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John Arapidis says rental, used equipment through Komatsu and its authorized distributors make sense

John Arapidis

QUESTION: What does the Rental & Used Equipment group offer customers?

ANSWER: Komatsu and its distributors are committed to offering our customers the highest quality machinery in the marketplace, including rental and pre-owned equipment offered through Komatsu ReMarketing, which was combined with our rental operations in April 2013 as part of our overall circulation strategy. The Rental & Used Equipment group offers great alternatives to buying new. Between them are a variety of machines in the used category, such as late model units coming off rent. Many of the pre-owned machines are Distributor Certified Used, and numerous used Tier 4 machines are designated as Komatsu CARE Certified Equipment.

QUESTION: How is Komatsu CARE Certified Equipment different from Distributor Certified Used?

ANSWER: When Komatsu established ReMarketing, it set a new standard for certified used equipment with the Distributor Certified Used designation. Distributors continue to offer the standardized inspection, certification and technician training through the ReMarketing program for machines acquired through customer trade-in and lease returns. They also keep their rental fleet fresh by offering the latest-model machines – so as they add new models, old ones can be moved into their used market. This is especially true of Komatsu Tier 4 machines.

John Arapidis

Komatsu CARE complimentary maintenance is standard on most new Tier 4 machines that are leased or purchased. That means specially trained distributor technicians perform a 50-point inspection every 500 hours for the first three years or 2,000 hours. Our distributors have records showing these services and inspections. Only units that have met all of the Komatsu CARE requirements are eligible for the Komatsu CARE Certified Equipment designation. The machines must also meet or exceed ReMarketing’s already rigorous inspection process that includes mechanical and diagnostic operations, as well as interior and exterior appearance standards. Only then can a machine be labeled as Komatsu CARE Certified Equipment.

We believe this gives customers added confidence that they are buying the best-made and maintained machines in the world. To make that easier, our distributors offer financing, extended maintenance and warranty options on all types of used equipment.

QUESTION: Does this mean customers should avoid older machines?

ANSWER: Absolutely not. Our ReMarketing machines are more than a piece of equipment with a new paint job. There are still a lot of Tier 3 – and older – machines available that will suit a variety of needs. Those have been inspected, repaired if necessary, and may also come with financing and warranty options.

With the certification process that Komatsu America offers for both Distributor Certified and Komatsu CARE Certified Equipment, we want to clearly demonstrate that we can provide a valued product in the marketplace and differentiate ourselves with the best alternatives to buying new.

QUESTION: How should customers go about checking availability of rental and ReMarketing machines?

ANSWER: The first contact should be with their local distributor. Generally, they will find all the answers they need there. If they want to see machines that are offered through ReMarketing, they can check

QUESTION: What do the rental and used markets look like going forward?

ANSWER: Those markets have been strong the past years, and we expect that to continue to be the case. While customers are buying more new machines today, they are still cautious and augmenting their fleets through rentals and used pieces. It’s smart economically. As an equipment supplier, we want to continue the successful relationships we have with Komatsu customers through our distributors in order to help them achieve their goals.