• 161,840 lbs Operating Weight
  • 609 @1800 rpm Horsepower
  • 24.2 - 28.8 yd³ Blade Capacity


Komatsu features considerable upgrades for its release of the Tier 4 Final D375A-8. Performance, operator comfort, and durability were leading design concepts for the new model.

  • Increased engine power in reverse yields shorter cycle times and increased productivity.
  • A refined undercarriage, reengineered cabin, and improved visibility keep operators comfortable and productive.
  • Structural enhancements to the track and mainframe increase machine durability and reduce the total cost of ownership

The D375A-8 offers the strength and power to perform in the toughest mining environments but also has the versatility needed to take on road construction, quarry, pipeline, and other large construction applications.

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  • Rear platform and guard rails
  • Heavy-duty steps and large hand rails
  • Secondary engine shutdown switch
  • Seat belt caution indicator
  • Power ladder (Optional)

Information and Communication Technology

  • Machine monitor with high resolution seven-inch LCD monitor
  • Energy Saving Operation


  • Equipment Management Support System
  • Reduce maintenance costs and achieve high equipment availability

Operator Comfort

  • Ride comfort enhancements
         - Equalizer bar shoulder pads
         - Increased minor bogie oscillation
         - Larger cab damper mounts
         - New heated/ventilated operators seat with improved suspension & cushioning
  • Excellent visibility to the blade and ripper
  • All new, ergonomic work environment and ripper levers
  • Rearview monitor system
  • Electronic height adjuster for steering console


  • 20% more power in reverse can increase productivity and reduce cycle times
  • Automatic transmission with lockup torque converter
  • Selectable working modes
  • Automatic/manual gearshift selectable modes

Reliability and Maintenance

  • Robust main and track frame
  • Long life powertrain design
  • Mesabi radiator*
  • Swing-out fan for easy access to radiator core
  • Centralized greasing points
  • Concentrated sampling points
  • Maintenance Service Center for oils and coolants, with quick-fill couplings
  • Battery and starter isolator
  • Emergency engine stop switches

    * Mesabi radiator is a registered trademark of L&M Radiator, Inc.

Tier 4 Final Emission Certified Engine

  • Komatsu’s New U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission regulation-compliant engine
  • Auto idle stop function


Coolant and Lubricant Capacity refill

Fuel tank 1200 ltr 317.0 U.S. gal
Coolant 145 ltr 41.5 U.S. gal
Engine 86 ltr 21.1 U.S. gal
Torque converter, transmission,
bevel gear, and steering system
150 ltr 39.6 U.S. gal
Final drive (Each side) 65 ltr 16.1 U.S. gal


Komatsu SAA6D170E-7
4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection
Turbocharged, air-to-air charge air cooler, cooled EGR
Number of cylinders
Bore x stroke 170 mm x 170 mm 6.69" x 6.69"
Piston displacement 23.15 ltr 1,413 in³
Mid-range, electronic

SAE J1995 - Gross
474 kW 636 HP
578 kW 775 HP
ISO 9249 / SAE J1349* - Net
Forward 455 kW 609 HP
Reverse 558 kW 748 HP
Rated rpm
1800 rpm
Fan drive type
Lubrication system:

Gear pump, force lubrication
*Net horsepower at the maximum
speed of radiator cooling fan:
Forward 432 kW 580 HP
Reverse 536 kW 719 HP

U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission certified.

Final Drive

Double-reduction final drive of spur and planetary gear sets to increase tractive effort and reduce gear tooth stresses for long final drive life. Segmented sprocket teeth are bolt-on for easy replacement.

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic control unit:
Closed-center load sensing system (CLSS) designed for precise and responsive control, and for efficient simultaneous operation.

Hydraulic control unit:
All spool control valves externally mounted beside the hydraulic tank. Variable piston pump with capacity (Discharge flow) of 96.7 U.S. gal/min 366 L/min for implement at rated engine rpm.


Relief valve setting (for implement) 29.8 MPa / 304 kg/cm² 4,322 psi
Control valves:

Spool control valve for Semi-U tilt dozer and U tilt dozer.

