• 850,650 lbs Max Gross Vehicle Weight
  • 2,500 @ 1900 rpm Gross HP
  • 244 U.S. tons Capacity

830E-1AC Electric Drive Mining Truck

A leader in the 240 ton class mining truck, the 830E-1AC is built on a tradition of excellence dating back to it's introduction as a DC drive truck in 1989. Customers experience the lowest cost per ton operations in the industry while utilizing the 830E-1AC as their prime material hauler. Powered by a Komatsu SDA16V160 engine, the General Electric drive system provides efficient transfer of the power to the ground while demonstrating low fuel consumption and excellent reliability. The dynamic retarding provides the greatest braking efficiency in the industry, utilizing advanced logic including retard speed control. The modern operators cab is fully ROPS/FOPS certified and designed for maximum operator comfort. With a host of options designed for mine specific needs, the 830E-1AC is the only 240 ton class truck you will ever need.


10-10-20 Load Policy Criteria

Recognizing that variation occurs naturally in material density, fill factors, and loading equipment, Komatsu America Corp. deems it necessary to establish a consistent payload policy. This payload policy is intended to identify the guidelines and limitations for the loading of Komatsu mining trucks, and is valid for approved applications and haul profiles only.

  1. The average monthly payload must not exceed the rated payload of the truck
  2. 90% of all loads must be below 110% of the rated payload of the truck
  3. 10% of all loads may be between 110% and 120% of the rated payload of the truck
  4. No single payload may exceed 120% of the rated payload of the truck

Electric Drive

Invertex II® AC control system offers independent control of the rear wheel motors, which in turn provides outstanding traction-ability during wet and slippery conditions, thus improving tire wear and operator confidence. The Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) inverter system technology provides the highest available reliability. The IGBT inverter is more compact and much simpler than the design of its predecessor, the Gate Turn Off (GTO) inverter, which improves serviceability and routine maintenance.

Automatic Lubrication System

The automatic lubrication system is designed to reduce downtime for lubrication by having a centralized location that automatically distributes grease to all lubrication points.

Automatic Speed Control

While in retard or propel, the operator has the ability to select a comfortable travel speed. Automatic Speed Control simultaneously manages the speed of each wheel independently to allow for any immediate adjustments needed during slippery underfoot conditions.

Automotive Style Instrument Panel

The 830E-AC comes with a new operator friendly dash configuration which includes lighted gauges, switches, and information panel. This allows the operator to see  the status of the machine during operation and informs them of any faults. An instructive message will appear after any fault is detected on the machine.

Electric Dynamic Retarder

The 2983 kW 4,000 HP retarding system provides state of the art braking capacity for navigating today’s mining applications which contain steep continuous descents and sharp switchbacks. The continuous retarding capacity enhances the productivity of the vehicle operator, while eliminating the need for excessive mechanical braking effort.


The Komatsu SDA16V160 engine is an electronically controlled, modular common rail system providing 2500 gross horse power via a flex plate to the main drive alternator  Single stage turbocharging provides a smooth power curve with exceptional fuel economy and ease of maintenance. Cense™ engine monitoring provides full diagnostic capabilities while the Eliminator™ oil filter system saves both time and money by eliminating spin on paper filters. The modular assembly for radiator, engine and alternator facilitates simple removal and replacement of the power module.

Fully Hydraulic Dry Disc Brakes

The 830E-AC comes standard with four-wheel hydraulically actuated dry disc service brakes. By using a fully hydraulic braking system, the formation of water and sediments - typical in air actuated braking systems - is no longer present. This prevents contamination, freezing and corrosion from affecting service brake component life. Although the dynamic retarding system is the primary braking force, the 830E-AC comes standard with four-wheel, hydraulically actuated, oil cooled service brakes in the event that the truck’s hydraulic system pressure drops below an acceptable level, accumulator tanks will automatically apply all wheel brakes to bring the truck to a complete stop.

GEB25 with Combo Brake

The GEB25 is a proven wheelmotor design and has a standard gear ratio of 31.875:1. The wheel motor has a redundant brake and transmission fluid sealing arrangement for better reliability and an improved oil drain system for easier maintenance.

Hydropneumatic Suspension

Hydrair II® is a suspension system that utilizes four nitrogen-over-oil cylinders. This suspension system is designed to maximize machine productivity by providing the operator with a smooth and comfortable ride. By absorbing shocks to the chassis during operation, Hydrair II® contributes to the durability of the machine’s frame and components.

Operators Cab

Advanced Operator Environment with integral ROPS/FOPS Level 2 cab.

