• 877,300 - 901,500 lbs Operating Weight
  • 1,875 @1800 rpm Horsepower
  • 25 - 30 yd³ Bucket Capacity


Best suited to pair with 150-240 ton trucks, the PC4000-11 can be configured as a shovel or backhoe, depending on the application.

The Komatsu PC4000-11 is powered by a Tier 4 Final, 1875 HP, 16 cylinder, SDA16V160E-3 Komatsu engine with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and time-saving engine oil management systems. The engine is designed for higher fuel efficiency, extended service intervals, long life and low operating costs.

Komatsu also offers P&H electric rope shovels that provide the lowest cost-per-ton solution for high performance mining operations. Learn more about our electric rope shovels here.


Quality in Manufacturing

Commitment to "Quality and Reliability"

  • Quality management ISO 9001
  • Environmental management ISO 14001
  • Occupational health and safety management system BS OHSAS 18001:2007
  • High consistent quality through continuous investment in personnel, design and manufacturing systems and processes

Powerful Diesel Engine

Komatsu SDA16V160E-3 engine

  •  Rated 1400 kW at 1800 rpm
  • SCR system (selective catalytic reduction)
  • Electronic engine management
  • Low engine emission levels EPA Tier 4
  • Time saving Engine Oil Management System; Reserve Oil Supply and Eliminator Oil Filter System
  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • Extended service intervals

Reliablility and Durability

Long life and low operating cost by design

  • Robust structural design developed from field experience and finite element analysis


  • Large diameter rollers, idlers and sprockets
  • Large surface area and extensive precision hardening of all engaging components reduce track wear
  • Hardened track link pin bores

Access and Egress

  • 45° primary access and egress stairways
  • 45° access swing stairway
  • 3 emergency egresses
    - cab and machinery house (two pieces flip down solid anti slip steel ladder)
    - machinery house escape
  • Illuminated accesses and egresses


Designed for more tons per hour

  •  Powerful digging forces
  • Ease of bucket filling
  • Proven bucket design
  • All cylinders mounted in the shadow of the attachment for protection
  • Buckets and wear packages to suit all material densities and properties

Advanced Hydraulics

Extended reliability and precise control

  • Comprehensive monitored filtration
  • Simple open circuit hydraulic system with high efficiency swing out oil coolers

Large Comfortable Cab

Comfortable for the whole day

  • Komatsu low noise cab on multiple viscous mounts for reduced noise and vibration
  • Large volume cab with full height front window
  • Comprehensive climate control with pressurized filtered air ventilation and air conditioning
  • High specification multi-adjustable air suspension seat plus trainer seat
  • Well elevated operator position giving good all round view
  • Large wash wiper covers windshield area for excellent visibility

Easy Maintenance

Simple, common-sense design provides easy access to all major components

  •  Generous access to all major service points from machinery house floor level
  • Enclosed, walk-in machinery house with partition wall separating engine from pump area
  • Automatic central lubrication
  • KOMTRAX Plus electronic monitoring system providing real time information about the operating status of the machine
  • Ground-level access to hydraulically powered swing down service arm with Wiggins connections
  • Acknowledges EMESRT design philosophies 


Diesel Drive

Tier 4 Engine:

Model Komatsu SDA16V160E-3
Type 4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged and aftercooled
Number of cylinders 16
Rated power (SAE 1995/J1349) @ 1800 rpm 1400 kW 1,875 HP
Governor All-speed, electronic

The integrated engine oil and filter system combining the oil stabilising systems, Reserve and Eliminator oil filter extends the oil change interval up to 1.000 hours. The high capacity Mesabi engine radiators are cooled by a hydraulically driven fan for superior cooling efficiency.

The Engine meets EPA T4 final low emissions level by using Selective Catalytic Reduction and High Pressure Common Rail Injection System.

