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Features & Benefits

Track Link Assemblies

Komatsu has designed six different types of link assemblies for Bulldozers to address various working environments.

  • SALT (Sealed and Lubricated Track): this link assembly is lubricated with oil, which reduces the wear between the pin and the bushing. It is typically used on bulldozers that travel often.
  • PLUS (Parallel Link Undercarriage System): This product line can deliver up to twice the life versus standard. It is an exclusive Komatsu design that features a rotating bushing to minimize wear between segment and bushing. Suitable for small and medium size dozers.
  • AR Track Link (Abrasive Resistant): the AR track link has special bushing which is different material from normal bushing and has deep hardened depth by special heat treatment patented. It’s suitable for abrasive applications such as loam, sand etc.
  • General Construction: Komatsu offers you true choice in Undercarriage components so that you can minimize the operating and maintenance costs of your machine. The GC link is designed and built for use at relatively light duty jobsites. 
  • Heavy Duty (HD) Track link: the HD track link is designed with an increased link height and a larger bushing to meet the needs of designed to deliver maximum performance in rocky applications.
  • Dual Bushing: it has two bushings and internal lubrication. This design offers a rotating bushing to minimize segment and bushing wear. Suitable for large size bulldozers that are used in abrasive applications. 

Track Shoes

these provide the working platform for the machine. Track shoes penetrate the ground giving the machine traction to move. Proper shoe selection is very important for better machine performance and longer undercarriage life. The narrowest shoe possible that allows adequate flotation should always be selected. A wider shoe is more likely to reduce the life of the undercarriage due to flexing while the machine is riding over rocks and hitting obstacles. Komatsu offers the correct shoe for all underfoot conditions and it is specifically engineered for both dozers and excavators.

  • Single Grouser: manufactured for rugged operations.  Its extra-thick grouser offers excellent resistance.
  • Double/Triple Grouser: this type of shoe provides lower traction due to low grousers. Operates efficiently on soft ground and during cargo handling in ships. Low in turning resistance, high in maneuverability.
  • Heavy Duty Shoe: The grouser and plate portions of this shoe are thicker and stronger, which provides a higher bending and wear resistance. It is suitable for mid-size and large dozers that are used in abrasive, high impact applications.
  • Swamp: this shoe is designed with an arc-style penetration, creating buoyancy in swamp applications. Suitable for use in small and mid-size bulldozers.

Track & Carrier Rollers

Friction and shock loads transmitted from the track chain create heat within the roller. To withstand this, several quality steps are taken in the manufacturing of Komatsu Genuine OEM rollers.

  • Komatsu rollers are constructed of long wearing, heat resistant stellite material supported by rubber load rings that keep oil in and dirt out 
  • Highly polished shafts and bronze bushings are used in Komatsu OEM rollers to reduce friction and extend roller life
  • Rollers have heat treated tread and flange areas for increased strength and longer wear life
  • Heavy duty mounting brackets secure rollers to track frames allowing the transmission of shock loads throughout the track frame, thereby reducing potential damage
  • Reservoir cavities in roller shells and shafts feed lubricant throughout the roller’s interior to reduce damage-causing heat
  • Surface hardness of the roller’s outer shell reduces the wear caused by friction. Hardness decreases toward the inner bore to avoid brittleness and provide absorption of shock loads
  • Greater flange height on Komatsu OEM rollers provides maximum track alignment and machine stability under any operating conditions

Depending on the application, you can choose from a wide range of track rollers:

  • Standard, single flange and double flange: for standard rollers
  • PLUS, Single Flange and Double Flange: with increased tread depth and flange height. Designed and manufactured with internal lubrication. 
  • Cold Weather Spec: this track roller has a different seal to withstand cold temperatures and maintain elasticity.



Idlers are a guide and a means to adjust the track tension for link assemblies. Komatsu idlers are precision machined then heat treated, lubricated and sealed to provide long reliable life.


The sprocket engages with the bushing of track link assembly and drives the machine. The proper heat treatment is essential to long life and durability. Komatsu segments and sprockets are subject to multiple quality checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure they meet Komatsu's stringent specifications

Track Hardware

Track hardware is a small but critical item. For shoes and sprockets, track hardware should never be reused once it's been torqued. Inferior hardware will loosen and cause damage to links and sprocket carriers. Komatsu track hardware is quality tested to deliver optimal performance under the most severe conditions. 


Undercarriage Management System (UMS)

The Undercarriage Management System (UMS) is a software that calculates the wear after inputting your measurements or downloading them from the ultrasonic tool right onto your laptop or PC. Some of the features and benefits of UMS are: 

  • Big Data collector: A multi page inspection report which also includes graphs to share with your customer. Ability to take and store pictures on your inspection report. Work with a PC, Laptop & Tablet.
  • User friendly: 
    • Email inspection directly from your PC, Laptop or Tablet version (must have Wi-Fi connection). 
    • This new program can be used on your laptop and PC and shortly a tablet (Android & IOS) version will be introduced.
    • Global program that currently supports English, French, and Spanish & Dutch.
  • Compatible: 
    • It is designed to support the current ultrasonic tool available through Komatsu as well as the old model previously supplied be GE.
    • Komtrax - If the machine is reporting through Komtrax, it will self-populate with current SMR and customer info.

Ultrasonic Measuring Tool

The Ultrasonic Measuring Tool tests and records the worn part dimensions of your undercarriage.  Not only does it improve many aspects of the measuring process but also electronically collects and stores the data required to calculate the remaining wear life and provide detailed reports. This Komatsu Ultrasonic Tool has a multitude of key advantages in supporting these efforts:

  • Decreases the amount of time required to prepare a part for measurement
  • Provides consistent accuracy even when used by different inspectors
  • Records the measurement as it is taken, providing a reliable data recording operation
  • Measure bushings after a turn 
  • Accepts manual measurements 
  • Downloads data directly to your personal computer for calculation of remaining wear life and other detailed reports in the Komatsu e-Care program
  • Offers accurate measurements 
  • Can be used to measure the thickness of other parts such as fuel tanks and cutting edges up to twenty inches in thickness



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