A. Height10'2''
3100 mm
B. Center of front axle to counterweight2'1''
640 mm
C. Cutting edge to center of front axle 8'2''
2500 mm
D. Wheel base to center of tandem19'2''
5850 mm
E. Front tire to rear bumper27'5''
8350 mm
F. Tandem wheelbase5'0''
1535 mm
G*. Center of tandem to back of ripper8'5''
2560 mm
H*. Overall length30'10''
9390 mm
I. Track or gauge7'0''
2130 mm
J. Width of tires8'3''
2525 mm
K. Width of standard moldboard12'0''
3710 mm
L*. Width of optional moldboard14'0''
4320 mm
M*. Ripper beam width6'5''
1960 mm
N. Articulation, left or right23°