Barker Aggregates


July 18, 2016

Gateway Pipeline

Three generation of the Barker family are involved with Barker Aggregates or related companies, Pictures here (L-R) are Jamie Barker, Frank Barker jr., Jimmy Barker, Frank Barker Sr., and Steven Barker.

Gateway Pipeline

I.U.O.E. Local 136 Business Manager John Duffy (center front) and his delegates were on hand to celebrate the christening of Barker Aggregates' new Komatsu PC1250 material handler. The Barker family purchased the machine to improve unloading operations at Tilcon New York's Port Washington Terminal, which Barker Aggregates handles for Tilcon.

Christening a Komatsu PC1250

Barker Aggregates has a new Komatsu PC1250LC-8 material handler working at Tilcon New York’s Port Washington terminal. The machine was recently the center of attention, when Barker Aggregates christened it in honor of James J. Duffy, longtime friend of Frank Barker Sr. and father of I.U.O.E. Local 138 Business Manager John Duffy.

Port Washington is one of three terminals (along with Flushing and Port Jefferson) where Barker Aggregates handles barge unloading and truck loading for Tilcon New York, one of the leading aggregate production and road construction companies in the greater New York City area.

“We unload stone for Tilcon New York’s concrete and asphalt plants,” said Barker Aggregates Port Washington Terminal Manager Bobby Riemer. “We typically unload two barges per day, depending on the size of the barge. With the PC1250, we can probably do three. We also handle the sand that is delivered here for the new Tappan Zee Bridge that’s under construction.

“We purchased the PC1250 to help us unload barges faster and more efficiently, and by doing that, provide better service to Tilcon,” he added. “Komatsu wheel loaders and material handlers have worked very well for us through the years, and Ehrbar parts and service are excellent.”

The Komatsu PC1250LC-8 is a 250,000-pound, 672-horsepower machine with a high lift, two-piece, long-reach front; a seven-cubic-yard clamshell bucket; and an elevated cab. It replaced a Komatsu PC750 at Port Washington.

Gateway Pipeline

One big advantage of the new Komatsu PC1250, which replaced a PC750, is the raised cab, which was moved forward to enable the operator to see to the bottom of the barge throughout the loading process, regardless of how high it rises in the water.

Gateway Pipeline

Frank Barker Jr. of Barker Lifting (left) enjoys lunch with Industries, Ehrbar Sales Rep Jim Hogan.

“It’s a big improvement,” said Operator Fred Martinek. “The biggest advantage compared to the PC750, beyond the much greater capacity, is the visibility. As we unload a barge, it naturally becomes lighter and rises in the water. With the PC750, by the time a barge was about half unloaded, I couldn’t see inside without using a camera, which wasn’t ideal. It made unloading the last of the aggregate very difficult. With the PC1250, I can see to the bottom of the barge right to the very end. It’s also a very comfortable machine.” Barker Aggregates marked the first day of activity for the PC1250 by christening it and hosting a barbecue lunch for Tilcon, Barker Aggregates’ employees and longtime friends and vendors, such as Ehrbar.

“This machine is a big upgrade for us, and we wanted to celebrate the occasion,” said Barker Aggregates’ Founder Frank Barker Sr. “It’s a way to say thank you to the people and businesses that have been friends and supporters of Barker Aggregates for many decades.”