Tight Turning Radius

By using double acting hydraulic steering cylinders with a six point articulation linkage,the power steering system provides steering control with minimal operator effort. The turning radius is 14.2 m 46' 6" , which provides excellent maneuverability for tight loading and dumping conditions.

Traction Spin-Slide Control

During slippery events caused by inclement weather conditions and/or application severity, the wheel Spin-Slide technology will detect and correct any wheel spin control events. Spin-Slide Control operates automatically and independently of the service brakes. During propulsion,"wheel slip control” reduces non-productive wheel spin in low traction conditions. During retarding, "wheel slide control” prevents wheel lockup and subsequent sliding.



All-welded steel flat floor body with horizontal bolsters and full canopy. Rear wheel rock ejectors, body up sling and rubber mounts on frame are standard. Pivot exhaust heating optional. 

Floor sheet - tensile strength steel (two-piece) 19 mm / 1379 mPa 0.75'' / 200,000 psi
Front sheet - tensile strength steel 12 mm / 1379 mPa 0.47'' / 200,000 psi
Side sheet - tensile strength steel 8 mm / 1379 mPa 0.31'' / 200,000 psi
Canopy sheet 5 mm / 690 mPa 0.19'' / 100,000 psi
Struck 153 yd³ 117 m³
Standard SAE heaped 2:1 193 yd³ 147 m³
Standard Komatsu body weight 61,000 lbs 27669 kg

Braking System

System meets ISO 3450/1996
Service brakes: all-hydraulic actuated
Front Wheel speed disc.
Three calipers on a 47.75" / 1213 mm O.D. disc.
Rear Dual disc armature speed. Two 25" / 635 mm O.D. discs per side.
One caliper per disc.
Emergency brakes Automatically applied prior to hydraulic system pressure dropping below level required to meet secondary stopping requirements.
Wheel brake locks Switch-activated
Parking brakes Spring-applied, hydraulically released, with speed application protection.
Electric dynamic retarder (max.) 4000 hp 2983 kW
Continuously rated high-density blown grids w/retard at engine idle and retard in reverse propulsion.


Advanced Operator Environment with integral 4-post ROPS/FOPS Level 2, (SAE J1040/ISO 3449) adjustable air suspension seat w/lumbar support and arm rests, passenger seat, maximum R-value insulation, tilt and telescoping steering wheel, electric windshield wipers w/washer, tinted glass, power windows, Komatsu Payload Weighing System, 55,000 Btu/hr heater and defroster, 21,600 Btu/hr air conditioning (HFC - 134A refrigerant).

Cooling System

L&M radiator assembly with sight gauge. Deaeration-type top tank. Dual pass cooling.
Radiator frontal area. 67.2 ft² 6.24 m²

Electrical System

4 x 8D 1450 CCA, 12 volt batteries, in series/parallel,deck-mounted with disconnect switch

Alternator 24 volt 140 amp
Lighting 24 volt
Cranking motors two/24 volt

Electric Drive

Alternator G.E. GTA-41
Dual impeller in-line blower 9,000 cfm 255 m³/min
Control AC torque control system
*Motorized wheels GEB25
*Ratio 31.875:1
Speed (maximum) 40 mph 64 kph
* Wheel motor application Depends upon gross vehicle weight, haul road grade, haul road length, rolling resistance and other parameters. Komatsu and G.E. must analyze each job condition to assure proper application.


*Make and model Komatsu SDA16V160
Fuel Diesel
Number of cylinders 16
Operating cycle 4 cycle
*Rated brake power@ 1900 rpm 2,500 HP 1865 kW
**Flywheel power@ 1900 rpm 2,360 HP 1761 kW
Weight (wet) 21,182 lb 9608 kg
* Tier 2 emissions certified. Tier 1 emissions engine is optional outside of North America.
** Rated brake power is the output of the engine as installed in this machine, at governed rpm and with engine manufacturer’s approved fuel setting. Accessory losses included are water pump, fuel pump and oil pump
***Flywheel power is the rated power at the engine flywheel minus the average accessory losses. Accessories include fan and charging alternator. Rating(s) represent gross engine performance in accordance with SAE J1349 conditions.


Advanced technology, full butt-welded box-sectional ladder-type frame with integral ROPS supports, integral front bumper, rear tubular cross members, steel castings at all critical stress transition zones, rugged continuous horsecollar. 

