• 53,352 - 55,579 lbs Operating Weight
  • 272 @2000 rpm Horsepower
  • 5 - 5.8 yd¬≥ Bucket Capacity


The WA470-8 offers an outstanding combination of stability, break out power and tractive effort. A new Tier 4 Final engine and enhanced controller logic improve performance and fuel efficiency.

The comfortable and quiet cab includes a new air suspension, heavy duty, high back, heated seat with integrated controls. The 7 inch, full color monitor and separate full color rear view monitor allow the operator to effortlessly monitor key information.

For ease of maintenance, service points are consolidated and daily inspection items can be checked from ground level. The auto-reversing function of the cooling fan can be customized to meet the needs of the application. The cooling fan swings out from the engine compartment for generous access for cleaning.

Special machine arrangements are available to optimize the machine configuration for logging and waste handling applications.

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Enhanced Lock-Up

The Komatsu designed torque converter with lock-up is standard on the WA470-8. The lock-up function activates in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears. The lock-up torque converter is effective for both load and carry application and V-shape loading which uses lower gears. Komatsu SmartLoader Logic reduces the clutch engagement shock of lock-up by controlling engine torque. The lock-up torque converter combined with Komatsu SmartLoader Logic results in low fuel consumption and high travel speeds in load and carry and even some V-cycle loading applications.

High Resolution 7-inch Color LCD Monitor

The machine monitor display various machine information and allows for various settings of the machine. The LCD monitor is a 7-inch color TFT-LCD and displays maintenance information, operation record, Ecology Guidance record, and other machine data. The switch panel is used to select various screens and the air conditioner control screen. By using the switch panel, you can display various user menus on the LCD screen and adjust the machine settings.

Komatsu Auto Idle Shutdown

In order to reduce idle time and save fuel cost, the Komatsu Auto Idle Shutdown function will shut the engine off and apply the parking brake and hydraulic lock after a preset idle time limit. This time limit can be set by the operator or service technician and may range from 3 minutes to 60 minutes.

Large-Capacity Torque Converter

The Komatsu designed power train has a large capacity torque converter for optimum efficiency. The WA470-8 has greater productivity in V-shape loading applications because the increased tractive effort does not require full throttle. The improved hill climbing ability allows the WA470-8 to up-shift gears faster because of improved acceleration. The WA470-8 can achieve higher gear ranges and maintain higher travel speed when working in load-and-carry applications. In most applications, production is increased and fuel consumption is reduced, resulting in improved fuel efficiency.

Mono Lever with Integrated 3rd Spool Control (option)

The mono lever option has been designed for improved ergonomics and comfort. When equipped with the optional 3rd spool valve, it allows the operator to control the 3rd spool with the thumb. The 3rd spool valve can be operated in either continuous or proportional flow modes. The mono lever also includes a F-N-R switch.

Operator Seat with Electronic Pilot Control (EPC) Levers

A new air suspension seat provides enhanced support on rough roads and dampens machine vibrations, providing a more comfortable ride for the operator. An EPC lever console is integrated in the seat and moves with the seat. The angle of the armrest is fully adjustable for optimum operator comfort. A secondary F-N-R switch is incorporated in work equipment lever configurations. A heated seat is standard.

Rear Full Fenders (Standard)

The WA470-8 has a rear full fender as standard. The plastic rear fenders open outward, keeping the force to open the engine doors low, even when there is mud or snow on the fenders. The fenders swing far out of the way to give the technician generous access to the engine compartment. Mud flaps are also included on the rear fenders.

Rear View Monitoring System

The operator can view the rear of the machine with a dedicated full color monitor that is located on the right side of the cab. This monitor can be set to be always on or only on when the loader goes into reverse. Visual reference guidelines offer additional convenience.

Remote Bucket and Boom Positioner

The operator can set the bucket angle and remote boom positioner from the cab. Both upper and lower boom positions are adjustable in the cab with the push of a button. The bucket positioner can memorize three horizontal settings, allowing the operator to easily change attachments without having to reset the bucket position. In each horizontal setting, the operator can adjust the setting with the switch in the cab. This can help save the operator time when changing attachments.

