• 18,739 - 19,224 lbs Operating Weight
  • 68 @ 1850 rpm Horsepower
  • 0.12 - 0.26 yd³ Bucket Capacity

PC88MR-11 Small Hydraulic Excavator

Designed to excel in underground utility and general construction in urban environments, this new Komatsu short tail swing excavator is at home in confined spaces. Extremely transportable, it delivers high attachment flow with in-cab programmable flow rates for a wide range of attachments.


Compact design with swing boom

For working in tight areas, a compact short tail swing offers maneuverability in more confined areas than a conventional excavator, such as next to structures or in a single lane of traffic. Swing boom design allows digging parallel to buildings or barriers.

Fast cycles and custom modes

Faster boom up/swing speed, combined with responsive quick arm speed, makes excavating and leveling work easier and more efficient over previous models. Six working modes let you tailor the machine to the tasks required, whether it be for performance or fuel savings.

Versatility and efficiency come standard

Standard high flow auxiliary hydraulics with proportional joysticks allows you incredible job versatility while providing precise attachment control. Standard grading blade with new moldboard profile improves backfilling and light grading efficiency over previous models.

Maximum operator comfort

Operators work comfortably in a quiet, climate-controlled cab featuring air suspension seat, Bluetooth radio, and high-resolution monitor with rearview camera. LED lights provide excellent vision at night. Sliding cab door makes entry and exit easier in confined spaces.

Fuel efficient, low-cost power

The new high-efficiency power package and viscous fan clutch work together to lower overall fuel consumption up to 13%*. A smart, simplified catalytic system removes soot without a diesel particulate filter, meaning lower cost of ownership and less maintenance.

* over previous model

Quick and easy maintenance

Periodic maintenance is more accessible and efficient with large service access doors and grouped service points with ground-level access.



Komatsu SAA3D95E-1*
Water-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection
Aspiration   Turbocharged, aftercooled, cooled EGR
Number of Cylinders   3
95 mm
115 mm
Piston displacement 2.45 L
149.5 in3
Horsepower @ 1900 rpm:

    SAE J1995 / Gross 50.7 kW 68.0 HP
    ISO 9249 / SAE J1349 / Net 50.6 kW 67.9 HP
    Rated rpm   1850
Fan drive method for radiator cooling
  Mechanical with viscous fan clutch
Governor   All-speed control, electronic

*EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified


HydrauMind (Hydraulic Mechanical Intelligence New Design) system, closed-center system with load-sensing valves and pressure-compensated valves

Number of selectable working modes
Main pumps:

    Pumps for   Boom, arm, bucket, swing, and travel circuits
Variable displacement, axial piston
    Maximum flow 160 ltr/min
42.2 gal/min
    Pumps for   Blade
    Type   Fixed displacement gear
    Maximum flow 63 L/min 17.0 gal/min
Hydraulic motors:

2 x piston motor with parking brake
1 x axial piston motor with swing holding brake
Relief valve setting:    
    Implement circuits 26.5 MPa 270 kgf/cm2
3,844 psi
    Travel circuits
26.5 MPa 270 kgf/cm2
3,844 psi
    Swing circuit
21.1 MPa 215 kgf/cm2
3,060 psi
    Pilot circuit 3.2 MPa 33 kgf/cm2
464 psi
    Blade circuit (Raise) 12.7 MPa 130 kgf/cm2 1,842 psi
    Blade circuit (Lower) 21.1 MPa 215 kgf/cm2 3,060 psi
Hydraulic cylinders (Number of cylinders): bore x stroke x rod bore x stroke x rod
    Boom (2) 115 mm x 988 mm x 65 mm 4.53" x 38.9" x 2.56"
    Arm (1) 100 mm x 861 mm x 60 mm 3.9" x 33.9" x 2.36"
    Bucket (1) 90 mm x 710 mm x 55 mm 3.54" x 27.95" x 2.17"
    Swing (1) 120 mm x 638 mm x 60 mm 4.72" x 25.12" x 2.36"
    Blade (1) 130 mm x 200 mm x 65 mm 5.12" x 7.87" x 2.56"
Auxiliary hydraulics:    
138 ltr/min
36.5 gal/min
    Relief 26.51 MPa
3,830 psi
    One-way 80 ltr/min
21.1 gal/min
    Relief in breaker mode 17.17 MPa
2,490 psi

Drives and Brakes

Steering control       Two levers with pedals
Drive method   Hydrostatic
Maximum drawbar pull 68.1 kN 6820 kgf
15,309 lbf
Maximum travel speed:    
    High 5 km/h
3.1 mph
    Low 2.7 km/h
1.9 mph
Service brake   Hydraulic lock
Parking brake    Mechanical discs 

