• 1,384,500 lbs Max Gross Vehicle Weight
  • 3,500 @1800 rpm Gross HP
  • 400 U.S. tons Capacity

980E-5 Electric Drive Mining Truck

Komatsu’s 980E-5 mining truck offers a 400 short ton payload with the durability and reliability found in all of our electric drive trucks.

The 980E-5 offers the power of the SSDA18V170 engine with U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final Certification and 3500 GHP. With available features like Komatsu Smart Rims, KomVision all-around monitoring system and our new and improved automotive styled Operators Cab, the 980E-5 sets the standard for quality in its class.


Tier 4

Evolutionary, not Revolutionary Design
Komatsu’s Tier 4 solution begins with a base engine which is similar to previous MCRS engine platforms. In keeping the basic operation of the engine the same, durability is assured. Utilizing High Pressure Common Rail fuel delivery ensures atomization of the fuel/air mixture to a level which reduces particulate matter, meeting U.S. EPA Tier 4 standards.

Komatsu After-treatment
Removal of NOx is accomplished by treating the exhaust through Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). The introduction of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) into the SCR canister generates a chemical reaction which breaks down the oxides of nitrogen into oxygen and nitrogen, both non-pollutants. Internal cleaning of the SCR is performed through an automatic process.

Drive System

Drive System (Invertex II)

  • True Quad Chopper Eliminates RP Contactors
  • Double Stack IGBT's
  • Increased Cabinet Rigidity
  • Front Placement of Indicator & Interface Panels
  • Front Access for Maintenance
  • All LED Lighting

Improved Truck Performance

  • Retains Wheel Slip/Slide control in all Modes of Operation
  • Cruise Control (Both Motoring & Retarding)
  • Fuel Saver 2 Built-in

Technology Advancements

  • Supports Data Collection & Transmission for Remote Monitoring
  • New Generation Technology for Faster Processing with Higher Capacity (90% Faster Data Transfer)
  • Common CAN Network Consists of Engine, Truck & Drive System
  • Supports CAN, Ethernet & USB

Payload Meter IV

PLM IV® is an electronic system that monitors and records payload information for Komatsu’s off-highway mining trucks. The accurate and reliable payload measurement system is designed to help optimize payload, maximize productivity and reduce the life cycle cost of the machine. PLM IV® tracks and records the following key production parameters:

  • Payload
  • Empty Carry-Back
  • Operator Identification
  • Haul Cycle, Loading, Dumping Time and Date
  • Distance Traveled (Loaded and Empty)
  • Cycle Time Information
  • Maximum Speeds (Loaded and Empty)
  • TMPH Estimate for Front and Rear Tires
  • Average Speed (Loaded and Empty)

Komtrax Plus 2

As part of a complete service and support program, Komatsu equips every mining and quarry sized machine with Komtrax Plus 2®. By using a satellite-based communication system, Komtrax Plus 2® offers a new vision of monitoring your valuable assets. By providing insight to critical operating metrics the user can manage increased availability, lower owning and operating costs and maximize fuel efficiency.

The information available through Komtrax Plus 2® allows service personnel to review faults and trends, improve the quality of the troubleshooting process and reduce unscheduled machine downtime.


Structurally Enhanced Frame Design
By using advanced computer-aided design, finite element analysis, and full-scale dynamic testing, the frame has been designed to carry 363 metric tons 400 short tons and provides the high structural reliability Komatsu is known for.

Castings Used in High Stress Areas
To increase frame reliability, steel castings have been incorporated at key frame pivot points and critical load bearing portions of the structure. This includes the rear body pivot and horsecollar sections.

Simple and Reliable Hydraulic System
The hydraulic system is a proven and reliable design with fewer parts than other OEMs. The system utilizes a single tank, providing one common source of fluid for steering, braking, and hoisting. In-line, replaceable filtration elements provide protection from hydraulic system contamination, making the system easier to service.

To keep downtime to a minimum, Komatsu developed a sub-frame pump module that can be removed and replaced as a single unit. This reduces change-out time and allows easy access to the hydraulic pump module.

