DiMeo Brothers


October 05, 2017

“We believe in Roland and the Komatsu product”


DiMeo Brothers, Inc., has worked in Chicago’s northwest suburbs for nearly 45 years. While its project list has grown along with the size and scope of the jobs it tackles, the name has always been an accurate description of the company.

“Our father and uncle started in the early 1970s on small excavation jobs, and John and I took over about 10 years ago,” explained Mark DiMeo, who owns the company along with his brother, John. “They only wanted to grow to a certain point, but when we got here they turned us loose. They got it running, so we could take it to the next level.”

Since joining the company, the duo has done just that, expanding it to 50-plus employees while adding services.

“We’re a multifaceted company, but our sweet spot is what we call ‘street rehabilitation’ for the villages that we’ve served for decades,” detailed John. “Typically, we work on one-mile projects as a general contractor. We demo the existing street; replace sewer and water lines; reconstruct the curbs, sidewalks and road; and landscape it. The only thing we sub out is the paving.”

On a recent street rehabilitation for the Village of Barrington, the company removed the existing road and installed 21- and 30-inch sanitary pipe as deep as 30 feet.

“Barrington is a nice, established village, and the jobsite was very confined,” noted John. “We had some deep digs and put in huge pipe in a tight area. Work like this is our specialty; there was a lot to do, but we handled it.”

The brothers began targeting those projects as municipalities started packaging various services together on bids. “It’s more common to see cities doing this. Having the background and ability to complete all those aspects of a contract has been a great thing.”

The right combination

In 2014, the DiMeos created a dirt division with the goal of combining services to seek larger and more complex contracts.

“Being able to perform everything from breaking ground to completion has been a big advantage for us,” said John. “We give customers the ability to invest in only one company. They value that, and it also gives us a lot more control.”

Three years later, DiMeo Brothers’ project list is a shining example of how the company has thrived on what it calls “combo jobs.”

Currently, the company is a part of a $55 million, 6,300-seat, minor league baseball stadium project in Rosemont. The company began work in October and has excavated the 10-acre property, removing more than 40,000 cubic yards of dirt and relocating another 40,000 cubic yards of material within the site. It also installed water and sewer lines at the facility.

“It’s one of our biggest and most high-profile projects so far,” shared Mark. “We moved out as much as 200 loads of dirt a day; there were a lot of cut-and-fills to perform. Sewer installation was tricky because of its location. It was a challenge, but it’s been the perfect opportunity for us to show what we can do.”

Komatsu and Roland advantage


When the brothers got into dirt work, they knew they needed an edge, so they turned to Roland Machinery and Sales Rep John Kroger for Komatsu intelligent Machine Control equipment.

“We have a great relationship with John Kroger and Roland,” said Mark. “We believe in Roland and the Komatsu product, so we knew iMC would be great. We went with a Komatsu D61PXi dozer, and it’s awesome. The technology definitely helped us become competitive faster than with a standard dozer. It’s given us an edge.”

Komatsu equipment makes up a sizable portion of DiMeo Brothers’ fleet, which includes 16 excavators ranging from a PC88MR to a PC650LC, as well as six WA270 wheel loaders with a multitude of attachments.

“We feel like we have the tools to do any project,” noted John. “We have every size of tight-tail-swing excavator that Komatsu makes, and they are great on residential jobs. The larger ones handle well and move a lot of material. We love the Komatsu WA270 loaders. They are dependable and get the job done for us.

“Komatsu makes a superior machine, and that’s why we’ve used them from the beginning,” he added. “We had some other brands at first, but once we tried Komatsu, we’ve stayed with it. Also, John Kroger and Roland take care of us on everything from support to financing. We’re loyal to them, and we see them as a partner.”