Electrical System Diesel Version

System 24 V
Batteries (series/parallel) 2 x 2 x 12 V
Alternator 260 A
Standard working lights 14 LED lights
Standard service lights throughout the platform incl. emergency egresses and stairways


Track adjustment Automatic hydraulic type
Number of track shoes 49 each side
Number of top rollers 3 each side
Number of bottom rollers 7each side

Travel and Brake System

Travel control 2 foot pedals
Gradeability Up to 50%
Travel speed (maximum) 2.1 km/h 1.3 mph
Service brake Hydraulic brake
Parking brake Wet multiple-disc

Swing System

Hydraulic motors and drives 2
Swing brake, service Hydraulic brake
Swing brake, parking Wet multiple-disc
Swing ring teeth External
Swing speed (maximum) 4.0 rpm

Hydraulic System

The power train consists of one main drive. One gearbox drives four identical pumps which draw hydraulic oil from an unpressurised hydraulic tank. Open circuit hydraulics provide maximum cooling and filtering efficiency.

Rated flow (total output) 4140 ltr/min 1,096 U.S. gpm
Relief valve setting 310 bar 4,495 psi
Swing flow rate 1590 ltr/min 420 U.S. gpm
High pressure in line filters
one per pump located at the valve blocks
200 microns
Full flow return line filters (5 double)
at head of hydraulic tank
10 microns
Case drain return line filters (one double element) 3 microns

The four-circuit system features a load-limiting governor with oil delivery summation to the working circuits and incorporates pressure cut-off control. Hydropilot prioritizes hydraulic flow giving smooth hydraulic response, simple hydraulic system layout, and a reduced number of components. The hydraulic system includes large swing-out vertical airto- oil hydraulic coolers with temperature-regulated hydraulically driven fans.

Automatic Centralized Lubrication

Two hydraulically powered Lincoln single line automatic lubrication systems are provided as standard, complete with time and volume variable controls. The central lube grease system is supplied from a refillable 200 litre (53 gal.) barrel. A second, identical system supplies open gear lubricant to the swing ring teeth through a lube pinion. Replenishment of the containers is through the Wiggins connections on the service arm.

Service Capacities

Hydraulic oil tank 3900 ltr 1,030 U.S. gal
Hydraulic system 5900 ltr 1,559 U.S. gal
Fuel 6910 ltr 1,826 U.S. gal
Engine coolant 475 ltr 125 U.S. gal
Engine oil 290 ltr 77 U.S. gal
Reserve engine oil make up tank 460 ltr 122 U.S. gal
DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) tank 587 ltr 155 U.S. ga

Operator Cab

The large and comfortable cab is mounted on 18 viscous damping pads and sound insulated. The cab has automatic climate control and is pressurized. The operator’s seat is air suspended, electrically heated and has a lap seat belt and offers multiple adjustments. The trainer seat is also equipped with a seat belt. Low-effort joystick controls are electrohydraulic with foot controls for front shovel clam, crawler and swing brake. Full instrumentation, KOMTRAX Plus and an AM/FM radio with MP3 ready CD player with AUX in is fitted. The windshield wash wiper has two speeds and intermittent operation. Amenities include a refrigerator and storage cabinets. Powered and heated mirrors are adjusted from inside the cab. External metal sun blinds on the cab side window and internal roller blinds on all windows are standard. The left hand window is an emergency exit. All windows are tinted parsol green. The front window is a 19mm thick impact resistant window. A walkway is mounted in front of cabin.

Major cab engineering standards are:
• ISO 3449 Falling Objects Protection Structure (FOPS)
• ISO 6396 Noise in operator’s cab is max. 75 dB(A)
• ISO 2631-1 Whole body vibration and shock below 0,5 m/s²
• ISO 5349-1 Hand-lever vibration lower than 2,5 m/s²
• ISO 10263-4 Heating and air conditioning second heater or air conditioner as option


KOMTRAX Plus Monitoring

KOMTRAX Plus is designed for Komatsu mining equipment to provide real time information about the operating status of the machine via a coloured display. The integrated digital storage provides a full event history and trend data, which can be downloaded by laptop. Optionally available are W-LAN or Orbcomm satellite transmission (check for availability in your territory).