Komatsu Designed Application Specific Body

Utilizing the required Body Worksheet (BW) process, Komatsu ensures that each body is designed to meet the requirements for each specific application while carrying its rated payload. Komatsu works with each customer to understand all of the material properties at a mine site and to identify the appropriate liner package.

Komatsu offers a standard all-welded steel, flat floor body with a full canopy and horizontal bolsters. This body includes a driver side eyebrow, body up sling, and rubber mounts on the frame.

  • Standard Body SAE Heaped 2:1: 250 m3 327 yd3
  • Standard Komatsu Body Weight: 42638 kg 94,000 lbs



Make and model
Komatsu SSDA18V170
Number of cylinders
Operating cycle
4 cycle
Gross Horsepower* @ 1800 rpm
2610 kW 3,500 HP
Net flywheel power** @ 1800 rpm
2495 kW 3,346 HP
Weight (wet) 11750 kg 25,897 lbs
Weight (dry)
11250 kg
24,795 lbs

Optional: Tier 4 emissions compliant engine for North American market. Non-emissionized engine for markets outside of North America.

* Gross horsepower is the output of the engine as installed in this machine, at governed rpm and with engine manufacturer’s approved fuel setting. Accessory losses included are water pump, fuel pump and oil pump.

** Net flywheel power is the rated power at the engine flywheel minus the average accessory losses. Accessories include fan and charging alternator. Rating(s) represent net engine performance in accordance with SAE J1349 conditions.

Electric Drive

Dual Fan Main Blower
340 m³/min 12,000 cfm
AC Torque Control System
Motorized wheels*
GDY108-C Induction Traction Motors
Speed (maximum) 64 km/h 40 mph

* Drive system performance depends upon gross vehicle weight, haul road grade, haul road length, rolling resistance and other parameters. Komatsu must analyze each job condition to assure proper application.

Tires and Rims

Rock service, tubeless, radial tires
Standard tire*
59/80 R63
Flange mount, five piece rim (rim assembly)
1118 mm x 1600 mm x 140 mm
44'' x 63'' x 5.5''
Rims rated at 758 kPa 110 psi cold inflation pressure.

Typical total tire weight 32585 kg 71,838 lbs

* Tires should meet application requirements for tkph/tmph, tread, compound, inflation pressure, ply rating or equivalent, etc.


Advanced Operator Environment with integral 4-post ROPS/ FOPS Level 2 structure (ISO 3449), adjustable air suspension seat w/lumbar support and arm rests, full-size passenger seat, maximum R-value insulation, tilt and telescoping steering column, electric windshield wipers w/washer, tinted safety glass, power windows, Payload Meter IV, 55,000 Btu/hr heater and defroster, 21,600 Btu/hr air conditioning (HFC - 134A refrigerant)


Variable rate hydro-pneumatic with integral rebound control

Max. front stroke 303 mm 11.92''
Max. rear stroke 239 mm 9.40''
Max. rear axle oscillation


Advanced technology, full butt-welded box sectional laddertype frame with integral ROPS supports, integral front bumper, rear tubular cross members, steel castings at all critical stress transition zones, rugged continuous horsecollar.

Plate material
tensile strength steel
482.6 mPa 70,000 psi
Casting material
tensile strength steel
620.5 mPa 90,000 psi
Rail width 305 mm 12''
Rail depth (minimum) 864 mm 34''
Top and bottom plate thickness 45 mm 1.77''
Side plate thickness
    Rear 25 mm 0.98''
    Front 32 mm 1.26''
Drive axle mounting
Pin and spherical bushing
Drive axle alignment
Swing link between frame and axle


All-welded steel flat floor body with horizontal bolsters and full canopy. Rubber mounts on frame, eyebrow and body up sling are standard. Extended canopy and pivot exhaust heating are optional.

