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Komatsu KVX

Komatsu KVX designs and manufactures Work Equipment for construction and mining applications with a proven track record on uptime during operations. The equipment stands to the strictest of preheating and welding criteria. This guarantees the benefits of strength and flexibility in the most critical points, while also offering excellent hardness in the wearing zones. Thanks to unique features such as a slim system profile and a flat floor design, the KVX buckets will provide important cost savings to your machine operations: Better penetration, resulting in higher productivity, lower fuel consumption and tyre wear, are just a few of the many advantages. With their high structural resistance and an optimized digging profile, combined with the unique advantages of KVX G.E.T system, the KVX buckets give your machine the competitive edge that will make your activity more profitable. To see the performance of Komatsu KVX buckets, click here. Depending on the digging conditions, you can choose among a variety of products.

Komatsu KVX encompasses 10 classes of buckets for excavators from 20 to 400 tons, and 8 classes for wheel loaders from 24 to 250 tons. Each bucket class has 3 levels of wear protection: HD, XHD and Extreme – selected according to the abrasiveness of the application. Note that every standard model utilizes 450 HBW material throughout the core structure. All KVX cutting edges are 500 HBW. Teeth are up to 600 HBW. KVX G.E.T. systems can be installed on most Hensley buckets as well. 

Heavy Duty buckets are made for non abrasive conditions. However, the work can still be tough (e.g. high impact), as the buckets are made out of Hardox 450 plates. In order to keep the bucket light, there are no extra wear protection. Digging in soil or working in limestone quarry are typical applications for our HD buckets.

The Extra Heavy Duty bucket is based on the HD model (same basic shell), but extra wear material is added. It is suited to a broad range of applications. It will work effectively in both very tough and abrasive conditions such as demolition, stock pile loading, hard and abrasive rock. 

The KVX Extreme model is the ultimate tool for extreme applications where high abrasion is a very important factor. The wear protection is the primary concern, however KVX’s unique slimline profile provides a good penetration design. 


Hensley’s buckets are designed not only to survive but to thrive in harsh conditions. Hensley offers a wide range of wheel loader buckets and hydraulic excavator buckets (TL, HF and HP series). They are all engineered tough with the capacities you need and the performance you demand. Engineered for maximum productivity, these buckets deliver performance and profits in whatever application they may face. Depending on the digging conditions, you can choose the product that delivers the maximum productivity and performance for your application.

Wheel Loader Buckets:

  • GP Wheel Loader Buckets: typically used in sand and gravel applications, truck loading and material handling
  • Coal Buckets: these come in a digging or loading style. 
  • HD wheel loader buckets. They are used in applications that require minimal wear protection Recommended for use in materials of low to medium abrasion.
  • Rock quarry buckets: used in applications of extreme digging, high abrasion and high impact. For applications that require additional wear protection.

Excavator buckets:

  • Hensley’s TL and HP series excavator buckets are designed and built with the features you need to handle a wide range of materials and applications. Whether trenching and loading, digging dirt, shot rock, or abrasive quarry applications, Hensley has you covered with buckets designed to deliver productivity and performance. High capacity bucket options available. 
  • TL Bucket – General Purpose Trenching and Loading: TL Buckets are recommended for trenching and loading in applications such as Dirt, Loam, Gravel, Loose Clay, Non-Abrasive Soils with Limited Rock.
  • HP Bucket – Heavy Duty Plate Lip w/Wear Plate: HP buckets are designed for strength and durability in abrasive applications such as abrasive Soils, Compact or Dense Clay, Loose Rock and Gravel.
  • HPX Buckets – Severe Duty Plate Lip w/Wear Plate, Wear Strips & Extra Protection: HPX Buckets deliver productivity and long life in the toughest, most abrasive applications such as Shot Rock, Stratified Materials, Quarry, Highly Abrasive Material.
  • Specialty Buckets: When the application calls for a ‘specialized’ approach, Hensley has buckets to meet your needs. Whether you are digging in hard frost, doing utility work, or cleaning ditches, Hensley’s specialty buckets get the job done. 
  • “V” Bottom Bucket: The original “V” bottom bucket is designed to improve digging performance in limestone, caliche-type materials, fractured materials and soils compacted by deep frost. 
  • Round Bottom Bucket: The original round bottom bucket is ideal for utility work and for laying large pipe. It features a special engineered design for maximum performance. The round bottom is well suited to work in limestone, caliche-type materials, fractured materials and soils compacted by deep frost. 
  • Ditch Cleaning Bucket: The ditch cleaning bucket features a wide cut and shallow digging profile specifically engineered for ditch cleaning, loam and sand. 
  • Coal Bucket: Hensley’s continuous edge coal bucket features a uniquely designed lip with side-by-side replaceable teeth creating an ideal cutting force. 

Most Hensley buckets can be equipped with KVX G.E.T. as well. 

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To further increase bucket wear life and productivity, a variety of bucket protection products is available. Download the product catalogues of Komatsu KVX  and  Komatsu Hensley

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