• 259,960 - 265,900 lbs Operating Weight
  • 758 @1800 rpm Horsepower
  • 4.1 - 11.9 yd³ Bucket Capacity


The PC1250SP-11, equipped with a shorter 25’7” (7800 mm) boom and 11’2” (3400 mm) arm is designed for larger buckets, provides high digging forces and is an ideal match to 50-70 ton class rigid frame trucks.


Increased Performance

The PC1250SP-11 engine power is 13% greater than the former model. This increased engine power provides greater hydraulic power and up to 8% faster cycle times than the PC1250LC-8. This advantage shows up in faster digging and boom up, arm out swing to truck cycle segments. The PC1250SP-11 is an excellent match for loading 60 – 100 ton rigid frame trucks.

Updated Cab and Monitor

The PC1250SP-11 uses a cab mount damping system that incorporates long stroke vibration isolators. This cab mounting system combined with a strengthened left and right side decks, aids vibration reduction at the operator’s seat. An upgraded 7” color monitor is now 40% larger than the previous model and incorporates the updated operator interface introduced on the smaller Dash 11 Komatsu excavator models.

Komatsu KomVision Bird’s Eye Camera System Standard

A new 4 camera bird’s eye vision system provides improved visibility around the machine, a real benefit when working around trucks on a busy loading area. An updated monitor interface provides an overhead bird’s eye view, selectable single camera views or a full screen viewing mode.

Optional Hydraulic Access Ladder and Service Tie Off Points

A new hydraulic powered access ladder provides significantly easier access to the operator cab and walk ways. When lowered, the ladder provides a 45 degree stair, when raised, it stores out of the way in a vertical position. The access ladder is available factory installed or as a field installation kit. When working in elevated positions on the boom and arm, tie off points provide anchors for technician harness lanyards.


KOMTRAX Plus provides expanded machine monitoring beyond KOMTRAX using Iridium® satellite and wireless LAN communication modes. Advanced Iridium® satellite communication technology provides uninterrupted KOMTRAX data transmission in remote locations. Machine health and performance can be analyzed from a remote location in a near real time basis including component condition and trend data.

Center Aisle Maintenance Walkway

A wide center walkway provides easy access to key inspection and maintenance areas. Additionally, grouped inspection and maintenance points facilitate efficient service in checks.



Model Komatsu SAA6D170E-7*
Type Water-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged, aftercooled, cooled, EGR
Number of cylinders 6
Bore 170 mm 6.69"
Stroke 170 mm 6.69"
Piston displacement 23.15 ltr 1,413 in³
Governor All-speed, electronic


    SAE J1995 - Gross 578 kW 775 HP
    ISO 9249 / SAE J1349 - Net 565 kW 758 HP
    Rated rpm 1800 rpm
Hydraulic fan at maximum speed - Net 519 kW
696 HP
Governor   All-speed control, electronic
Fan drive method for radiator cooling Hydraulic

*EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified


Open-center load sensing system,
1 selectable working mode
Main pump:

Variable capacity piston
    Maximum flow implement and travel 2 x 494 ltr/min 2 x 130.5 gal/min
    Maximum flow swing
1 x 600 ltr/min 1 x 158.5 gal/min
    Sub-pump for control circuit

Gear type
    Fan drive pump
  Variable-capacity piston type
Hydraulic motors:
Gear pump
2 x axial piston motors with parking brake
2 x axial piston motors with swing holding brake
Relief valve setting:    
    Implement circuits 31.4 MPa 320 kg/cm² 4,550 psi
    Travel circuit 34.3 MPa 350 kg/cm² 4,980 psi
    Swing circuit 29.4 MPa 300 kg/cm² 4,267 psi
    Pilot circuit 3.1 MPa 33 kg/cm² 455 psi
Hydraulic cylinders:
Cylinder / Number of cylinders bore x stroke x rod diameter bore x stroke x rod diameter
    Boom / 2 225 mm x 2390 mm x 160 mm 8.9" x 94.1" x 6.3"
    Arm / 1 250 mm x 2435 mm x 170 mm 9.8" x 95.9" x 6.7"
    Standard / 2 160 mm x 1825 mm x 115 mm 6.3" x 71.8" x 4.5"
    SP / 2 160 mm x 1950 mm x 115 mm 6.3" x 76.8" x 4.5"

Drives and Brakes

Steering control Two levers with pedals
Drive method Fully hydrostatic
Travel motor Axial piston motor, in-shoe design
Reduction system Planetary triple reduction
Maximum drawbar pull 686 kN
70000 kgf
154,320 lbf
Gradeability 70%, 35°
Maximum travel speed:    
    High 3.3 km/h 2.0 mph
    Low 2.3 km/h 1.5 mph
Service brake Hydraulic lock
Parking brake   Oil disc brake

