Facility provides acres of opportunities to help customers find the best machines for their jobs

QUESTION: What is the Cartersville Customer Center?

ANSWER: Komatsu opened this facility in Cartersville, Georgia, in 2002 as a place to take customers so that they can see and operate Komatsu equipment first hand. It’s been known by different names throughout the years, but we recently changed it to the Customer Center as a way to better reflect what it represents. As they say, only the name has changed. The focus and intent remain the same.

QUESTION: What does the Customer Center provide?

ANSWER: The center offers three main things: a demonstration site, training and publications, all of which benefit Komatsu customers. We have 600 acres of property and a wide assortment of equipment available, so that customers can visit our world-class facilities and run machines through their paces before making purchase decisions. One way we do that is by hosting customer-focused events such as Demonstration Days, which are typically in the fall and spring. The added benefit is that customers can talk with other industry professionals and compare notes. Komatsu has product managers and other personnel on hand to answer questions and ensure that customers are operating in a safe environment. In addition to large events, we also host individual customers and their respective distributors. We encourage our dealers to schedule these events through our website: training-and-publications.

Whether a customer or distributor, our center provides complete training and unmatched educational support services. We offer classes for our customers and dealers at our state-of-the-art center, or we can conduct either operator or technical training at a company’s facility or dealer site. Customers can set up this training through their distributors. We have in-house operator trainers who work closely with clients from the moment they arrive on site, both in our classrooms and during machine operation, to ensure that operators have a full understanding of how to get the most out of a machine. For example, they can learn which operating mode to use for the best match to an application and soil conditions.

Finally, the publications team is responsible for printing and distributing all technical documents, including shop, operating and maintenance manuals as well as field assembly guides. All of these are critical to the success of both customers and distributors as they support Komatsu products in the field. These materials provide a wealth of knowledge about Komatsu machines, so again, our customers can get the most out of their equipment. Our focus is on providing comprehensive, accurate information.

QUESTION: Does the Customer Center offer more from a training standpoint?

ANSWER: Yes. Not only does this facility conduct training for Komatsu distributors and our customers, but we also focus on providing our Komatsu customer-facing employees with routine training from the Customer Center. For instance, we held a cross-functional training course this year that provided the opportunity for our sales, service, and parts teams to collaborate in a classroom setting by working together on case studies. In addition, we also offer specialized, technical training for Komatsu’s large, electric-drive trucks that are used in mining operations.

Additionally, we design online classes through our learning management system. These classes are a good way to obtain background knowledge that can then be applied in the more hands-on setting provided in the Customer Center.

QUESTION: How does that benefit customers?

ANSWER: Our goal is to maximize productivity and minimize downtime. Komatsu makes world-class machinery, but even the best can experience an occasional issue or breakdown. Technicians with comprehensive knowledge of Komatsu machinery know how to resolve issues quickly to reduce downtime. If an issue or error code pops up, they know the proper procedures to diagnose and repair a machine quickly so that customers are up and running again as soon as possible.