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May 16, 2016

“Komatsu units help us keep everything running smoothly”

Waste Eliminator

Most successful businesses stem from someone seeing a need and taking steps to meet it. That was certainly the case for Waste Eliminator, the Atlanta-area’s leading waste hauling and recycling company. Owner/ President Wes Turner started Waste Eliminator in late 2004 with one truck, as a sideline to another business.

“I had a stump-grinding business, but I wanted to do more,” Turner recalled. “I worked for many landscapers and tree companies, as well as some grading outfits throughout metro Atlanta. I noticed that at a lot of the jobs I was on, there was a need to haul material off-site. So, I bought a truck and started doing just that – hauling for the same customers I was already stump grinding for. I’d get my crews going in the morning, then I’d get in the truck and haul material from the job to a landfill. Within a few months, I could see there was a lot of growth potential, so I bought a second truck and started hiring drivers.”

Turner still has his stump grinding business, and today, Waste Eliminator is a much larger company. He now has 35 trucks and employs 84 people. Seven years ago, he opened a recycling facility in Norcross, Georgia, that could handle 300 tons of material a day. Today, he recycles up to 75 percent of all the material he hauls. The company is in the process of building a second recycling facility on the south side of Atlanta that Turner expects to be operational this summer.

Although Waste Eliminator hauls some industrial municipal solid waste and some bio-solids for counties, the vast majority of its hauling and recycling focuses on construction and demolition debris.

“We do a lot of demolition-related hauling and recycling,” said Turner. “We also do a lot of hauling and recycling that’s associated with new construction – both commercial and residential. We primarily work with contractors, but occasionally, homeowners doing remodeling or large clean-out projects need our services, and we’re happy to work with them, too.

“We hang our hat on providing exceptional service,” he added. “We deliver containers and pick them up on our clients’ schedules – when it’s convenient for them. We’ll deliver 24 hours a day, six days a week. No job is too big or too small.”

Waste Eliminator provides 10-, 20-, 30- and 40-yard containers, as well as roll-off dumpsters from 12 to 40 yards. A 10-yard dumpster is great for cleaning out a house, while a 40-yard container is ideal for large construction and demolition jobs. Waste Eliminator meets with customers to determine the sizes of containers that will work best for their projects. Customers who know what they need can place an order online through the company’s website,, or by calling the office at (770) 979-2688.

Importance of recycling

Waste Eliminator

Waste Eliminator recycles a wide variety of material, including metal, plastic, cardboard, wood, brick, concrete, stone and carpet.

“Before we started our recycling operation, we hauled everything to the landfill,” said Turner. “As our business increased, so did our landfill fees. We originally looked at recycling as a way to cut costs and boost revenue, but it also became clear that it was the right thing to do as a corporate citizen. By extending landfill life and lessening the demand for virgin material, recycling is the environmentally responsible way to dispose of waste. By turning waste into something worthwhile, we absolutely believe we’re making Atlanta a cleaner and healthier place.”

Waste Eliminator relies on a talented, dedicated workforce to provide the service for which the company is known.

“As a company, you’re only as good as your employees,” said Turner. “We’re fortunate to have a lot of great people throughout our organization. We have a top-notch group. Our managers, especially, do a great job of keeping our production at the level it needs to be for us to remain successful.

“My wife, Julie, is also a crucial part of what we’ve been able to accomplish,” he noted. “She handles the accounts payable and oversees all the office work. She takes care of the things that I’m not good at, such as keeping our paperwork in order and seeing to it that everybody gets paid. Having her oversee our administrative side ensures that everything runs smoothly.”

Belief in Komatsu and TEC

Waste Eliminator

For equipment to run his recycling yard and other jobs the business requires, Turner uses Komatsu machines from Tractor & Equipment Company and Sales Rep Mack Brice. Waste Eliminator has six Komatsu hydraulic excavators (four PC210s, a PC270 and a PC138); three Komatsu wheel loaders (two WA320s and a WA270); and two Komatsu dozers (a D61PX and a D39PX).

“In this business, we need machines that work,” Turner said. “There’s a constant flow of trucks coming to the yard, bringing material in to be recycled. We want to handle it quickly and efficiently because if we fall behind and material starts to pile up, it’s tough to catch up. We have 22 people standing around if the system is shut down because a key machine isn’t working. Our Komatsu units help us keep everything running smoothly.”

Turner got started with Komatsu after being referred by a contractor friend.

“We tried it, and there’s never been a reason for me to go anywhere else,” he said. “We use all of our heavy equipment in our recycling operations. Our excavators are used to pre-process material and load recyclables onto the screen, and our wheel loaders push and load material. The dozers are for miscellaneous work and to help us develop the new recycling site. We like Komatsu because it makes productive, reliable equipment that lasts a long time.”

In addition to the quality of the Komatsu product, Turner says the support he gets from TEC is a large factor in the success of Waste Eliminator.

“TEC and Mack stand behind what they sell. They do whatever is needed to make sure we run every day. If we need a part, a technician or even a loaner machine when one of our pieces is down – they take care of us. We count on TEC to do right by us, and they always have. I believe in Komatsu and I believe in Tractor & Equipment Company.”

Making Atlanta “a better place to live”

Waste Eliminator has grown considerably since Turner began with a single truck a little more than a decade ago.

“When I started the business, I thought we were just going to be a hauling company,” said Turner. “After we started recycling, we discovered that people really liked the idea of reusing valuable material rather than throwing it away. As a result, we’ve experienced considerable growth – especially the last few years. Since 2012, we’ve grown by 20 percent each year.

“We expect to continue to grow in the years to come – maybe not 20 percent annually – but we expect solid growth,” he added. “It’s why we’re building a second recycling operation. As long as we continue to provide the top service that our customers require, I’m optimistic about what lies ahead. Recycling, which reduces pollution, conserves energy and saves natural resources, is the present and the future. At Waste Eliminators, we’re pleased to be part of an industry that makes Atlanta a better place to live.”