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‘MyKomatsu’ website brings together wealth of machine information and product support

Komatsu Staff Writers

April 24, 2019
Rizwan Mirza
       Rizwan Mirza, Manager, KOMTRAX,
       Products and Services Division
Dan Chapeck
       Dan Chapeck, Manager,
       Retail Marketing, Komatsu Parts

Product support all in one place

What if you could check the location of your machines, their health and how they are being used and then order parts or learn the status of an order already placed, all from the same tool? You can now do all of that and more with the MyKomatsu website. The recent rollout across the country promises to bring a variety of information about your fleet and the support you need to maintain it, right to your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

“Customers told us they wanted comprehensive information in one convenient spot, instead of looking for it through multiple applications,” said Komatsu Manager, KOMTRAX, Products and Services Division, Rizwan Mirza. “We responded with the new MyKomatsu website. Owners can monitor their fleet and find the necessary items to maintain it with a solid integration of the parts world.”

MyKomatsu is more than just a telematics tool, it’s also a complete redesign of Komatsu America Corp.’s eCommerce solution. “MyKomatsu is designed to bring eCommerce and parts ordering back into the comprehensive fleet management conversation,” said Manager of Retail Marketing, Komatsu Parts, Dan Chapeck. “We understand our customers require a tool that brings everything into one place, so our goal was to create a single environment where owners can learn about their machines, monitor job sites, and maintain equipment with the highest quality Komatsu Genuine Parts, all in the same place.”

Free and easy-to-use

The MyKomatsu website will offer a familiar suite of all-inclusive telematics solutions, allowing owners to access information about their equipment location, machine hours, load factors, cautions and more, as reported through Komatsu’s existing telematics resources, such as KOMTRAX or KOMTRAX Plus. Signing up for an account is free and simple and can be done through your local Komatsu distributor.

The MyKomatsu website provides a wide range of information to track equipment, including hours, load factors, cautions and more, where users can monitor their fleet and find the items necessary to maintain it.

“You can get a general overview of an entire fleet, such as average idle time, as well as have the ability to drill down to specific machines for greater detail,” said Mirza. “For example, owners can take a quick glance at the machine’s performance or health; pull up a specific machine’s spec sheet; look up operator and maintenance manuals or parts and service news; plus use a catalog to find a part and place an order online with a local Komatsu distributor.”

“To best serve our customers and continue to earn the right to be their partner in business, we are offering tools to simplify the entire ownership experience. Being able to view and manage your business in this environment in the same way as you do in reality was the smartest place to start,” added Chapeck.

For more information or to register for MyKomatsu, contact your local authorized Komatsu distributor.

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