Operating Weights Approximate

PC4000 Backhoe:
Operating weight including 9.750 mm 32’0’’ boom, 4.500 mm 14’9’’ stick, 22 m3 (29 yd3) backhoe bucket, operator, lubricant, coolant, 1/3 fuel and standard equipment.

Shoe Width: Operating Weight: Ground Pressure:
1200 mm
404 t
890,700 lb
22,2 N/cm2
32.2 psi
1500 mm
409 t
901,500 lb
17,9 N/cm2
26 psi


PC 4000 Front Shovel:
Operating weight including 7.150 mm 23’6’’ boom, 4.900 mm 16’1’’ stick, 22 m3 (29 yd3) shovel bucket, operator, lubricant, coolant, 1/3 fuel and standard equipment.

Shoe Width: Operating Weight: Ground Pressure:
1200 mm
398 t
877,300 lb
21,8 N/cm2
31.6 psi
1500 mm
403 t
888,100 lb
17,7 N/cm2
25.7 psi



  • 7,15 m 23’6” boom
  • 4,9 m 16’1“ stick
  • Set of cylinders
  • 22 m3 (29 yd3) (SAE 2:1) shovel bucket incl. standard wear package with hammerless GET system



  • 9,75 m 32’0” boom
  • 4,5 m 14’9” stick
  • Set of cylinders
  • 22 m3 (29 yd3) (SAE 1:1) bucket incl. standard wear package with hammerless GET system


  • Heavy-duty shovel type undercarriage
  • Centre carbody
  • 2 heavy box-type track frames
  • 7 bottom rollers and 3 top rollers each side
  • 1200 mm 47” cast steel track shoes
  • Hydraulic track adjustment and parking brake


  • Main frame mounted over an externally toothed swing circle carries the drive module
  • Komatsu SDA16V160E-3 Tier 4 diesel engine
  • Oil and fuel reservoirs
  • Hydraulic components
  • Counterweight


  • 14 LED high performance working lights
  • Service lights throughout the platform incl. emergency egresses


  • Enclosed steel cab mounted on viscous pads
  • FOPS according ISO 3449
  • Air-conditioning unit Sütrak
  • Full suspension operator seat with belt
  • Controls ergonomic
  • KOMTRAX Plus (Monitoring System)
  • Joysticks are electro-hydraulic
  • 1 large parallel windshield wash wiper
  • AM-FM radio with MP3 ready CD player & aux port
  • Internal and external sun blinds
  • All windows tinted parsol green
  • Impact resistant front window (19mm)
  • Walkway in front of cab


  • LINCOLN central lubrication for basic machine and attachment and bucket
  • LINCOLN automatic pinion lubrication system for swing circle teeth
  • WIGGINS service arm carrying fluid receiving connectors for filling of fuel, engine oil and coolant, hydraulic oil, grease, diesel exhaust fluid and the evacuation of coolant, hydraulic and engine oils


  • Acoustic travel alarm
  • Hydraulically actuated ground access staircase
  • 45° primary access and egress stairway
  • 45° access swing stairway (hydraulically operated)
  • 3 emergency egresses
  • - cab and machinery house roof
  • - machinery house escape
  • Electric air horn
  • Engine turbo and exhaust pipe covers
  • Engine oil management package (Reserve & Eliminator systems)
  • Service transfer oil pump
  • Guard rails and steps on boom
  • Tie off points on boom
  • Engine emergency stop at ground level



  • Boom cylinder sliding guard
  • Arm cylinder sliding guard
  • Bucket cylinder sliding guard (BH)


  • 1.500 mm 59” track shoes


  • Electro drive various voltages
  • Cable drum without cable
  • Fire suppression system, Ansul (Agent LVS+Powder), diesel drive


  • Cold weather package down to -40° C (diesel and electro drive)
  • Arctic weather package down to -50° C (diesel and electro drive)
  • Hotstart temperature treatment for ambient temperature down to -50° C (diesel and electro drive), external power source not included


  • Biodegradable hydraulic oil


  • Camera system acc. ISO5006
  • ProVision ready
  • Additional LED working lights
  • Rotaflare warning lights
  • Additional cab A/C
  • Additional independent cab heater
  • Special painting