Plate material - tensile strength steel 70,000 psi 482.6 mPa
Casting material - tensile strength steel 90,000 psi 620.5 mPa
Rail width 12'' 305 mm
Rail depth (minimum) 34'' 864 mm
Top and bottom plate thickness 1.25'' 32 mm
Side plate thickness 0.62'' 16 mm
Drive axle mounting Pin and spherical bushing
Drive axle alignment Swing link between frame and axle

Hydraulic System

Cooling system 150 U.S. gal 568 L
*Crankcase 74 U.S. gal 280 L
Hydraulic system 250 U.S. gal 946 L
Motor gear box 10 U.S. gal 38 L
Fuel 1200 U.S. gal 4542 L
* Includes lube oil filters

Service Capacities

Cooling system 150 U.S. gal 568 L
*Crankcase 74 U.S. gal 280 L
Hydraulic system 250 U.S. gal 946 L
Motor gear box 10 U.S. gal 38 L
Fuel 1200 U.S. gal 4542 L
* Includes lube oil filters


Variable rate hydro-pneumatic with integral rebound control.
Max. front stroke 13.2'' 335 mm
Max. rear stroke 11.0'' 279 mm
Max. rear axle oscillation ±10.3°

Tires and Rims

Rock service, tubeless, tires (bias ply or radial)
Standard tire 40.00R57
*Optional tire 46/90R57
Standard five (5) piece rim 737 mm x 1488 mm x 152 mm rims 29'' x 57'' x 6'' rims
Typical tire weight 46,476 lbs 21081 kg
* Fitment of optional 46/90R57 tire shall increase nominal GVW rating to 392357 kg / 865,000 lbs
Tires should meet application requirements for tkph/tmph, tread, compound, inflation pressure, ply rating or equivalent, etc.

Weight Distribution

Empty Vehicle Weight:
 (Wet, 100% fuel, no options, standard Komatsu body, standard tires)
Front axle 179,190 lb 81279 kg
50 %
Rear axle 182,810 lb 82921 kg
50 %
Total EVW 362,000 lb 164200 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight (Nominal):
Front axle 280,715 lb 127330 kg
33 %
Rear axle 569,936 lb 258519 kg
67 %
Total 850,650 lb 385848 kg
Nominal Payload* 488,650 lb 221648 kg
244 U.S. ton
*Nominal payload is as defined within Komatsu America Corporation’s payload policy documentation. In general, the nominal payload must be adjusted for the specific vehicle configuration and site application.
The figures above are provided for basic product description purposes. Please contact your Komatsu distributor for specific application requirements.


Standard General:

  • Air cleaners, Donaldson SSG with auto evacuators
  • Auto lubrication system, w/ ground level fill, level indicator & dynamic timing
  • Body impact plate
  • Body over-center device
  • Brakes: Front: Wheel speed disc; Rear: Armature speed, dual disc; Parking: Dual caliper
  • Brake system, two pedal (Independent brake/retard pedals)
  • Cummins CENSE monitoring system
  • Electric start
  • Engine Pre-lube system
  • Fast fill fuel system RH (in tank)
  • Filters, high pressure hydraulic
  • Gate valves on hydraulic tank
  • Komatsu IGBT control cabinet
  • Komatsu Payload Weighing System-PLM III
  • Mirrors: heated, multi-cambered, convex , LH & RH
  • Mud flaps
  • Muffled exhaust, deck-mounted
  • On-board load box
  • Quick disconnects (steering, hoist)
  • Radiator sight gauge
  • Removable power module unit (radiator, engine, alternator & blower)
  • Retard grids, continuous rated 14-element, blown
  • Retard speed control w/ set indicator
  • Reverse retarding
  • Rock ejectors
  • Thermostatic Fan Clutch
  • Tow bumber accommodation (Front)
  • Two-sped overspeed retarding
  • Wiggins Service Center LH (rad, eng hyd)

Standard Cab Features:

  • AC Drive Interface Display (DID Panel)
  • Air cleaner vacuum gauges
  • Air conditioner HFC-134A
  • AM/FM radio with CD & weather band, W/ IPOD USB & aux input jacks
  • Body up
  • Coolant temperature
  • Digital display (speed, payload, warning messages and fault codes)
  • Dome Light
  • Drive system temperature
  • Drive system warm-up
  • Dual Retarding/Brake Pedal
  • Dynamic retarding
  • Engine service
  • Engine shut down timer
  • Engine shutdown w/ “Smart Timer” delay
  • Engine warming up
  • Floor mat (double barrier)
  • Fuel gauge in cab and on tank
  • Fuel level
  • Fuel low level light and buzzer
  • Gauges (w/backlight)
  • Grid drier
  • Headlight switch
  • Heater and defroster (heavy-duty)
  • Heater switch
  • High beam selector and indicator
  • Horn (Center of steering wheel)
  • Hydraulic oil temperature
  • Immediate action warning light
  • Indicator lights (Blue)
  • Insulation (Max R-Value)
  • KOMTRAX Plus snapshot (IM)
  • Modular Mining port
  • No DC link voltage
  • No propel
  • Operator seat, (adjustable w/ air suspension, lumbar support & arm rest)
  • Panel lighting (adjustable)
  • Parking brake applied
  • Passenger seat, full size
  • Power supply dedicated for:fire suppression, two-way radio, power windows
  • Pressurized cab air system with fan on
  • Propulsion system not ready
  • Repair monitor
  • Service brake applied
  • Snapshot in-process
  • Starter key switch
  • Sunvisor (adjustable)
  • Three point seat belts (operator and passenger) with belt minder for operators seat
  • Tilt & telescoping steering wheel
  • Traction control
  • Voltmeter (battery output)
  • Wheel brake lock applied
  • Windshield (tinted safety plate)


