PC290LCI-11 AND PC360LCI-11 intelligent Machine Control exclusive incentive

There’s never been a better time to add Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control excavators to your fleet. Add PC290LCi-11 or PC360LCi-11 before December 31 and take advantage of exclusive savings.

  • 0% for 54 months through Komatsu Financial
  • 48 months or 4,000 hours Komatsu Care Plus II extended warranty (4 years/4,000 hours)
  • 6 months of Smart Construction Remote for only $0.99 ($42/month value)

Plus, remember to take advantage of 2020 Section 179 tax breaks before the end of the year. Go talk to your local Komatsu distributor to learn more now.

PC290LCI-11 and PC360LCI-11

Productivity is the key to success on your job site and the faster your crew can reach a state of greater productivity, the better. Now you have a powerful tool to help make that happen with Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control (iMC). Incorporating a host of advanced, proprietary machine technology, iMC gives you the opportunity to take advantage of sophisticated, productivity-enhancing automation and cutting-edge job site design.

Komatsu PC290LCi-11

PC290LCi-11 provides excellent stability and productivity across a broad spectrum of applications, without the transportation permit headaches of larger machines.

Komatsu PC390LCi-11

PC390LCi-11 performs to handle your large jobs, while being equally adept at your small and mid-size projects.


IMC Excavators

The power to work more efficiently

  • Adjusts to the operator’s experience level
    A fully integrated auto grade assist automatically traces the target surface to minimize over digging. A built-in facing angle compass ensures the machine is aligned with the target surface.

  • Auto stop control
    To help eliminate potential damage during boom or bucket operation, the machine automatically stops when the bucket edge reaches the design surface.

  • Minimum distance control
    iMC controls the bucket by automatically selecting the point closest to the target surface, which minimizes operator input while providing higher accuracy and grading confidence.

  • Critical precision for utility applications
    For utility customers looking for the utmost precision, the excavator allows your operator to input structure, invert elevations of pipe runs and automatically calculates fall of pipe with crown road surface

Peace of mind with maintenance and repair solutions

Simplify the complexities of equipment maintenance and repair through Komatsu Care Plus II. You’ll receive all the benefits of Komatsu Care Plus, such as oil sampling, automatic maintenance scheduling, 50-point inspections, and the peace of mind that your equipment is being taken care of the way Komatsu intended.

To support your equipment’s needs in case of unexpected repairs, we’ve bundled Komatsu’s Premier Extended Coverage. Protect your equipment with a comprehensive support plan, including certified labor and diagnostic time.

Komatsu Financial Solutions

Support in purchasing and keeping your equipment

Whether you’re purchasing, leasing or looking for financing for parts and service, our experienced professionals at Komatsu Financial work with your distributor to drive your success through a variety of financing programs. Check out Komatsu's current financial exclusives.


Stay connected to your machines from anywhere

Why drive an hour from the office to the job site just to transfer 3D data to a machine because of a change in the project design? Or when a newer operator has an urgent question that can’t quite be explained over the phone? Remotely send files from the office to the target machines or log in to a machine and see exactly what the operator is seeing. Work shouldn’t stop just because you’re not on-site. Talk to our experts to discover the benefits of Smart Construction Remote.

Capture end-of-year savings

Did you know you can report up to 100% depreciation in the year of purchase up to $1 million with the Section 179 deduction. Check with your tax advisor for more details.

Offer good for qualifying customers for eligible models during the program period of November 16, 2020 through December 31, 2020 at participating Komatsu dealers. Not all buyers will qualify. Financing is subject to credit application and approval through Komatsu Financial. Financing offer is available to qualifying customers in the USA and Canada only. KOMATSU® reserves the right to cancel or modify this program at any time without notice. See your local Komatsu distributor for more details.

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To learn more about Komatsu exclusive incentive please contact your local distributor.

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