May Promotion

1) Special Parts Programs - Currently running:

Effective for April 1, 2017 - June 30, 2017, Komatsu offers:

  1. 10% discount on the following items: Operator Seats, Wiper Blades, Cab Air Filters,  Sensors and Switches, Bulbs, Mirrors and more.

  2. 15% discount on all A/C parts - no need to split out separate order for AC parts. Discount will be given using the “CB” Mktg Code.

  3. 5% Growth rebate at the end of the program, if distributor Stock Order purchases are 10% over prior year for the same period a year ago. Rebate is applied to ALL purchases on the program, not just the incremental volume. Rebate does not apply to Direct Ship parts. For more information, visit:

2) Monthly PARTnership Bulletin:

In last month’s Parts Newsletter, learn about the New Reman Facilities and the Expectations that customers have from the Product Support Representative. Download here. Stay tuned for the next monthly issues.

3) Did you know? Komatsu has new marketing material available for you and your customers!

Komatsu Parts Marketing has developed new Product Support materials for its Distributors. The new marketing pieces are available through the Komatsu Market Place (Extranet). They consist of a self-mailer, finance mailer insert, one page ad, and a two-page brochure. Each piece can be customized by the Komatsu dealer to include their logo, contact information, and in some cases, your own call-to-action. There is also a CBC message available to select when sending out your monthly customer emails containing your current specials and promotion. To access the new Parts Sales Materials, visit Extranet > Marketing > Komatsu Market Place.

4) Tip of the month:

 Here are some of the practices that the best PSRs in the industry use to manage the everyday challenges.

  1. Make a list with questions that you can have available every time you talk to a customer. This will help you save time and always be prepared. By asking the customer the right questions:
  • You understand the urgency of the issue and you can prioritize your everyday tasks accordingly. Therefore, you manage your time more effectively.
  • You narrow down the problem and find the solution more easily.
  • You show your customers that you care about their needs.
  • You look more organized and professional in your customers’ eyes.
  1. Evaluate the urgency of the problem. Sometimes an issue might sound more urgent that it actually is.
  2. Use the resources that you have available: online tools, co-workers, managers, your OEM’s District Parts Sales Managers.
  3. Make sure you communicate well with all of your resources inside/outside the store.
  4. Call customer back to let him know that the issue is being handled.
  5. Show compassion & don’t forget to say “thank you” to the people you’re working with. The service & parts department also face challenges and you’re all in the same team.