• 252,870 lbs Max Gross Vehicle Weight
  • 775 @2000 rpm Gross HP
  • 69.4 U.S. tons Capacity


The HD605-8 is a 69.4 ton capacity truck that has proven its worth in mines around the world. The HD605-8 has a top loaded speed of 43.5 mph and great climbing power to get out of the pit quickly, dump and cycle back for high production. The oil-cooled wet multi-disc retarder gives the operator great controllability on downhill slopes. The frame design is consistent with Komatsu’s largest mining trucks to handle the stress and strains of mining to fit a long productive and trouble free life. Komatsu Traction Control (KTCS) is standard for optimum traction in all ground conditions.

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Small Turning Radius

The McPherson strut type front suspension has a special A-arm between each wheel and the main frame. The wider space created between the front wheels and the main frame increases the turning angle of the wheels. The larger turning angle correlates to a smaller turning radius.

Minimum Turning Radius: 28'7" 8.7 m

Fully Hydraulic Controlled Wet Multiple-Disc Brakes and Retarder

Wet multiple-disc brakes ensure highly reliable and stable brake performance. The large-capacity, continuously-oilcooled, multiple-disc brakes also function as a highly responsive retarder, which gives the operator greater confidence at higher downhill speeds.

Retarder Absorbing Capacity: 1,075 HP 802 kW

Komatsu Advanced Transmission with Optimum. Modulation Control System (K-ATOMiCS) with Skip Shift Function

Fully automatic control selects the optimum gear, according to vehicle speed and the engine speed. The shift point automatically changes, depending on the acceleration of the vehicle. This avoids unnecessary fuel consumption.

Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS)

New KTCS ensures optimum traction in soft or wet road conditions. The system monitors for wheel slippage at the rear axle, and an acceleration sensor allows determination of a high speed turn versus slippage.

If slippage is detected, the brakes are applied independently to each wheel set for optimum traction. This function occurs automatically without operator input and steering performance is not compromised, as with a differential lock system.

Ergonomically Designed Cab

The ergonomically designed operator's compartment provides the operator a convenient control layout and comfortable environment for more confident operation and greater productivity.

Air Suspension Seat

The heated and ventilated, air suspension, fabric-covered seat is adjustable to the operator’s weight, and is provided as standard. The air suspension seat dampens vibrations transmitted from the machine to reduce operator fatigue. A three-point operator seat belt is standard.

Rearview Monitor System

The operator can view behind the vehicle on the full color monitor, located on the right side of the dashboard. This monitor can be always ON, or only when the shift lever is in the reverse position. Visual distance guidelines can be added for the operator's convenience.

Convenient Access

Inclined stairs with handrails provide easy access to the cab and service deck.

High Rigidity Frame

Cast-steel components are used in critical areas of the main frame where loads and shocks are most concentrated.

Integrated Payload Meter

PLM is a tool to manage the hauling cycle payloads and to analyze the production volume and working conditions of the dump truck for specific time periods. Loaded weight is shown on the payload display (on the LCD unit), and by the external display lamps in real time, while loading.

Ground Accessible Battery Compartment

The battery compartment is located at ground level to facilitate daily checks and battery replacement.



Komatsu SAA6D170E-7*
Water-cooled, four-cycle
Variable geometry, turbo-charged, air-to-air after-cooled, cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)
Number of cylinders
Bore x stroke 170 mm x 170 mm 6.69" x 6.69"
Piston displacement 23.15 ltr 1,413 in³

SAE J1995 / Gross 578 kW 775 HP
ISO 9249 / SAE J1349 / Net 540 kW 724 HP
Rated rpm
2000 rpm
Maximum torque 372 kg•m 2,688 lb. ft
Fuel system
Direct injection
Electronically controlled
Lubrication system:

Gear pump, force-lubrication
Full-flow type
Air cleaner
Dry type with double elements and precleaner (cyclone pack type), and evacuator valve
*EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified


Torque converter
Three-elements, one-stage, two-phase
Full-automatic, planetary type
Speed range
Seven speeds forward and one reverse
Lockup clutch
Wet, multiple-disc clutch
Torque converter drive in 1st gear, direct drive in 1st lockup and all higher gears
Torque converter drive
Shift control
Electronic shift control with automatic clutch modulation in all gears
Maximum travel speed 70.0 km/h 43.5 mph


Rear Axle Full-floating
Final drive type Planetary gear
Differential 3.538
Planetary 4.737

Suspension System

Independent, hydro-pneumatic suspension cylinder with fixed throttle to dampen vibration

Effective cylinder stroke (front suspension) 303 mm 11.9"
Rear axle oscillation:

Oil stopper
Mechanical stopper

Steering System

Full-hydraulic power steering with two double-acting cylinders.
Supplementary steering
Manually controlled
(meets ISO 5010)
Minimum turning radius 8.7 m 28'7"
Maximum steering angle


Dimensions comply with ISO 3471 ROPS (Roll-Over Protective Structure) standards.


Brakes meet ISO 3450 standards.