Blade lift

Raise, hold, lower, and float
Blade tilt
Right, hold, and left
Additional control valve required for variable digging
angle multi-shank ripper and giant ripper.

Ripper lift
Raise, hold, and lower
Ripper tilt
Increase, hold, and decrease
Hydraulic cylinders:
Double-acting, piston
Number of cylinders: Bore:
Blade lift 2 140 mm / 5.5"
Blade Tilt (Single tilt)
1 200 mm / 7.9"
Blade Tilt (Dual tilt)
200 mm / 7.9"
Ripper lift 2 200 mm / 7.9"
Ripper tilt 2 180 mm / 7.1"
Hydraulic oil capacity (Refill):

Semi-U dozer or U dozer 130 L
34.3 U.S. gal
Ripper equipment (Additional volume):

Giant ripper 45 L
11.9 U.S. gal
Multi-shank ripper (variable) 45 L 11.9 U.S. gal

Operating Weight

Tractor weight
Including rated capacity of lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank,
operator, and standard equipment.
56340 kg 124,210 lb
Operating weight
Including strengthened dual tilt Semi-U dozer blade, giant ripper,
24" extreme service shoes, cab, ROPS (ISO 3471), operator,
standard equipment, rated capacity of lubricant, coolant, and
full fuel tank.Including Semi-U tilt dozer, giant ripper, cab, ROPS,
operator, standard equipment, rated capacity of lubricant,
coolant, and full fuel tank.
73,410 kg 161,840 lb
Ground pressure 148 kPa / 1.51 kg/cm² 21.5 psi

Steering System

Palm Command Control System (PCCS), joystick controlled, wet multiple-disc steering clutches are spring-loaded and hydraulically released. Wet multiple-disc, pedal/lever controlled steering brakes are spring-actuated hydraulically released and require no adjustment. Steering clutches and brakes are interconnected for easy, responsive steering.

Minimum turning radius 4.2 m 13'9"

TORQFLOW Transmission

Komatsu TORQFLOW transmission consists of a water-cooled, 3-element, 1-stage, 1-phase torque converter with lockup clutch and a planetary gear, multiple-disc clutch transmission which is hydraulically actuated and force-lubricated for optimum heat dissipation. Gearshift lock lever and neutral safety switch prevent accidental starts.

Gear Forward Reverse
1st 3.5 km/h
2.2 mph
4.6 km/h
2.9 mph
2nd 6.8 km/h
4.2 mph
8.9 km/h
5.5 mph
3rd L 8.0 km/h
5.0 mph
9.7 km/h
6.0 mph
3rd 11.8 km/h
7.3 mph
15.8 km/h
9.8 mph


Oscillating equalizer bar with shoulder pad and pivot shaft
Track roller frame
Cylindrical, high-tensile-strength steel construction
Rollers and idlers
Lubricated track rollers
Komatsu Bogie (K-Bogie) undercarriage:
Lubricated track rollers are resiliently mounted to the track
frame with a bogie suspension system whose oscillating
motion is cushioned by rubber pads.
Extreme service track shoes:
Lubricated tracks. Unique seals prevent entry of foreign
abrasives into pin to bushing clearances to provide extended
service life. Track tension is easily adjusted with grease gun.
Number of shoes (Each side)
Grouser height (Single grouser) 93 mm 3.7"
Shoe width (Standard) 610 mm 24"
Ground contact area 48560 cm² 7,527 in²
Ground pressure (Tractor) 113 kPa / 1.16 kg/cm² 16.4 psi
Number of track rollers
Number of carrier rollers
Extreme service shoes: Ground contact area: Ground** pressure:
610 mm / 24''
Additional weight:
0 lb / 0 kg
48560 cm²
7,527 in²
148.3 kPa / 1.51 kgf/cm²
21.5 psi
710 mm / 28''
Additional weight:
680 kg / 1,500 lb
56520 cm²
8,760 in²
128.6 kPa / 1.31 kgf/cm²
18.6 psi
810 mm / 32''
Additional weight:
1360 kg / 3,000 lb
64480 cm²
9,994 in²
113.7 kPa / 1.16 kgf/cm²
16.5 psi

** Ground pressure based on tractor, strenghtened dual tilt Semi-U dozer blade, giant ripper, cab, ROPS, operator, standard equipment, rated capacity of lubricant, coolant, and full fuel tank.


