Smart Construction

Increased collaboration involves interacting with more stakeholders, complex systems, and new challenges. We have a vision to improve operations across all steps of the construction process.

Imagine digital transformation of the jobsite. Smart Construction has a vision to make this transformation more efficient and more profitable. Let’s build the future together!

The journey of construction has evolved throughout the years. Smart Construction is here to offer interconnectivity and streamline the construction process.

*Some solutions are still in development. More information will be coming soon!

Take a sneak peak of some of the solutions being developed by Komatsu Smart Construction and unveiled at CONEXPO.

Since 2013, 3D jobsite designs have been brought to life around the world using the advanced automation of Komatsu Intelligent Machines.

Our next Generation Dozer 2.0 is here! Now over 60% more productive than previous generation.
Check it out!

Proactive dozing control, the first of its kind. Collecting terrain conditions, providing smoother transitions, and giving the operator automation in multiple phases of the jobsite. Find out more!

You don't have to go it alone. No matter where you are on this technological journey, now is the time to begin to optimize, automate, and transform your jobsites.

Komatsu certified solution experts

Komatsu certified solution experts are on the phone, online, or on your jobsite, to help you navigate and thrive along your technology journey.

Business Solutions Group

Business Solutions Group is ready to collaborate with our distributors to help you achieve the lowest owning and operating costs possible. Download Brochure! 


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