  • All-hydraulic service brakes with emergency auto apply
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Body up sling (with KAC supplied bodies)
  • Brake lock and drive system interlock
  • Circuit breakers, 24 volt
  • Diagonal staircase across grill, L to R
  • Dynamic retarding with continuous rated element grids
  • Engine shutdown at ground level
  • Hoist propulsion interlock
  • Horns (electric, center of steering wheel)
  • Integral roll-over protection ROPS/FOPS Cab Level 2
  • KOMTRAX Plus, Vehicle Health Management System
  • Maintenance & power lock-out
  • Parking brakes with warning light & speed application protection
  • Power steering with auto secondary steering
  • Protective deck handrails
  • Pump driveline protector
  • Radiator fan guard
  • Skid-resistant walkways


  • Alternator (24V 250AMP)
  • Back-up lights R & L deck mount (2), halogen
  • Batteries (4X8D,12 volt/1450 CCA's)
  • Berm Light - mounted on handrail, halogen
  • Battery charging/jump start connector
  • Brake and retard light - top of cab, LED
  • Control cabinet service light, halogen & LED
  • Dynamic retarding, rear (2), LED
  • Foglights (2), halogen
  • Headlights, top/midpoint on grill (8), halogen (Hi & Low beam)
  • Ground level isolation station with visual functionality LED indicator
  • Ladder lights, halogen
  • Manual back-up light switch
  • Palletized battery box with hinged lid
  • Platform lights - left, right & center, halogen
  • Power supply 24V to 12 VDC
  • Reverse lights-rear mount (2), halogen
  • RH/LH Payload meter Status Lights , LED
  • Service light in rear axle, halogen
  • Stop & tail lights (4), LED
  • Turn Signal an clearance lights (amber front, red rear), LED
  • Under-hood service lights, halogen



  • Engine - non-certified, single stage with eliminator
  • Engine - non-certified, 2B with eliminator
  • Engine - T4 TPEM - single stage w/o eliminator
  • Engine reserve system


  • Exhaust for heated body (ILOS)
  • Exhaust for "mufflers between the rails" (ILOS)


  • Dump body, std design - includes impact plate
  • Body group, OEM ship loose
  • Mandatory for Komatsu supplied body
  • Recommended for Komatsu designed, locally manufactured body
  • Not Applicable to third-party body


  • Fire extinguisher
  • Isringhausen operator & pass. Seats
  • Spanish markings
  • Chinese markings
  • Bumper access hydraulic retractable stairs
  • Engine access - LH platform only
  • Engine access platforms - both sides
  • Pump access ladder
  • Rear axle service center
  • Integrated camera system
  • Hub-odometer mile/HR
  • Hub-odometer KM/HR


  • Wiggins service center LH with reserve
  • Wiggins service center RH w/o reserve
  • Wiggins service center RH with reserve
  • Wiggins FLOC system
  • Wiggins quick fuel LH
  • PLM 3 scoreboard displays- RH and LH
  • Hydraulic tank mudflap only
  • Hydraulic tank ladder with mudflap
  • KOMATSU wireless bridge (Deletes ORMCOMM, Adds KWB)


  • Australian certified accumulators - brake


  • Tool group
  • Suspension charging kit


  • L & M radiator shutters
  • Cold weather suspension
  • KIM hot start coolant
  • KIM hot start engine oil
  • KIM hot start hydraulics
  • Below -40 prep group (note-antifreeze only)


  • LED headlights (Includes LED fog lights)
  • Bumper mntd headlights


  • Spare rim 40.00x57
  • Komatsu smart rims (ILOS)
  • Spare smart rim
  • Omit new gen rims
  • 46/90R57 Tires - low profile set-up (ILOS)


  • Export shipment - container