Undercarriage Assurance

Komatsu Genuine Undercarriage Assurance Coverage*

Conventional/General Construction/GST:  4 years – 5,000 hours

PLUS (Parallel Link Undercarriage System):  5 years – 6,000 hours

  • Longest coverage terms in the industry!
  • Coverage terms re-start for pro-rated component repairs/replacement components
  • Labor support available for repairs and/or replacement of distributor installed components
  • No registration required

Undercarriage Management System (UMS) & Inspections

Regular undercarriage inspections help plan for service and replacement decisions.

Undercarriage inspections can be completed on the job site or in the customer shop, and will help keep ownership costs low. UMS creates easy to read and understand reports showing component % of wear, projected life, and overall condition of the undercarriage.

Komatsu Genuine Undercarriage – Designed for the machine

Komatsu Undercarriage components are designed with the quality and precision needed to ensure perfect fit that provides maximum reliability and production.

*For further information about the Undercarriage Assurance Coverage you can:
- download the PPL1109A here or from the Extranet: Parts > Parts Policy News > C - Undercarriage
- contact Jim Funk -Senior Product Manager, at jfunk@komatsuna.com

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