Adams Construction & Associates


June 25, 2018

“The intelligent Machine Control technology has revolutionized what we do”

Gateway Pipeline

(L-R) Adams Construction & Associates President Randall Adams is with his son Jax; wife, Jenny; and son Luke. The Komatsu D51PXi is one of four dozers in the company’s fleet.

Gateway Pipeline

This Komatsu PC290LC excavator removes blasted rock at the Tuscany Hills development in Opelika, Ala., while a D51PXi dozer moves dirt. “The D51PXi is powerful and maneuverable for its size,” noted Adams Construction & Associates Superintendent Phillip Kendrick. “We can use it all over the jobsite.”

They say that practice makes perfect. For Randall Adams, President of Adams Construction & Associates, Inc., the motto describes his company perfectly.

“I’m doing the exact same work today as when I first started in the construction industry,” explained Adams. “My brother Nick and I opened the company in 2004 and built our business as a utility contractor. It was just the two of us with a backhoe, bulldozer and an excavator.”

The brothers maintained a steady stream of utility contracts until the economy began to uptick in 2013. That’s when Adams decided to purchase his brother’s share of the company and expand the business beyond underground site work.

“I’ve always envisioned this as a design-build company,” recounted Adams. “I wanted to have control over the majority of any job. After providing general contracting services for 14 years, we’ve been able to make the design-build vision a reality.”

The firm hired a certified professional engineer, Brian Lee, who designs many aspects of the company’s projects from concept to completion.

Today, the 16-employee company provides contracting services for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial developments within a 100-mile radius of its headquarters in Auburn, Ala. This full-service, site-work contractor specializes in demolition, clearing and grubbing, erosion control, earthwork, storm drainage, water and sewer installation as well as curb and gutter installation.

Variety of ventures

Crews from Adams Construction & Associates prefer to stay busy and enjoy taking on unique assignments. A residential development, known as Tuscany Hills, inside of Auburn’s city limits, has presented a particularly interesting challenge.

“When we started, we knew that rock was there,” noted Superintendent Phillip Kendrick, who has supervised the project since day one. “What we didn’t realize was how much there would be. We’ve had to blast ahead of the crew and proceed from east to west, taking the work one step at a time.”

Using a methodical approach, explosions were detonated as deep as 18 feet. Once the material was broken up, operators removed the rock and installed utilities and storm drainage. Finally, crews took care of grading, laying asphalt, and completing the curbs. The 89-lot subdivision is set for completion later this summer.

Adams Construction & Associates is also involved with three other residential developments in Auburn and the surrounding area.

In addition, the company has an industrial project in the works near Opelika, Ala. “We’re installing a fire loop around West Fraser Lumber Mill,” shared Kendrick. “There will be several underground water vaults and piping circling the mill to protect it in case of fire.”

Adams Construction & Associates recently won a bid for an opportunity on Auburn University’s campus as well.

“They wanted a new classroom near the fisheries,” shared Adams. “We’re currently working on the underground utilities to the building and grading the site. We like to be involved in the local community whenever we have the opportunity.”

Gateway Pipeline

TEC Sales Rep Jay Wages (left) and Adams Construction & Associates President Randall Adams meet at a jobsite in Auburn, Ala.

Gateway Pipeline

Adams Construction & Associates Operator Scott Taylor uses the firm’s Komatsu D61PXi dozer to push dirt at The Oaks residential development in Auburn, Ala., letting the intelligent Machine Control GPS set the grade. “The dozers are really balanced machines,” observed Taylor. “The intelligent Machine Control technology makes grading an easy process.”

Sticking with TEC and Komatsu

Adams credits Tractor & Equipment Company (TEC) and Komatsu for the success of his business throughout the last 14 years. When purchasing new equipment, he looks to TEC Sales Rep Jay Wages.

“I’ve always counted on TEC because there’s a trust factor with Jay,” noted Adams. “We currently have seven pieces of Komatsu equipment. They have been excellent for our company.”

Adams Construction & Associates’ fleet includes a WA270 wheel loader; GD655 motor grader; PC228 and PC290 excavators; a Hamm 3410 padfoot roller; as well as D51PXi, D61PXi and D61PXi dozers.

Adams has been particularly impressed with the intelligent Machine Control D51PXi and D61PXi dozers. The integrated GPS technology makes grade control possible without the use of aftermarket masts or cables. The system works by maximizing efficiency, automatically reducing track slippage, monitoring blade loads and maintaining grade from first cut to final pass.

“The intelligent Machine Control technology has revolutionized what we do,” explained Adams. “For years, we needed a surveyor to stake out the jobsite and an operator to understand what it all meant. Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control takes out the guesswork, because the operator sees exactly where the dirt should go.

“They know if it needs to be tight, where it will have to pass a proof roll or if it’s going to be in a slope where they can spare some topsoil,” he added. “The operators understand exactly where they are, even better than if they were using stakes. Overall, our production is up at least 30 percent and downtime is minimal.”

Kendrick works closely with TEC Technology Manager - AL Buddy Averett for any questions regarding the intelligent Machine Control equipment.

“Buddy’s been an integral part of our adaption of the new technology,” noted Adams. “Whenever we have questions, he’s very responsive and helpful. He goes above and beyond for us.”

Adams also appreciates the complimentary Komatsu CARE service from TEC, where factory-scheduled maintenance is provided for the first three years or 2,000 hours on eligible Tier 4 machines. “The Komatsu CARE program further reduces our downtime, and I appreciate the convenience of not having to worry about oil changes or other services.”

New territory

Adams envisions his company continuing to expand its territory. He is currently qualifying the firm for its Georgia contractor’s license.

“There are a lot of opportunities for us to provide an excellent finished product for customers across state lines,” explained Adams. “We’d like to cover a full 100-mile radius that extends outside of Alabama and into Georgia.”