.

It was able to take on the massive job and continue its crushing projects because of Komatsu’s line of intelligent Machine Control (iMC) products. The company currently owns a Komatsu D51PXi dozer and rents a D61PXi dozer and PC210LCi excavator from Linder Industrial Machinery.

“If it weren’t for the iMC machines, we wouldn’t be doing dirt projects,” said Forman. “I have run a dozer for over 20 years, and I can’t imagine going back to a machine without intelligent Machine Control. The dozers, along with the excavator, save us so much time and money. Everything is well thought out and works perfectly. The power and smoothness of these machines is very impressive. They are by far the best dozers I have ever operated.”

Forman also had rave reviews for the PC210LCi excavator.

“The PC210LCi is great because, in addition to moving dirt and loading trucks, the GPS makes sure we are always on-grade,” he said. “We can move more dirt, more efficiently with the PC210LCi than with a bigger machine without intelligent Machine Control. No matter where we excavate on the project, we are on-grade – without using any stakes. That’s amazing with an excavator.”

Forman says the iMC products have eliminated Robcor Contracting’s need for construction layout, which saves time and money. “The machines paid for themselves in the first 500 hours of operation. Normally, we would have to schedule layout and staking. Now, we upload a 3D model of the site plan into the equipment, and 45 seconds later, we are moving dirt to finish-grades.”

Forman credits the iMC products for the amount of site work the company has taken on.

“I don’t see how we could even compete without the iMC machines that we have,” he said. “They have made us so much more efficient and given us the ability to take on large site projects. We wouldn’t be able to do that with conventional machines.”

Linder Support

Today, business is booming for Robcor. With three aggregate recycling crews working year-round throughout Florida, Forman says that keeping up with demand is the biggest challenge for the company. Fortunately, Linder Industrial Machinery is there to help.

“We don’t experience much down time with Komatsu equipment,” according to Forman. “The Komatsu machines are solid-built units that we can rely on. Anytime we’ve had an issue, Linder’s response has always been quick, no matter where we were working. Linder has branches and technicians that cover the entire state. They understand how downtime can affect a company like ours.”

Robcor Contracting calls on Linder Industrial Machinery Sales Rep Greg Woodard and Technology Solutions Expert Chris Brazil when it needs equipment or support.

“Greg has gone the extra mile on everything we have needed,” said Forman. “It has been a pleasure having him as our Sales Rep. Chris has also been a huge help with the iMC machines. He has such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the iMC product line. I consider Linder to be a strategic partner in our business. All the people we work with at Linder have a great attitude and are always willing to help.”

Staying small

When Forman looks to the future, he believes that Robcor Contracting’s focus will remain with its aggregate recycling services – an industry that he thinks will be in demand going forward. He is also willing to take on site-development projects as long as the company can remain close to its current size.

“We want to continue to provide high quality services for our clients and still be able to remain a small company,” said Forman. “We will look to add some site-development projects to our aggregate recycling, but they have to make sense. Right now, we are able to give our employees a great work environment, be successful and enjoy ourselves. I think that is because of our size. We don’t want to compromise that.”