Floor sheet
1379 MPa 200,000 psi tensile strength steel

16 mm 0.63''
19 mm
Front sheet
1379 MPa 200,000 psi tensile strength steel

10 mm
12 mm
Side sheet
1379 MPa 200,000 psi tensile strength steel
10 mm
Canopy sheet
690 MPa 100,000 psi tensile strength steel
6 mm
SAE heaped 2:1 250 m3
 327 yd3
Standard Komatsu body weight
41731 kg
92,000 lb

Braking System

Service brakes: Oil-cooled, hydraulic actuated, multiple disc brakes at each wheel.

Traction system
  Wheel spin-slide control
Max. service apply pressure 18960 kPa 2,750 psi
Total friction area per brake 103729 cm²
16,078 in²
Auto apply system
Automatically applied prior to hydraulic system pressure dropping below level required secondary stopping requirements.
Secondary brake system   Complies with ISO-3450 Standards
Wheel brake lock
Switch activated
Parking brakes
Multiple disc, spring-applied, hydraulicallyreleased, dry brakes on inboard end of each wheel motor rotor shaft. Rated to hold on ±15% grade at maximum gross vehicle weight.
Electric dynamic retarder (max) - Continuous
4476 kW
6,000 hp

Cooling System

Replaceable core radiator assembly, split-flow, with deaeratortype top tank.

Radiator frontal area 7.02 m² 75.5 ft²

Hydraulic System

Steering: Accumulator assisted with twin double acting cylinders provide constant rate steering. Secondary steering automatically supplied by accumulator.

Turning circle diameter (SAE) 32 m
Reservoir 947 L 250 U.S. gal
In-line replaceable elements
Single, full flow, 100 mesh
Hoist and steering
Dual, in-line, high pressure
Brake component cabinet
Above deck, easily accessible with diagnostic test connections
Two 3-stage dual-acting outboard cylinders, internal cushion valve, over-center dampening
Hoist times:
    Power-up loaded
21 sec
    Power-down (high idle)

16 sec
    Float-down empty (low idle)

Two pumps, single package, in-line
Hoist and brake cooling
Tandem gear pump with output of 931 lpm 246 gpm at 1900 rpm and 18960 kPa 2,750 psi
Steering and brake
Pressure-compensating piston pump with output of 246 lpm 65 gpm at 1900 rpm and 20685 kPa 3,000 psi
System relief pressures:
    Hoist and brake cooling 17237 kPa 2,500 psi
    Steering and brake 20685 kPa 3,000 psi

Ports available for powering disabled truck and for system diagnostics.

Electrical System

4 x 8D 1400 CCA, 12 volt, in series/parallel, 220 ampere-hour, bumper-mounted with disconnect switch & lock-out.

24 volt, 250 amp
24 volt
Cranking motors
Two/24 volt

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System 719 L 190 U.S. gal
Crankcase 341 L 90 U.S. gal
Hydraulic system 1325 L 350 U.S. gal
Motor gear box (each) 95 L 25 U.S. gal
Fuel tank (Non-emissionized)
5300 L 1,400 U.S. gal
Fuel tank (Tier IV)
4543 L
1,200 U.S. gal
DEF tank
318 L
84 U.S. gal


  • Air cleaners w/ auto evacuators
  • Alternator (24 volt/2 x 275A)
  • Automatic lubrication system w/ground level fill, level indicator & dynamic timing
  • Back-up alarm
  • Batteries–4 x 8D (1400 CCA’s)
  • Battery charging/jump start connector
  • Body over-center device
  • Body-up sling (w/KAC supplied body)
  • Brakes: oil-cooled, multiple disc front & rear
  • Control cabinet
  • Cruise control
  • Electric start
  • Eliminator®, Cense®
  • Fast-fill fuel system (in tank)
  • Filters, high pressure hydraulic
  • Ground level radiator fill
  • Mirrors, heated, multi-cambered convex LH & RH
  • Mud flaps
  • Muffled exhaust–deck-mounted
  • Power supply, 24 volt and 12 volt DC
  • Quick disconnects (steering, hoist and diagnostics)
  • Radiator sight gauge
  • Removable power module unit (radiator, engine, alternator, blower)
  • Reverse retarding
  • Service center–LH
  • Thermostatic fan clutch