SmartLoader Logic

The WA470-8 provides Komatsu SmartLoader Logic, an engine control system. This technology creates enough torque for each work phase. For example, engine torque needs are higher for digging in V-shape loading, but less when driving with an empty bucket. This system optimizes the engine torque for all applications to minimize fuel consumption. Komatsu SmartLoader Logic functions automatically and does not interfere with operation, saving fuel without decreasing production.

Swing-out Type Cooling Fan

The cooling fan swings out from the engine compartment for ease of cleaning. The coolers feature wider spacing of the cooling fins to reduce clogging. Auto-reversing intervals for the fan can be customized through the monitor panel.

Variable Displacement Piston Pump & CLSS

The variable displacement piston pump combined with the Closed-center Load Sensing System (CLSS) delivers as much hydraulic flow as the job requires, preventing wasted hydraulic flow. Minimized loss contributes to better fuel economy.



Komatsu SAA6D125E-7*
Water-cooled, 4-cycle
Turbo-charged, after-cooled, cooled EGR
Number of cylinders
Bore x stroke 125 mm x 150 mm 4.9" x 5.9"
Piston displacement 11.04 ltr 674 in³
all-speed, electronic

SAE J1995 - Gross 204 kW 273 HP
ISO 9249/SAE J1349 - Net 203 kW 272 HP
Rated rpm
2000 rpm
Fan drive method for radiator cooling
Fuel system
Direct injection
Lubrication system:

Gear pump, force-lubrication
Full-flow type
Air cleaner
Dry type with double elements and dust evacuator, plus dust indicator
*EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified


Torque converter: 3-elements, 1-stage, 2-phase
Transmission Automatic full-powershift, countershaft type
Travel speed: (Measured with 26.5-25 tires) Forward Reverse
1st 7.6 km/h
4.7 mph
7.9 km/h
4.9 mph
2nd 13.1 km/h
8.1 mph
13.5 km/h
8.4 mph
2nd (Lock-up clutch ON) 13.2 km/h
8.2 mph
13.7 km/h
8.5 mph
3rd 22.9 km/h
14.2 mph
23.6 km/h
14.7 mph
3nd (Lock-up clutch ON) 23.6 km/h
14.7 mph
24.3 km/h
15.1 mph
4th 36.2 km/h
22.5 mph
37.3 km/h
23.2 mph
4nd (Lock-up clutch ON) 38.3 km/h
23.8 mph
39.0 km/h
24.2 mph

Axles and Final Drives

Drive system Four-wheel drive
Front Fixed, semi-floating
Rear Center-pin support, semi-floating, 26° total oscillation
Reduction gear Spiral bevel gear
Differential gear Conventional type
Final reduction gear Planetary gear, single reduction


Service brakes Hydraulically actuated, wet disc brakes actuate on four wheels
Parking brake Wet disc brake
Emergency brake Parking brake is commonly used

Steering System

Type Articulated type, full-hydraulic power steering
Steering angle 35° each direction (40° to max end stop)
Minimum turning radius at the center of outside tire 6630 mm 21'9"

Hydraulic System

Steering system:
Hydraulic pump Piston pump
Capacity 195 ltr/min 51.5 U.S. gal/min
Relief valve setting 24.5 MPa / 250 kgf/cm² 3,555 psi
Hydraulic cylinders:
Type Double-acting, piston type
Number of cylinders 2
Bore x stroke 90 mm x 441 mm 3.5" x 17.3"
Loader control:
Hydraulic pump Piston pump
Capacity 260 ltr/min 68.7 U.S. gal/min
Relief valve setting 34.3 MPa / 350 kgf/cm² 4,980 psi
Hydraulic cylinders:
Type Double-acting, piston type
Number of cylinders—bore x stroke:
Lift cylinder / 2 140 mm x 764 mm 5.5" x 30.0"
Bucket cylinder / 1 160 mm x 575 mm 6.3" x 22.6"
Control valve 2-spool type
Control positions:
Boom Raise, hold, lower, and float
Bucket Tilt-back, hold, and dump
Hydraulic cycle time (rated load in bucket)
Raise 5.8 s
Dump 1.6 sec
Lower (Empty) 3.1 sec

