Komatsu Air Filters

Clean air is essential to high performance and engine reliability. An air filter is the first line of defense for any machine. Komatsu genuine filters are designed specifically to provide long life and reliable engine protection as well as maximize machine performance in construction and mining applications.

Komatsu Fuel Filters


Komatsu machines are among the most fuel efficient in the world. To deliver this performance, the clearances in the supply pumps and injectors are measured in microns. These pumps and injectors operate at extremely high pressures. Because of these extremely tight tolerances, the invasion of water and dust into the fuel system must be controlled more strictly. Komatsu fuel filters provide that control and are designed specifically for Komatsu engines.

Pre fuel filter

Features & Benefits

  • 10 micron rating
  • Includes water separator

Main fuel filter

Features & Benefits

  • 2 micron rating – mandatory for high pressure Tier III and Tier IV fuel systems
  • Higher capacity and efficiency than other brands
  • Prolongs the reliable performance of Komatsu Fuel Systems

Komatsu Engine Oil Filters


Engine oil filters are used to remove dirt and moisture from engine oil. Excessive dirt and water can contribute to abnormal wear of engine components. The correct filter will remove contaminants from the oil to reduce wear, maintain engine performance, and maximize engine life.

Komatsu oil filters are designed to meet each engine’s particular needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Komatsu’s engine oil filters on current engines are a combination of full flow and bypass filters
  • Approximately 75% of the filter is made of standard media for trapping large particles, while 25% is stacked disc bypass media to trap smaller particles

Komatsu Hybrid and Synthetic Filters


Hydraulic filters are used in the torque converter, transmission, steering and hydraulic systems of most machines. These systems have both high pressure and high temperatures. Hydraulic filters act to remove small particles caused by wear in sliding components and plate lining. The wrong filter with a weak center core can cause a filter to collapse and spread contamination throughout the system. Komatsu filters are designed to handle temperature and pressure variations within the hydraulic systems. 

Komatsu uses two types of filters, a hybrid and a full synthetic. The hybrid media is 75% paper and 25% micro fiber. The newest filter is 100% micro fiber also known as ECO White, a Komatsu exclusive.

Eco White Plus Hydraulic Filter

Features & Benefits

  • The synthetic filter used in most of the newer Komatsu equipment has an exchange interval of 1,000 hours and extends the hydraulic oil change interval from 1,000 hours to 2,000 hours, 5,000 hours on excavators
  • Filter lasts four times longer than conventional filters and twice as long as hybrid filters.
  • Double wire reinforced to keep the media in place under high pressure fluctuations that are typical with hydraulic systems.
  • Most older model excavators and wheel loaders can be retrofitted to utilize this hydraulic filter technology

Air Conditioner Filters

Cabin filters are essential to keeping the air in the operator’s compartment free of dust and particulates. Komatsu cabin filters provide high efficiency filtration. Filters should be regularly inspected and replaced based on work environment.