January Promotion

  • Ending: 10% off on Batteries, Hydraulics, Working wear, and super coolant ends January 31st. Click here to learn more.
  • Coming soon: Spring stocking promotion runs February through April. Click here to find out more.
  • This year’s Product Support Trainings (PST): April 16-19, PST is in Salt Lake City, UT. October 2nd- 4th, PST is in Cartersville, GA. Check back next month for registration and course information.

Tip of the month:
New Year’s Resolution: As you set your professional goals for this year, take the time and review your daily work habits and see what you could do differently in the future. Such examples could be: Planning your day the night before, practicing your interpersonal skills, dedicating 30 mins per day to learn something new regarding your company or the industry you are working in. It is the small -everyday things that will help you become more efficient and successful at your work.