White Stallion Energy


March 02, 2020

“It’s outperformed our projections”

Gateway Pipeline

White Stallion Energy LLC Operator Jerry Rigsby uses the company’s new Komatsu PC4000-6 mining shovel – the first working in the Illinois Basin – to remove overburden at the Eagle River Mine in Harrisburg, Ill. “It’s the quietest machine I’ve ever been in, and it’s quick,” said Rigsby. “All around, this is a real good machine.”

When White Stallion Energy LLC was in the market for a new mining shovel earlier this year for its Eagle River Mine in Harrisburg, Ill., it did its due diligence in selecting a machine. The result was both literally and metaphorically groundbreaking and resulted in Brandeis Machinery & Supply Company delivering the first Komatsu PC4000-6 mining shovel in the Illinois Basin.

“We typically used another brand, but after doing the research, it was clear that we should go with Komatsu, Brandeis and the PC4000,” explained Senior Vice President of Operations Shane Chancellor. “Komatsu’s mining reputation, combined with the excellent relationship we have with Brandeis and a parts distribution center five hours from our location, gave us the confidence to move forward with the purchase.”

Special delivery

This spring Brandeis delivered the nearly 900,000-pound shovel with a 29-yard bucket to the Eagle River Mine and began a five-week assembly process.

“The machine was shipped to the mine from Alabama in 19 loads,” said Brandeis Mining Specialist Jonathan Beaven. “Once it was on site, we got to work putting it back together. Brandeis Mechanic Dustin Young is dedicated to the site and worked to get the shovel operational. All told, it was nearly a two-and-a-half month process from purchase to operation.”

White Stallion Energy has been impressed with its initial returns.

“It’s outperformed our projections,” noted Eagle River Mine Production Manager Joe Reising. “We’re already getting 1,600 yards with the PC4000 in just a few weeks of use. The output along with the service we receive from Brandeis are unmatched.”

Gaining quick approval

It also didn’t take long for the PC4000 to win over one skeptic, Operator Jerry Rigsby.

“Jerry said if we made him run the PC4000, he’d start looking for another job,” laughed Reising. “After the first day, he changed his mind. Now, he won’t use anything else.”

“It’s extremely powerful and more comfortable than the shovel I used to run,” admitted Rigsby. “It’s the quietest machine I’ve ever been in, and it’s quick. All around, this is a real good machine.”