Terry Logging


March 02, 2017

Komatsu D39EX-23 dozer customized with several forestry-specific enhancements


Brandeis Machinery & Supply Company unveiled its newest offering for forestry customers when it demo’d a customized Komatsu D39EX-23 dozer last fall. The machine features several modifications that make it ideal for companies working in the forest.

“This sector is growing, especially in our region, and we want to make sure that we are providing customers with the best equipment possible,” said Brandeis Sales Rep Alex Rains. “The modifications to the D39EX-23 help make it the best-suited machine for the forestry industry.”

Brandeis customized a standard Komatsu D39EX-23 dozer with several forestry-specific enhancements. Material movement was improved by fitting the six-way blade with a spill-guard attachment on the front and an Allied H4A hydraulic-driven winch with customized speed-gear ratio and a three-quarter-inch swage cable added to the back.

“The winch is one of the top additions to the dozer,” stated Rains. “It’s a valuable tool for customers, especially in this region. Because of the hills and valleys, they constantly have to winch logs up and down the terrain. We worked with Allied to design a gear ratio that would enable customers to pull large trees up a slope as quickly as possible. The hydraulic drive gives the operator finite control with a smooth and powerful takeoff.”

Machine and operator safety were also priorities. The cab was fitted with limb risers, side and back screens and an AC cover on the top. The back screens were fabricated to avoid interference with the dozer’s rearview camera.

The D39EX-23 was selected for the modifications because of its similarity to other popular dozers in the industry. The 20,749-pound crawler dozer offers a 107-horsepower engine in a compact size.

“The D39EX offers more horsepower and operating weight with a smaller machine footprint than comparable machines, ” explained Rains. “That’s important for customers because they are typically working in heavily wooded areas with elevation changes. Having more weight and power in a smaller size increases their maneuverability.

“The design of the dozer is another advantage,” he continued. “The slant nose and rearview camera offer excellent visibility from the cab, and the radiator and fan are still easily accessible even with the winch attached to the rear of the dozer.” Early customer reviews are positive. Terry Logging Inc. President Chris Terry was the first customer to test the dozer.

“It’s clear that Komatsu and Brandeis designed this dozer for our industry,” proclaimed Terry. “The visibility is amazing. The machine has great horsepower, and it is small enough to get around in the woods without sacrificing any power.

“The best addition, though, is the winch,” he noted. “The line drags fast, which helps us increase our production. They’ve done a great job tailoring the D39EX for this industry.”

Komatsu equipment helps this company increase efficiency


You could say that Terry Logging Inc. President Chris Terry is living out his childhood dream. Either that, or he is clairvoyant.

“When I was in high school, we had to give a quote for the yearbook about what we would be doing in the future,” Terry recalled. “I said I was going to be the president of a logging company – I don’t even remember why I said that. However, I was able to start a small company. We incorporated in 2002, and I officially became the president of a logging business, so I guess I kept to my word.”

Terry Logging operates within a 100-mile radius of Morehead, Kentucky, with a three-person crew.

“We’re small, but we pride ourselves in high production numbers. Our goal is typically three truckloads per day,” said Terry. “We do whatever the customer wants – clear-cut or select-cut. Our size allows us to perform various applications for land owners.”

To maintain high production numbers, Terry turns to Brandeis Machinery & Supply Company and Sales Rep Alex Rains. In addition to demoing the Komatsu D39EX-23 prototype dozer, Terry owns a Komatsu XT445L feller buncher with a Quadco 22B cutting head.

“The rel="noopener noreferrer" XT445L is extremely user-friendly,” raved Terry. “It has great power and control. When the boom is extended all the way out with a tree in the grapple, it still operates very well. The feller buncher allows us to efficiently cut trees and organize them in piles.”

The Komatsu machine has been a welcome improvement for Terry compared to manual logging.

“It’s a huge upgrade over cutting them by hand with a chain saw and winching them into a pile,” he said. “It’s obviously faster, but it is also much safer. As an operator inside the cab, I have more control of how the tree falls, and my risk of injury is far less.”