Swing System

Drive method 2 x hydraulic motors
Swing reduction Planetary gear
Swing circle lubrication Grease-bathed
Service brake   Oil disc brake
Holding brake/swing lock   Mechanical disc brake
Swing speed 5.8 rpm
Swing torque 406.1 kN•m 299,524 lb-ft


Center frame H-leg frame
Track frame Box-section
Track type Sealed
Track adjuster Hydraulic
Number of carrier rollers (each side)    3
Number of shoes (each side):    
    Standard, SP 48
    Long undercarriage 55
Number of track rollers (each side):  
    Standard, SP 8
    Long undercarriage 10

Coolant and Lubricant Capacity (refilling)

Fuel tank 1360 ltr 359.3 US gal
Coolant 142 ltr 37.5 US gal
Engine 86 ltr 22.7 US gal
Final drive, each side 21 ltr 5.5 US gal
Swing drive 2 x 20 ltr 2 x 5.3 US gal
Hydraulic tank 670 ltr 177.0 US gal

Sound Performance

Exterior – ISO 6395   109.9 dB(A)
Operator – ISO 6396   68.5 dB(A)

Operating Weight (approximate)

Mass Excavation:
PC1250SP-11: Operating weight, including 25'7" 7800 mm boom, 11'2" 3400 mm arm, 6.7 m³ 8.8 yd3 bucket, track roller guard, operator, lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, and standard equipment.

Double-Grouser Shoes Operating Weight Ground Pressure (ISO 16754)
700 mm
118164 kg
259,960 lb
1.54 kg/cm2
21.85 psi
1000 mm
120864 kg
265,900 lb
1.10 kg/cm2
15.64 psi



  • Automatic engine warm-up system
  • Dry type air cleaner, double element
  • Engine, Komatsu SAA6D170E-7
  • Fuel pre-filter with water separator
  • Variable speed cooling fan, hydraulic drive, reversible


  • Alternator, 24 V/90 A
  • Auto idle shutdown (programmable)
  • Auto-decelerator
  • Batteries, 2 x 12 V/220 Ah
  • Battery disconnect switch w/lock out - tag out
  • Circuit breaker
  • Lever lock auto-lock
  • Power supply, 12 V
  • Starting motor, 2 x 24 V/11k
  • Step light with timer
  • Service isle light
  • Working lights, 2 boom, 2 cab roof front, 1 right front, 2 LED rear facing


  • Cab guards
    -Bolt-on top guard, OPG Level 2 (ISO 10262)
  • Strengthened revolving frame underguards
  • Revolving frame swivel guard
  • Track guiding guards, ends and center
  • Travel motor guard
  • Radiator and oil cooler dustproof net


  • 2 speed travel with auto shift
  • Power+ work mode
  • Automatic swing holding brake
  • Fully hydraulic, with Open-Center Load-Sensing and engine speed sensing
    (Pump and engine mutual control system)
  • Heavy lift mode
  • In-line high pressure pump outlet filters
  • Pressure Proportional Control (PPC) hydraulic control system
  • Shockless control system for boom
  • Two-mode setting for boom


  • 2 x 12V power ports in cab
  • Auto climate control, A/C with defroster
  • AM/FM radio
  • Auxiliary input (3.5 mm jack)
  • Cab with opening front window
  • Engine shut down secondary switch
  • High back air suspension seat, heated
  • KomVision, 4 camera system
  • Large high resolution LCD color monitor
  • Lock lever
  • Mirrors (RH,LH)
  • Rear & Side view monitor system
  • Seat belt, retractable, 3" 75 mm
  • Washable cab floor mat


  • Counterweight, 36,640 lb 16620 kg
  • Electric priming pump for fuel system
  • Equipment Management Monitoring System
  • Grease gun, with hose reel and air power pump
  • Hand rails & guard rails
  • Horn, air
  • KOMTRAX 5.0 with KOMTRAX Plus
  • One-touch engine oil drainage
  • Preventive Maintenance (PM) service connector
  • Tie off points on boom & arm
  • Rear reflector
  • Seat belt indicator
  • Slip-resistant plates
  • Travel alarm
  • Vandalism protection locks
  • Wide walkways


  • Carrier rollers, 3 (Each side)
  • Hydraulic track adjusters (Each side)
  • Track rollers, 8 (Each side)
  • Track shoes, 27.6" 700 mm double grouser



  • Cab guards
    -Full front guard, OPG Level 2 (ISO 10262)


  • Hydraulically operated access stairway
  • Hydraulic operated access stairway Field Installation Kit


  • PC1250SP-11
    39.4" 1000 mm double grouser track shoes
    Track roller guard (Full length)


  • Boom cylinders only


  • Booms
    25'7" 7800 mm SP boom assembly
  • Arms
    11'2" 3400 mm SP arm assembly