Lynn and Jean Brown


June 13, 2016

Agile Komatsu dozers

Lynn and Jean Brown have been ranchers/ farmers near Agra, Oklahoma, roughly midway between Oklahoma City and Tulsa, for close to 50 years. They own or operate 1,253 acres of land, growing hay and raising Black Angus cattle.

A little more than a decade ago, Lynn decided to get a small dozer to remove cedar trees and underbrush from his land.

“The first dealership I went to clearly didn’t have any interest in helping a small customer like me,” Lynn recalled. “Then I walked into the Kirby-Smith Oklahoma City store and told the first person I saw what I wanted. He said all the salesmen were busy, but he’d try to help me. After a little bit, he found a low-hour, late-model Komatsu D32 at a good price at the Tulsa store.

“Now, this was late on a Friday afternoon,” he continued. “He called over and told the salesperson there to wait for me, which he did, even though it was well after-hours by the time we arrived. I did a little test drive, then bought the machine right on the spot. I found out later that the guy who helped me and gave me all that personal attention was company President Ed Kirby. That told me an awful lot about him and his company, and that’s why we remain loyal to Komatsu and Kirby-Smith to this day.”

The Browns, who are currently on their third Komatsu dozer, a D37EX-23, recently won a drawing for a $100 American Express gift card from Kirby-Smith after completing a survey about their new machine.

“I really like what I get from Kirby-Smith,” said Lynn. “My current Sales Rep, Ryan Bebee, is great. My Product Support Rep, Larry Hollen, and Dusty Odom, who works in parts, are extremely helpful. Even though I’m probably one of the smallest customers they have, I feel as though everybody at Kirby-Smith cares about me – and that means a lot.

“The equipment is great, too,” he continued. “What I like about Komatsu dozers is that they are agile, have a real smooth-shifting transmission and are very reliable. I turn the key and they work.”

Although Lynn is now 70 years old and Jean is 69, they don’t see retirement in their future.

“We like what we do, and we’ll keep doing it for as long as we can,” said Lynn. “We enjoy being in business. We like growing the herd and improving the land. Our goal is to leave the land in better condition than when we got it, and thanks in part to Kirby-Smith, I’m confident we’re going to be able to accomplish that.”