  • All hydraulic service brakes with auto apply
  • Back up alarm
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Brake lock and drive system interlock
  • Circuit breakers, 24 volt
  • Diagonal staircase across grille
  • Dynamic retarding with continuous rated element grids
  • Engine shutdown at ground level
  • Hoist propulsion interlock
  • Horns (electric–front)
  • Integral ROPS/FOPS Cab Level 2
  • Maintenance and power lockout
  • Parking brakes with warning light & speed application protection
  • Power steering w/auto secondary steering
  • Protective deck handrails
  • Pump driveline protector
  • Radiator fan guard
  • Seat belts
    - Operator 3-point 51 mm 2" retractable
    - Passenger lap 51 mm 2" retractable
  • Slip-resistant walkways


  • AC drive interface display
  • Air conditioner HFC-134A
  • AM/FM radio with CD, USB & MP3
  • DEF Gauge
  • Digital air cleaner restriction gauges
  • Dome light
  • Electronic Dash & Status Panel
    - Body up
    - Engine oil temperature (high)
    - Parking brake
    - Propulsion system not ready
    - No DC link voltage
    - No propel
    - Service brake applied
    - Wheel brake lock applied
    - Maintenance monitor
  • Engine hourmeter, oil pressure gauge, coolant temperature gauge, hydraulic oil temperature
  • Engine shutdown w/ “Smart Timer” delay
  • Floor mat (double barrier)
  • Fuel gauge in cab
  • Fuel low level light and buzzer
  • Gauges (w/backlight)
  • Headlight switch
  • Heater and defroster (heavy-duty)
  • Heater switch
  • High beam selector and indicator
  • Horn (center of steering wheel)
  • Indicator lights (blue)
    - Engine service
    - KOMTRAX Plus 2® snapshot (IM)
  • Komatsu Payload Meter IV® (PLM IV)
  • KOMTRAX Plus 2®
  • Operator seat, adjustable w/air suspension, lumbar support and arm rests
  • Panel lighting (adjustable)
  • Passenger seat, mechanical suspension
  • Power windows
  • Pressurized cab air system w/fan on
  • Single brake/retarder pedal
  • Sunvisor (adjustable)
  • Tilt & telescoping steering column
  • Voltmeter (battery output)
  • Windshield (tinted safety glass)
  • Windshield wiper (dual) and washer (electric)


  • Back-up lights–rear mount (2) LED
  • Back-up lights–R and L - deck mount (2) LED
  • Brake and retard lights on top of cab (LED)
  • Clearance lights (LED)
  • Control cabinet service light (LED)
  • Dynamic retarding, rear (2) LED
  • Engine compartment service lights (LED)
  • Fog lights (2) halogen
  • Headlights (8) halogen
  • Manual back-up light, switch and indicator
  • Payload lights R and L (LED)
  • Stairway lights (LED)
  • Stop & tail lights (2) LED
  • Turn signals (LED)


  • 300 gpm fast fuel: RH in-tank, LH remote
  • Amber becon light
  • Antifreeze: below 40°F
  • Body group, OEM ship loose*
  • Body liners
  • Bumper access - Hydraulic retractable steps
  • Bumper mounted headlights
  • Cold weather suspensions - front & rear
  • Double wall exhaust tubes
  • Dump body - standard design
  • Electric heater coolant
  • Electric heater engine oil
  • Electric heater hydraulic oil
  • Engine access platform, LH
  • Exhaust for heated body
  • Fire extinguisher
  • FLOC - LH service center
  • Hydraulic & Fuel tank - mud flaps only
  • Hydraulic tank - ladder & mud flaps
  • Komatsu Smart Type Rims
  • Komatsu wireless bridge
  • KomVision™ All Around Monitoring System
  • LED headlights
  • PLM scoreboard displays- RH & LH
  • Premium operator & passenger seats
  • Radiator shutters
  • Rock ejectors
  • Service center–RH (replacing LH)
  • Spare rim (1)
  • Spare Komatsu Smart Type Rim (1)
  • Suspension charging kit
  • Tier 4 Final engine
  • Tool group