Ground Engaging Tools

Features and Benefits of Komatsu Ground Engaging Tools

  • Easy and safe procedure to replace/install G.E.T.
  • Increased loading speed and capacity thanks to slimmer profile and better penetration
  • Perfect Bucket underside Protection and, thus, less maintenance
  • Extremely Reliable Retention System for decreased risk of loss and downtime
  • Minimization of specialized welding requirements: Reduced unplanned downtime & maintenance costs, Increased productivity, Better fuel efficiency
  • Longer Wear Life thanks to reduced service intervals

Komatsu has developed products with unique characteristics of the mining and construction industries worldwide. 

Cutting Edges and End Bits

Made of high-silicon steel, rolled and subjected to extensive treatment.  Their high wear resistance and impact resistance makes them superb cutting edges, suitable for any kind of operation. They are also very economical because they can be turned over, thereby providing double the wear life (not applicable to cutting edges for motor graders).

Edges, Side Corners and Side Cutters

The combination of Komatsu GET side cutter and bucket teeth ensures a sharp digging force which leads to increased production output. The G.E.T. side cutters protect the side face of the bucket and extend bucket life; additionally they increase the bucket width and capacity while reducing the maintenance costs and operating costs of the bucket.

Bucket Teeth

The bolt-on teeth and weld-on teeth are highly economical and offer excellent wear and breakage resistance. The superior material and heat treatment offer high impact resistance make the bucket teeth withstand any heavy-duty operation.

Ripper Points

Both short and long points have a self-sharpening profiles which ensures that they remain sharp and that they provide unchanging penetration.

Wear Protectors

Bucket protectors are used on hard ground and heavy-duty applications where extreme bucket wear is likely to occur. Laminites such as grizzly bars, skid bars, bolt protectors etc. are designed to protect your equipment from impact and high abrasion damage.

Komatsu KVX

Komatsu KVX has gained worldwide recognition for its highly wear resistant bolt-on ground engaging tool system, serving the construction, quarry and mining industries. With more than 135 years of experience in metallurgical Research and Development, the company uses technology that optimizes the performance of Excavators, Skid Steer Loaders, Backhoe Loaders and Compact Wheel Loaders.  The Sagitta steel offers longer GET life and superior reliability than typical due to its toughness and hardness. To see the performance of Komatsu KVX G.E.T. click here.

Download the brochure of Komatsu KVX



Kmax is a patented hammerless tooth system exclusively for Komatsu dealers. This product line delivers strength, durability, performance and productivity. From loose dirt and crushed concrete, to the most abrasive environments, there is a safe and economical Kmax solution for your Komatsu loader application. Learn more…

Features and Benefits

  • For wheel loaders up to 12yd3 bucket
  • For excavators up to 60 ton class
  • Improved Productivity 
    • Tooth & adapter styles for most applications
    • Tooth is self sharpening
    • Better penetration and cycle times
  • Better Reliability 
    • Better tooth-adapter fit
    • Nose design reduces areas of stress under load
  • Safe & Easy Replacement 
    • Hammerless pin for quicker changes
  • Cost Savings 
    • Tooth pin is reusable to reduce inventory
    • 477 – 532 Brinell throughout the tooth for greater wear life
    • Excellent tooth consumption ratio for less ‘throw away’

XS2™ (Extreme Service) for wheel loaders and excavators

Hensley’s innovation continues with the patented XS2 hammerless.

Features and Benefits:

  • For wheel loaders 75 tons and up
  • For excavators 80 tons and up
  • Improved Productivity:
    • Multiple Tooth and adapter styles for most applications
    • Improved penetration and cycle times with multiple tooth shape
  • Better Reliability:
    • Square nose design for better tooth-adapter fit
  • Safe & Easy Replacement 
    • Hammerless pin for quicker changes
  • Cost Savings:
    • Tooth pin is reusable to reduce inventory
    • Through hardened teeth for greater wear life
    • Excellent tooth consumption ratio for less ‘throw away’

TS System for Draglines and Hydraulic Face Shovels

This system features a high strength design that allows for smooth material flow. The reusable hammerless fastener system saves money without compromising safety and productivity.

Features and Benefits

  • For dragline buckets and 400 to 800 ton shovels
  • Improved Productivity:
    • System designed for smooth material flow
    • Multiple tooth styles for most applications
  • Increased Reliability:
    • Square nose design for better tooth-adapter fit
    • Nose design is up to 15% percent stronger than the competition
  • Safe and Easy Replacement:
    • Patented hammerless tooth and adapter pins remain in nose during changes
  • Cost Savings:
    • Tooth and adapter pins are reusable to reduce inventory 


When it comes to DRP, being cost effective should not mean sacrificing quality and performance. You need a top quality product that won’t break the bank and delivers the productivity you demand. Hensley’s Dura® product line is a high quality, low cost solution for your DRP demands. These products deliver outstanding performance and value.

Features and Benefits:

  • Competitively priced
  • Construction and mining size parts
  • Same warranty as Hensley ‘genuine’ products
  • Constantly expanding parts offering
  • Available stock

Hensley Blades

Hensley Blades: Hensley offers an extensive line of blades which are competitively priced with global availability and meet or exceed industry standards for durability and wear life.

  • Blades for Dozers
    • Rolled-steel
    • Edges and end bits for most popular dozer models
    • High durability and wear life
  • Blades for Graders
    • Rolled-steel
    • Available for most models
    • Double bevel flat and curved parts for most applications
    • Serrated blades for ice road maintenance
    • Heat treated and carbon blades available
  • Blades for Wheel Loaders
    • Rolled-steel
    • Available for most wheel loader makes and models
    • Half-arrow bar stock available in 10′ sections

To learn more about Hensley and its product lines, download the brochure.