Swing System

Driven by  Hydraulic motor 
Swing reduction
Planetary gear
Swing circle lubrication  Grease-bathed 
Swing lock  Mechanical disc brake
Swing speed 10 rpm


Center frame  X-frame leg
Track frame  Box-section 
Track type Sealed
Track adjuster  Hydraulic 
Number of shoes
39 each side
Number of carrier rollers       1 each side 
Number of track rollers
5 each side 

Coolant & Lubricant Capacity (Refilling)

Fuel tank 125 ltr 33.0 U.S. gal
Radiator  18 ltr  4.8 U.S. gal
Engine 10.5 ltr 2.7 U.S. gal
Final drive, each side     1.1 ltr 0.29 U.S. gal
Swing drive 2.8 ltr 0.74 U.S. gal
Hydraulic tank  56 ltr 14.8 U.S. gal

Operating Weight (approximate)

Operating weight includes 3405 mm 11'2" one-piece boom, 2100 mm 6'11" arm, ISO 7451 heaped 0.20 m3 0.26 yd3 bucket, blade, rated capacity of lubricants, coolant, full fuel tank, operator, and standard equipment.

Track Shoes Operating Weight Ground Pressure
Road liner
450 mm 18"
8720 kg
19,224 lb
38.2 kPa / 0.39 kg/cm2
5.54 psi
Triple grouser
450 mm 18"
8580 kg
18,916 lb
38.2 kPa / 0.39 kg/cm2
5.54 psi
Triple grouser
600 mm 24"
8750 kg
19,290 lb
29.4 kPa / 0.30 kg/cm2
4.26 psi
Rubber shoe
450 mm 18"
8500 kg
18,739 lb
37.3 kPa / 0.38 kg/cm2
5.41 psi



  • Komatsu SAA3D95E-1
  • Auto deceleration
  • Air cleaner, double element with auto dust evacuator
  • B20 Biodiesel compatible*
  • Cooling system viscous fan clutch, suction type
  • Cooling system with expansion tank
  • Engine oil-pan drain cock
  • Variable flow turbocharger
  • Komatsu Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (KDOC)


  • Alternator, 24 V/60 A
  • Batteries, 2 x 12 V/55 Ah
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Lock out/tag out provisioned
  • Starting motor 24 V/4.5 kW


  • Fan guard
  • Pump/engine partition cover
  • Diesel ground level fuel fill and hydraulic tank fill cap are under lockable side covers
  • Car body bottom guards


  • 12 V x 2 power supply
  • Attachment flow switching through monitor
  • Auto climate control
  • Auto idle shutdown
  • Cab includes: antenna, multifunction audio with USB and Bluetooth wireless technology, floormat,intermittent front windshield wiper and washer, large ceiling hatch, pull-up front window, removable lower windshield
  • Handrails
  • Komtrax 5.0 (cellular 4G system)
  • LED working light on boom
  • LED working light on cab
  • Lock lever auto lock function
  • Monitor panel
  • Operator identification function
  • Rearview mirrors (LH, rear)
  • Rearview monitoring system
  • ROPS cab (ISO 12117-2)
  • Seat belt, 78 mm 3.1"
  • Suspension seat
  • Swing holding brake
  • Travel alarm
  • Travel Hi/Lo switch on blade control lever


  • Dual stage relief valve
  • Proportional Pilot Joystick Control
  • Hydraulic control unit-1 additional actuator
  • One-way/two-way auxiliary hydraulic flow
  • Operation pattern change-over valve (two-way, ISO/BH)
  • One-variable piston pump and one gear pump
  • Auxiliary circuit return filter and accumulator
  • Automatic swing brake
  • Automatic load sensing two speed travel


  • Blade 2330 mm 7'7" (welded cutting edge type)
  • Counterweight, 805 kg 1,775 lbs.


  • Triple grouser shoe, 450 mm 18"

*Up to 20% blended biodiesel fuel and paraffine fuel can be used. Please consult your Komatsu distributor for detail.



  • Bolt-on top guard (operator protective guards level 2)
  • Cab front guard
    — Full height front window mesh guard (Level 1)


  • Boom,
    — 3405 mm 11'2" swing type
  • Arm,
    — 2100 mm 6'11" arm assembly with provision for hydraulic thumb
  • Blade,
    — 2470 mm 8' 1" wide blade (requires 600 mm 24" shoes)


  • Shoes:
    — 450 mm 18" Road Liner shoes
    — 600 mm 24" Triple grouser shoes
  • Rubber belt track:
    —450 mm 18"