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling system 78 ltr 20.6 U.S. gal
Fuel tank 380 ltr 100.4 U.S. gal
Engine 38 ltr 10.0 U.S. gal
Hydraulic system 173 ltr 45.7 U.S. gal
Axle front 57 ltr 15.1 U.S. gal
Axle rear 56 ltr 14.8 U.S. gal
Torque converter and transmission 65 ltr 17.2 U.S. gal
DEF tank
36 ltr 9.5 U.S. gal


  • 2-spool valve for boom and bucket control
  • Alternator, 90 A
  • Auto shift transmission with mode select system
  • Automatic hydraulic-driven fan with automatic reverse rotation
  • Back-up alarm
  • Batteries, 140 Ah/12V (2), 930 CCA
  • Battery disconnect
  • Boom Kick-out, in-cab adjustable
  • Bucket Positioner, in-cab adjustable, 3 positions
  • Color rear view camera and monitor
  • Counterweight, standard and additional
  • Electronically Controlled Suspension System (ECSS)
  • Engine, Komatsu SAA6D125E-7 diesel
  • Engine shut-off system, electric
  • EPC fingertip controls with F-N-R switch, two levers
  • Equipment Management Monitoring System (EMMS)
    - Lights (central warning, brake oil pressure, engine oil pressure, parking brake, cooling fan reverse, KDPF restriction, seat belt caution, Komtrax message)
    - Gauges (Engine water temperature, ecology, fuel level, DEF level, hydraulic oil temperature, speedometer/tachometer)
  • Front fenders
  • Fuel pre-filter with water separator
  • Horn, electric
  • Komatsu SmartLoader Logic
  • Komatsu Auto Idle Shutdown
  • KOMTRAX® Level 5
  • Lift cylinders and bucket cylinder
  • Lights
    - Back-up light, LED
    - Stop and tail light, LED
    - Turn signal lamps, 2 front and 2 rear with hazard switch
    - Working lights, halogen, 2 front cab mount
    - Working lights, halogen, 2 front fender mount
    - Working lights, halogen, 2 rear grill mount
  • Loader linkage with standard lift arm
  • Lock-up torque converter
  • Parking brake, electric
  • Radiator, wider core
  • Radiator mask, swing out
  • Rear full fenders
  • Rear view mirrors, outside (2) inside (2)
  • Rims for 26.5-25 tires
  • ROPS/FOPS Cab Level 2:
    - 2 x DC12V electrical outlets
    - Ashtray
    - Auto air conditioner
    - Cigarette lighter, 24V
    - Color LCD/TFT multi-monitor
    - Cup holder
    - Floor mat
    - Operator seat, reclining, air suspension type, heated
    - Radio, AM/FM with AUX input jack
    - Rear defroster, electric
    - Seatbelt, 2-point retractable, 76mm 3" width
    - Space for Lunch box
    - Steering wheel, tilt and telescopic
    - Sun visor, front window
    - Windshield washer and wiper, front with intermittent
    - Windshield washer and wiper, rear
  • Service brakes, wet disc type
  • Starting motor, 7.5 kW
  • Transmission, 4 forward and 4 reverse
  • Vandalism protection kit, padlocks for battery box (2)


  • 3-spool valve with lever and piping
  • Auxiliary steering (SAE)
  • Cutting edge (bolt-on type)
  • Engine oil and coolant heater
  • Guarding package
  • Engine pre-cleaner with extension
  • High-lift boom
  • Joystick/wheel steering control system
  • Limited slip differential (F&R)
  • Lube system
  • Monolever loader control with transmission F-N-R switch
  • Various tire options, radial and bias
  • Various bucket options