  • Air conditioner with heater and defroster
  • Alternator, 140 Ampere, 24V
  • Auto idle stop system
  • Auto/manual gearshift selectable modes
  • Auto pitch blade control
  • Auto ripper return
  • Back-up alarm
  • Batteries, 2 x 12 V, 160Ah
  • Blade lift cylinder, large capacity
  • Blower cooling fan
  • Canister style breathers
  • Centralized greasing
    - Blade cylinder yoke
    - Ripper
  • Circuit breaker panel w/ push button resets
  • Closed-center load sensing system (CLSS)
  • Cold weather -30C specification
  • Color monitor
  • Concentrated sampling points
  • Decelerator pedal
  • Double wiper for cab door
  • Dual tilt blade hydraulics
  • Dry-type air cleaner with dust evacuator and dust indicator
  • Eight-roller track frames
  • Electrical dust indicator
  • Engine precleaner w/ above the hood . air intake pipe
  • Engine prelubrication system
  • Exhaust pipe with rain cap
  • Final drive case wear guard
  • Heavy duty DT connectors
  • High altitude arrangement
  • High mount head lights
  • Hinged underguards with front pull hook
  • Horn, warning
  • Hydraulic track adjusters
  • Isolator box, battery and starter
  • Jump start recepticle
  • KOMTRAX Plus® with Iridium/Orbcomm
    • Lighting system
    • Access Lighting
    • Engine room lamp
    • LED lighting package
      - High mount on hood (2)
      - Front fender mount (2)
      - Additional cab mount (4)
      - Rear fender mount
    • (2) Ripper point light
  • Lunch box holder
  • Maintenance Service Center
  • Mirror, rearview
  • Oil level sensors (engine & hyd.)
  • PCCS lever steering control
  • Perforated side covers
  • Platform with hand rails and toe boards
  • PM service connectors
  • Radiator, Mesabi (L&M)
  • Radiator reserve tank
  • Radio, AM/FM and AUX
  • Rearview camera
  • ROPS:*
    - Weight: 1,280 lb 580 kg
    - Width: 6' 5" 1,967 mm
    - Height:** 6' 1" 1,863 mm
  • Seat Air suspension type, heated and ventilated, fully adjustable, tilt and lumbar
  • Seat belt, 3" retractable
  • Segmented sprockets
  • Starting motors, 22 kW (2 x 11kW), 24V
  • Steering, clutch and brake
  • Stop system, emergency (2)
  • Swingout radiator fan
  • TORQFLOW transmission, 3F/3R
  • Torque converter with lock-up clutch
  • Track frame, 8 track rollers, 2 carrier rollers
  • Track roller guards
  • Track shoe slip control
  • Two muffler with rain cap
  • Uninterrupted power source for 3rd party system
  • Vandalism protection kit
  • Wet steering clutches
  • Wiggins Drains - Rear Maintenance Service Center for hyd. oil, eng. oil, T/M oil, and eng. coolant
  • Wiggins fast fuel fill

* Meets ISO 3471 standards
** Compartment floor to ceiling


  • Blade Semi-U Strengthened Dual Tilt
  • Blade Full-U Strengthened Dual Tilt
  • Counterweight: 4,736 kg 10,441 lb
  • Extreme service shoes
        - 610 mm 24"
        - 710 mm 28"
        - 810 mm 32"
  • Extreme service shoes w/ extreme cold link assemblies
         - 610 mm 24"
         - 710 mm 28"
  • General tool kit
  • Optional tilt cylinder spacer kit
  • Power ladder
  • Short stroke tilt cylinder
  • Spare parts for first service
  • Straight frame assembly, dual tilt, less blade