Service brakes:

Dry type, single disc type full hydraulic
Oil cooled, multiple disc type full hydraulic
Parking brake
Oil cooled, multiple disc type, spring operated, hydraulic releasing type
Oil cooled, multiple disc type full hydraulic
Secondary brake
Manual pedal operation when hydraulic pressure drops below the rated level, parking brake is automatically actuated

Main Frame

Type: Box-sectioned structure



Struck 29.0 m³ 37.9 yd³
Heaped (2:1, SAE) 40.0 m³ 52.3 yd³
Payload 63.0 metric tons 69.4 U.S. tons
high tensile strength steel
130 kg/mm² 184,900 psi
Material thickness:

Bottom 19 mm 0.75"
Front 12 mm 0.47"
Sides 9 mm 0.35"
Target area
(inside length x width)
6450 mm x 3870 mm 21' 2" x 12' 8"
Height at full dump 8800 mm 28'10"
Exhaust heating

Hydraulic System

Hoist cylinder
Twin, 2-stage telescopic type
Relief pressure 210 kg/cm² 20.6 MPa 2,990 psi
Hoist time
11.5 sec


Empty weight 51620 kg
113,803 lbs
Nominal gross vehicle weight:

Standard tire 114700 kg 252,870 lbs
*Max. gross vehicle weight:
Standard tire 121,000 kg 266,759 lbs
Weight distribution:


Front axle
Rear axle

Front axle
Rear axle

*When payloads are managed per Komatsu's 10-5-10 payload policy


Standard tire: 24.00 R35

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel tank 800 ltr 211.3 U.S. Gal
Engine oil 80 ltr 21.1 U.S. Gal
Torque converter, transmission and retarder cooling 215 ltr 56.8 U.S. Gal
Differentials 95 ltr 25.1 U.S. Gal
Final drives (total) 42 ltr 11.1 U.S. Gal
Hydraulic system 149 ltr 39.4 U.S. Gal
Suspension (total) 66.2 ltr 17.5 U.S. Gal



  • Air cleaner, dry type, two stage (qty two)
  • Automatic Idling Setting System (AISS)
  • Auto Idle Shutdown
  • Electric priming fuel pump
  • Engine secondary stop switch
  • Engine, Komatsu SAA6D170E-7, six cylinder, turbocharged, air/air aftercooled, EGR cooled, diesel; Gross HP (SAE J1995): 775HP (578kW) / 2000 RPM; Net HP (ISO
  • 9249/SAE J1349): 724HP (540 kW) / 2000 RPM
  • Fan, hydraulically driven, reversible
  • Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) (qty two)
  • Starting aid, intake manifold pre-heater
  • Variable geometry turbocharger


  • Alternator, 90 ampere , 24 volt
  • Back-up alarm
  • Batteries, 4 x 12 volt 240 Ah, 910 CCA
  • Battery disconnect switch
  • Horn, electric
  • Lights
  • - Back-up light, rear
  • - Engine compartment ligh
  • - Head lights, halogen (high and low beam)
  • - Side working lights, LH and R
  • - Stop and tail lights (LED)
  • - Turn signal, (two front, two rear) (LED) with hazard switch
  • Starting motors, 2 x 7.5W direct electric 24V


  • Seven-speed transmission, fully automatic with K-ATOMiCS
  • Komatsu Traction Control System (KTCS)
  • Front brake, twin caliper, disc type
  • Parking brake
  • Rear brake, oil cooled, multiple disc, fully hydraulic controlled
  • Skip shift function


  • Cab, with built in ROPS/FOPS
  • - 12 Volt outlet (qty two)
  • - Automatic climate control system with cab pressurization
  • - Auxiliary steering system
  • - Beverage holder (qty two)
  • - Body hoist control, electric
  • - Cigarette lighter and ashtray
  • - Dome light and reading light
  • - Door, LH and RH
  • - Lunch box tray and storage trays
  • - Machine monitor with seven-inch color LCD display
  • - Operator seat, air suspension type, heated, ventilated, with three-point retractable seat belt (3" 75 mm wide lap belt and 2" 50 mm wide, high visibility shoulder belt)
  • - Power windows, LH and RH
  • - Radio, AM/FM with aux terminal
  • - Rearview mirror, outside cab mount, heated (LH & RH)
  • - Rearview monitoring system with dedicated monitor
  • - Steering wheel, tilt and telescopic
  • - Sun visor (qty two)
  • - Tinted glass (front, laminated glass)
  • - Trainer seat, folding, with two-point retractable seat belt (3" 75 mm wide)
  • - Wiper/washer, front, with intermittent setting


  • Catwalk with handrails
  • Deck rail
  • Driveline guards, front & rear
  • Engine underguard
  • Exhaust thermal guard
  • Front handrail, over radiator
  • Mudguards
  • Transmission underguard


  • Instrument panel gauges
  • - Coolant temperature
  • - Hour meter (service meter)
  • - Retarder oil temperature
  • - Speedometer with odometer
  • - Tachometer
  • - Torque converter oil temperature
  • Warning lights
  • - Engine coolant temperature
  • - Engine coolant level
  • - Engine oil pressure
  • - Parking brake
  • - Retarder oil temperature
  • - Torque converter oil temperature


  • Angled front stairs with hand rails
  • Automatic retarder speed control (ARSC)
  • Centralized lube block
  • Dump counter
  • Ecology guidance and ecology gauge
  • Fast-fill coupler for fuel tank
  • Filler cap and cover locks
  • Front brake cut-off system
  • Hydropneumatic suspension (front & rear)
  • Less body (must select body)
  • Mirror, rearview, underview
  • PM service connectors
  • Rock ejector bars
  • KOMTRAX Plus® telematics package with integrated payload meter (PLM), satellite communication and WiFi
  • Wheel chocks with storage brackets



  • Alternate exhaust configuration (RH side discharge)
  • Body
  • Body liner

TIRES (24.00 R35):

  • Michelin XDTB
  • Bridgestone VRLS
  • Michelin X-Quarry
  • Michelin X-Traction Super Terrain